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Lose yourself

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Summary: Collection of short one-off ficlets.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMadWoofzFR1543,8410188026 Sep 079 May 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Author note

This is guna be where I keep all my one off things. Some of them will be crossovers with HP, some non-crossovers and maybe (if I ever get the muse) some crossed with LotR.

So far we have:
1. Puddles (HP non-crossover) [Ginny]
2. Dream Catch Me (BtVS/HP) [Buffy] - part 1 only, so far.
3. You and Me (BtVS/HP) [don't wana tell you the pairing cos I'm mean like that =P]

I won't put up the pairings because I know some people prefer not to know before hand, but I'll put up one of the pair, normally the most important one...

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me (besides the plots). All HP stuff belongs to JK Rowling and all things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon. And, incase I write a LotR crossover, all things LotR belong to JRR Tolkein.
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