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Stolen Moments

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Summary: A stolen evening with a lady from Santa Carla

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Movies > Lost Boys > Xander-CenteredMamaLadyWolfFR715360480226 Sep 0726 Sep 07Yes
** Its safe to say I own nothing and well I just enjoy borrowing others characters till I can come up with a few good ones on my own. Please enjoy my writings what little there maybe and know that this may not be the best but I am trying. Thanks **

Xander was happy, his road trip was just getting good, but then the car broke down, and He was on the coast. Santa Carla, California a nice quiet town with seemingly nice quiet people, well thats what he thought at first. He got a hotel room and was at the boardwalk looking for a job. After about two hours of looking he got one at a bar serving and mixing drinks during the day, so he had nights free. His first night off, he thought he would see what the boardwalk thing was all about. Thats when he saw her, long dark hair, dark eyes and dressed almost like a gypsy. He was watching her, when he heard motorcycles pull up behind him and she got closer. His eyes never left her form as she got on the back of one of the motorcycles. After she left, he sighed and thought about talking to her the next time he saw her.

After another day of work, he was once again walking the boardwalk and saw her again. This time she was alone, so he walked up to her and smiled. "Hello, I'm Alex." He told her in a sweet voice. "Want to walk around and hang out a bit."

She looked up at him and smiled, "I'm Starr, Sure we can do that for a bit." He offered her, his arm to hang on to and they were walking. "so what brings you here to town?" She asked softly.

"I am just passing though. My car broke down and I need money to get it fixed so I can head home."

"Where's home?"

"Sunnydale, California. Do you live in the area? I saw you with your boyfriend yesterday."

Starr smiled, "Yeah we live nearby. He had things to do tonight so I was left to myself, that is until you came along." She looked around and saw the different people.

"Well I am glad I could keep you company, Starr my lady." He said in a polite manner.

"Thank you." She heard the motorcycles and looked up, "I got to go, Stay safe, Alex. Be careful." She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran off to the motorcycles.

"Bye Starr," He said as she left him. His car was ready and it was the end of summer so he was getting his things together to leave.

The next night after he go off work, he was loading his stuff into his car when the sound of motorcycles caused him to turn around. He looked and saw Starr and her friends. He didn't move or wave or anything just watched as they went by. He knew he would miss her and he knew there was nothing he could do except remember their stole moments of friendship. He got into the car and drove out of town all the way back to Sunnydale.

The End

You have reached the end of "Stolen Moments". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking