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Captain Jack meets a pretty Vampire

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Summary: My Dru and Captain Jack FFA Story

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Drusilla-CenteredMamaLadyWolfFR71482031,83626 Sep 0726 Sep 07Yes
(First off I own nothing, I enjoy borrowing the characters then I put them back where they belong. This my idea from the FFA thing between Jack and Dru. I thought this was a cool idea and this it what Came of it. Have fun and enjoy it.)

Drusilla and Spike were walking the streets of a small town in England. She was humming as they moved though the streets. Spike went off to a pub to look for fun. She chose to move off on her own and follow the sorrow the stars told her about. She was enjoying their song when she ran into the sad man. She looked at him and he noticed her.

"Hello, there lost one. You will see the storm again but his sadness is great. Be understanding to him and remember the bad wolf with him. The Wolf will need both of you and my Kitten to bring her to her love." She said in an ethereal voice to him.

Jack was a little shocked and confused but he listened to her. "My name is Jack and you are?" He offered her his hand to shake.

"Jack is a good name for a Lost one. I am Drusilla. You have a lot of time and the Stars tell me you will do great things with many different people." She kept smiling. "You and My Kitten will get along greatly, but be nice when you meet him. One eye is a hard thing to work with." She looked at the stars a little bit more.

"You mean I will meet someone with one eye that knows you and he will help me with getting the Bad Wolf back from where ever she has to go. Is there a time frame I should be aware of, then. My lady."

"After you reach the end of the Master, you will meet him in a bar and buy him a drink. He will need it. Than you can be friends with him."

He nodded, "I can try to be his friend, but I can't just call him, Kitten, What other name does he go by?"

Drusilla smiled, "Xander or Alexander, but for me he is the Kitten and he doesn't mind that."

She placed a kiss on Jack's cheek and moved away. "I have to leave, My Spike will be worried, but remember what I said, Jack." She didn't give him a chance to respond as she turned and walked back the way she came. She walked to a gent in a dark suit and smiled at him. She let him lead her away as she stole another look at Jack.

Jack stood there a moment and decided to remember her words and to remember what she said. He also knew no one else but her and him would know what was said. So time kept moving on for him.

The End

You have reached the end of "Captain Jack meets a pretty Vampire". This story is complete.

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