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Balance of the Universe

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cycle of the Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Cycle of the Universe". BtVS/SG1 crossover mostly, but another two crossovers will have an influence. Illyria arrives at her destination to find that something is not right. Meanwhile, SG1 learn about the real history of the universe.

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Stargate > Fred/Illyria-Centered
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theonlyreeceFR18716,48523220,25727 Sep 0712 Feb 08No

Chapter 2

Authors Notes:

Long time, no update.  For that, I’m sorry. I’ve had a lot of stuff happening, and I mean A LOT of stuff happening.  If I were to explain what had been happening to me in the last two months, I think I could write a year-long soap-opera, and then some.  I haven’t abandoned this story, don’t worry.


As for the future direction of the story, eventually we will meet most characters of all crossovers currently involved (BtVS/Angel/BSG/SG1) or find out what’s happened to them in this story.  BUT WAIT, there’s more.  An ADDITIONAL CROSSOVER has been introduced in this chapter!  It’ll be a hoot when you find out!


Also, I’ve fixed the discrepencies (Asgard not surviving in “cycle of the universe” and then being alive in “Balance of the Universe”, but i’ve got to find some time to re-upload new chapters of “Cycle of the Universe” first.  Thanks for alterting me to that reviewers!  Also, from this chapter, you’ll probably be able to tell that i’m much better at writing Buffy characters than any else.



Chapter 2


Unidentified Free Jaffa World

Illyria was again taken aback from the journey through the Stargate.  It had been so long since she had been free that the journey through the Stargate, which could be measured in nanoseconds, seemed liberating.  Again, she stumbled as she exited the Stargate.  She was surprised at what she saw when she looked up however; ten Jaffa guards standing at her, all with staff weapons pointing in her direction.  It was obvious by the construction being undertaken around the Stargate and the numerous civilians around, that the Jaffa facing her were there to guard the gate.    

“I require one of your ships,” Illyria stated.  She was met with numerous staff weapons activating and pointing at her. 

“We will not give you one of our ships, stranger,” one of the Jaffa replied.  

“It was not a question,” Illyria replied.  She had expected the Jaffa not to welcome her suggestion for them to give her one of their ships, and within moments had begun to move towards the Jaffa faster than they had ever expected.   


Illyria had managed to overcome the Jaffa guards and find a small cargo ship, capable of hysperspace travel.  She would use it to return to Kobol.  Even though the spatial anomaly placed around the region of space surrounding Kobol would prevent the ship from crossing it, Illyria was heading to what her people knew as the Ionian Nebula, the only passage through to the space within the anomaly.    


Stargate Command

Samantha Carter sat in her lab, looking absolutely shocked.  They had removed their only avenue of research into Wolfram and Hart and supposed ‘other’ organisations on Earth which were more than what they seemed.  Half an hour ago, Carter was called into the General’s office where she found out that her research into the collapse of the Wolfram and Hart Offices in Los Angeles five years ago, had resulted in the President of the United States issuing Stargate Command with an order to cease all research into Wolfram and Hart.  She had asked General Landry if he knew why this had happened, but apparently his clearance wasn’t high enough to know. 

“This is ridiculous Daniel.  Lya is expected here within the next two hours, and we have no leads or anything to go on to track down Wolfram and Hart,” Carter said. 

“Our hands are tied Colonel,” General Landry replied.  “The President has stated that we can not look into Wolfram and Hart for any reasons,” he continued.

“Maybe Mitchell’s suggestion that the President is in Wolfram and Hart’s pocket isn’t too far out,” Daniel replied.  Before either of them could ponder the issue any further, alarm claxons began to sound all throughout the SGC and ‘unscheduled offworld activation’ blared over the loudspeaker.  Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson immediately left Carter’s lab and headed towards the control room.


Upon arriving to the control room, Carter looked down to see that Lya had just stepped thorugh the Stargate, closely followed by two additional members of the Nox. 

“Carter, Jackson, meet myself and Lya in the meeting room in ten minutes,” Landry said as he was leaving the control room and and heading towards the Stargate. 


