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Buffy and West Harbor

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Summary: Xander interested Buffy in Neverwinter Nights, one night after slayage they decide to give the sequel a run through.

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Games > Dungeons and Dragons > Neverwinter NightsrothosFR132901032,05826 Sep 074 Dec 07No

West Harbor Under attack

West Harbor under attack!

Disclaimer: Hasbro owns NWN2, Joss Whedon owns BTVS

A/N: This is going to be AU starting after the first sentence.

Buffy is flush with the victory of winning the Harvest Fair. Eventually, Amy and her find a way to obtain some mead from Pitney Lannon.

Well, both girls get more than a little drunk and Amy starts with a rowdy song she learned and starts swinging her hips. Buffy was a little more guarded and refused to bring out Cave Buffy; although this body’s reaction was to start making out with Bevil Starling. Bevil goes and carries Elizabeth home; where his mother Retta leads the tipsy woman up to her room and puts her to bed. Around twelve o’clock, Elizabeth gets up and with memories of Buffy, keeps her hair out of the way while emptying the contents of her stomach. Lying back down, she gets sleep until what she thinks is four in the morning. Amy barges in, ahead of Bevil screaming.

“West Harbor is under attack, c’mon Elizabeth we need to help out!”

Buffy forces Elizabeth to her feet and tells Bevil to get outside she’ll be there shortly.

Buffy again forces Elizabeth to move against the mead and throws on some clothes and the light suit of armor. She grabs the old sword she practiced with and clasps the Harvest Cloak around her throat. She races out the door and is greeted by an armed and armored Bevil and an alert Amy.

“Now I know that your father isn’t the most forgiving man, but let’s check his room for some things.”

Buffy races into her “father’s” room, pops open the unlocked trunk and pulls out a potion of cure light wounds and a book on exotic weaponry.

Buffy decides to look later and stuffs it in a belt pouch.

She and her Faerunian Scoobies dash down the stairs, just as the door splinters and admits three obviously pissed Snyder-like beings. Buffy’s memories come to the fore and she goes for heart shots. Impaling all three of the Snyder-likes fast, she withdraws her sword and doesn’t even pause to loot the corpses. She lets out a shriek when Bevil does.

Bevil and Amy hurry out the door, pulling the Slayer along. Outside they run into Brother Merring, who is tending to the wounded and administering funeral rites to others.

“Here take this blessing from Lathander and come back if you need any wounds healed.”

Brother Merring casts the blessing and Buffy feels the hangover leave her.

Buffy sees three Snyder-likes and kills them quickly. Before she sees the mage battle; clearly it’s a stalemate with Tarmas and the other wizard trying to crack each other’s magical shield before theirs gives out.

Buffy tried but the shouted warning did not deter Amy walked in and assailed the rival mage with Magic Missile.

“So the whelp seeks to test herself. Pathetic. The mage threw a series of red balls of fire at her and Amy died.

Buffy’s eyes filled with rage, but before she could do anything the mage spoke.

“It is not here, I will not waste anymore time on this pathetic village.” With that he summoned four large spiders and two focus their attention on Tarmas as the others charged toward Buffy and Bevil.

Buffy howled at the loss of her only female friend in this world and brought her sword through one spider and then another. Bevil finished assisting Tarmas soon after and raced over to an unresponsive Amy.

A/N: I’m going to leave this fic alone for awhile. Most of my updates will be centered around my other more recent stories. I’m going to delve into the Battle of West Harbor in the next chapter.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy and West Harbor" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Dec 07.

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