Ten minutes later, General Landry, Cameron Mitchell, Teal’c, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and all three of the Nox were sitting around the briefing room table.  The other two Nox had been introduced as Interprid  and Tryn.

“Lya, we understand that you’ve come to track down those who released Illyria from this prision she was being held in,” Landry stated.

“The Deeper Well,” Lya corrected.  “And yes, once we know how and why Illyria was released, we can begin to formulate a strategy to place Illyria back there if necessary,” she explained. 

“Why wouldn’t it be necessary?  From what I understand, a being that powerful should be locked up, especially if she can challenge the ancients if she gets her old mojo back,” Mitchell stated.

“She might have been resurrected for a purpose, if so, likely to fight something which may be comming,” Tryn, one of the Nox replied.  “If Wolfram and Hart is involved, as we suspect, it is likely that they may be seeking to grab power on this world and others, using Illyria, however they should have known that Illyria would consider them inferior and not conform to their wishes,” the Nox said.

“We’ve tried to obtain some information on Wolfram and Hart, however our President has ordered us to cease investigating all aspects of Wolfram and Hart,” Carter stated.  It was obvious to Sam that all the members of SG1, including herself, had similar thoughts about that subject, and they were along the lines of what Daniel had said to her earlier in her lab not twenty minutes ago.

“Shouldn’t we be out there trying to get to the address that Illyria gated to to try and track her down?” Mitchell asked. 

“An understanding of where your opponents have come from and any possible influences on their behaviour is required in order to assess their strategy and next likely move,” Lya replied.  Carter was suprised at that.  The Nox generally tended to be excessively non-violent, but yet Lya was demonstrating very thorough knowledge of combat tactics.  “The Asgard are attempting to find a way to breach the spatial anomaly which surrounds the region of space around the address Illyria travelled to using the Stargate,” Interprid, one of the other Nox stated. 

“I believe that we must locate the current Slayer and consult her.  It is likely that she will at least have knowledge of why Illyria was released,” Lya said. 

“Slayer?” Daniel and Landry queried at once. 

“A chosen human embodied with the spirit of a demon in order to combat the vampires and demons created upon the release of the vampyr virus into the human population and various demons which inhabit this world,” Lya said.  “The Slayer essence transfers to a new body once it’s current body dies,” Lya further explained. 

“Is the host always female?” Daniel asked. 

“Yes,” Lya replied.

“There are various references to a female who fought the darkness throughout various ancient cultures, especially the sumerains,” Daniel stated.  “I didn’t think that any of them were real,” he stated. 

“I’m still trying to get over the fact that there were once real vampires here, don’t get me wrong, but why’s this Slayer still around then if there’s no more of them?” Mitchell asked.  Carter watched as all three Nox looked at each other in confusion. 

“We were not aware that the vampires had been forced to extinction,” Lya stated.  “When we checked ten years ago, there were still hundreds of thousands of them populating this world,” she explained.  Carter could feel her mouth almost hit the floor.  According to the Nox, ten years ago, there had been hundreds of thousands of vampires on the planet.  She was sure that maybe they were detecting something  wrong, but they were the Nox.  “If you will allow us some time and some privacy, we will locate the current Slayer,” Lya said, looking to General Hammond for permission to do so. 

“By all means Lya,” Landry said.  Carter watched as each of the Nox left the room, escorted by numerous body guards to a room which they could have to themselves, leaving everyone remaining in the briefing room in shock.


Cleveland Watchers Council Headquarters

Willow was walking thorugh the corridors thinking about what she needed to do.  The new Watchers Council was up and running, and as head of the science and magic division, she was easily kept busy.  She was staying at the Cleveland Watchers Council Headquarters for a few days to oversee the development of a new coven being encouraged by the Council, as well as to stop into the “College for Gifted Individuals” which was being run by the Watchers Council on the other side of the town.  The college was the area where all the new Slayers were trained as well as schooled, while the Council’s headquarters was where all of other duties of the newfound Watchers Council occured, such as strategising, and research and development.  Additionally, the Cleveland headquarters served as the administrative centre for all Slayers which were in the field in this half of the US; dispatching various assignments and rotating Slayers according to their schedules. 


From Willow’s two days she’d been at the Cleveland Headquarters, she was impressed.  They’d made a few developments regarding the integration of science and technological devices, as well as dug up some information Willow had been looking for for a while now.  They were also recruiting magic users at a steady rate for the local coven which they were helping to set up.  Additionally, there were no casualties within the region, a few near misses but no fatalaties.  To Willow, it seemed as if everything was going too easy since they had managed to contain the demon hoard released by Wolfram and Hart in central Los Angeles five years ago.  There had barely been anything to register on the proverbial radar, so to speak, since that date.  Except Illyria.  She had shown up not too long after the Wolfram and Hart situation had been contained; before the Council had been set up properly and the Scoobies and some additional Slayers had been in Europe tackling another apocalypse.  Illyria was definately something that registered on the radar, but interestingly, she hadn’t made a move against Willow or her group.  She actually stayed with them for about six months before getting fed up and going eslewhere. Willow had been tracking her for the last three years, but lately she had disappeared off the grid and Willow couldn’t find her anywhere.  She knew that she could try harder to look for Illyria, but apart from a few minor instancs, Illyria seemed to be keeping out of torube.  Apart from that, there had barely been any large activity at all.  A number of people in the Council were concerned about it, Willow included, but there were others which argued that it was because of the abundance of Slayers.  Willow didn’t doubt that the abundane of Slayers was a major contributing factor, but she always knew that when you got a major power boost like that, something came back to hit you hard.  It was the way of nature, and the way tha the universe worked in general. 


Willow had accomplished all she needed to achieve at the headquarters, but she didn’t quite want to leave the headquarters and go to the college because she didn’t want to have a confrontation with Kennedy.  She was one of the people running the Cleveland College for Gifted Individuals, and since their breakup a year ago, it had always been awkward whenever they had been in the same room together.  Willow began to think of ways to try to avoid Kennedy if possible, when she was distracted by a sense she began to feel in the back of her head.  Two seconds later, a man popped into existance not four metres in front of her, looking around and taking in his surroundings.  Willow knew that it was impossible for anyone to teleport through the wards and barriers that had been put up around the Cleveland headquarters, yet this man was standing before her.  He was average height, with dark hair and intense eyes.  She closed her eyes for a moment and let her senses expand ten fold; letting the earth talk to her and tell her what was around her.  She could sense every breath, and every heartbeat of the man standing before her.  Willow could see the aura of the man standing in front of her, and while it told her he was human, it also told her that there was something different about him.  She didn’t need to use magic to tell her that the man had seen many hardships in his life, and that these had led to experience when dealing with these situations.

“Don’t move,” Willow commanded.  She saw the man spin around and look at her and take a step back.  Willow sent out a warning telepathically to all of the other people within the headquarters.  One of the other witches in the building communicated that they were sending four Slayers to her location and that they’d be there shortly.  Willow was then suprised to sense the man attempting to penetrate her thoughts and read her mind, and she violently repelled him.  She saw him falter backwards, and saw some blood starting to trickle from his nose.  Maybe she repelled him a bit too harshly. 

“Willow Rosenberg?” he asked.  Willow was taken aback by how he knew her name, knowing that he wouldn’t have been able to penetrate any of her thoughts, her own magical defenses would have automatically defended her. 

“Slayers are already on their way here,” Willow stated, still dumbfounded as to how he could have teleported through their magical shilelds and wards. 

“Look, I don’t mean you any harm,” the man said while stepping forward.

“I said, don’t move,” Willow exclaimed.

“Are you Willow Rosenberg?” the man asked again.  Willow decided to answer him.

“Yes,” she replied. 

“My name is Peter Petrelli, and I’m here to protect you,” the man said second before two of the four Slayers which were on the way to their location came around the corner.   

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