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Balance of the Universe

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cycle of the Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Cycle of the Universe". BtVS/SG1 crossover mostly, but another two crossovers will have an influence. Illyria arrives at her destination to find that something is not right. Meanwhile, SG1 learn about the real history of the universe.

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Chapter One

Balance of the Universe

Authors Notes:  This is a sequel to “Cycle of the Universe” and it is a BSG/SG1/BtVS Crossover.  The BSG elements will not come into later.

I will be using elements from the “Compelled” series (a BtVS fanfic series) located on and  I have permission from the author to use these elements.  This story may also, kinda, tie into the Compelled series at one time down the track. 

This chapter is a rather long one too, others will not likely be this long. This is just setting up the groundwork, so the action can follow.


Disclaimer:  All characters belong to their respective owners.  I’m not making a profit from this.  No copyright infringement intended.




Chapter 1

Emerging from the Chapa’aii was like being imprisoned within the Deeper Well all over again.  Although it had taken mere nanoseconds for her shell to be disintegrated at the Earth’s Stargate and put back together at the Stargate on Kobol, Illyria’s essence had been freed from the shell for that time.  Her essence then proceeded to spread out through the universe, finally beginning to represent a decent portion of what Illyria had once been.  This had lasted only nanoseconds, and Illyria felt as if she had lived ten human lifetimes compressed that time.  However, her essence was tied to the shell, and the shell to her essence, and as the shell began to recompose on the other side of the wormhole, Illyria’s essence was pulled from it’s expansion and violently stuffed back into the confines of what once was Winifred Burkle’s body.  As a result, Illyria stumbled once her shell exited the wormhole which deposited her on Kobol, the birthplace of her race eons upon eons ago. 


The first thing that she noticed was the strength at which the green was singing to her.  The abundance, richness and strength of the green on this world was overwhelming to her new shell after awaking on Earth.  The song of the green could not be compared to any types of song which the shell remembered.  The difference between the song of the green here on Kobol and on Earth could however be likened to the difference between relaxation music played on a cassette player, and a live heavy metal performance,  in terms of volume and strength.  Illyria could tell that the green had inhabited this world for quite a while without interference.  Of course, when she looked around, she could tell that the green inhabited the world for quite some time as well.  The Stargate was on a small plateau, overlooking a large valley which was filled with thick vegetation, only vegetation.  That was the only thing that Illyria could sense on the planet.  


 Once Illyria had regained her composure from the journey through the Stargate, she stepped down to the DHD.  She pressed the activation mechanism, a large orange oval within the centre of a dais, surrounded by symbols of star constellations.  She then proceeded to press a series of six symbols, the same symbols which she entered into the Stargate from Earth before dialling Kobol.  She then pressed the activation mechanism again, and pressed a new set of symbols and burned them into her mind.  This effectively changed the ‘password’ which was required to gate to Kobol from an outside source.  This would serve to keep the humans from Earth from trying to follow her through the Stargate and stepping foot on her home world.   


Ultimately, her plan which she had formulated to restore herself to her former glory would work out to a higher benefit than a new plan which was formulating in her mind.  She would seek out her brethren who had fled Earth to Kobol in the days when the Great Alliance was imprisoning her kind within the Deeper Well.  She would convince them to restore herself to her former glory: ridding herself of the confines of the shell.  Then, she would convince them become her allies, and together they would make the galaxy know what the definition of an Old One really was.  However, if that did not work out, Illyria had already developed a new plan based on her experience travelling through the Stargate while confined to a shell.  She may be able to use the Stargate to rid herself of the shell permanently if she were able to interrupt the flow of matter between wormholes, and that was a possibility which needed consideration seeing as she had been freed for a couple of nanoseconds when travelling through the Stargate.    


Stargate Command

Cameron Mitchell, Samantha Carter, Teal’c, General Landry and himself, Daniel Jackson, were sitting in Stargate Command’s briefing room for a debriefing regarding the events concerning Illyria.   It was remarkable to Daniel Jackson, that if they were right in their assumptions, and that Illyria had been telling the truth, they had been talking to a being which was older than anything they could possibly imagine.  From what he could gather, Illyria in her time, had gone far, far, far beyond ascension. 

“From what we’ve been able to observe, the Stargate coordinates which Illyria gated to, lead to a vast expanse of nothing within the Milky Way galaxy, relatively close to the outer reaches of the galaxy,” Samantha Carter explained.  “It could be that the first set of six chevrons which engaged on the Stargate acted with the second set of seven chevrons to guide the Stargate to another location, however we believe that this is unlikely.”

“What do you think is likely Sam?” General Landry asked.  Daniel could tell that Carter looked hesitant with what she was about to say.

“We think that there may be a local region of space, perhaps hundreds of light years across, which may be out of phase with this reality, or may be cloaked in some way,” Carter said.  “However, the power and technology required to do something like that would be astronomical.  The Asgard wouldn’t be able to come close to generating enough power to set that up in the next hundred years general,” Sam explained.  

“What would happen if we went to this part of space?” General Landry asked. 

“We don’t know sir,” Carter replied. 

“I think that it would be wise not to go near this section of space General Landry,” Teal’c said.  “If Illyria’s race, if that is whom inhabits this section of space, have the ability to hide an entire section of the galaxy, I do not think it would be wise to go there when one of them have instructed us not to do so.”  Daniel had to agree with that assessment frankly.

Suddenly and without warning, a beam of bright white light filled the room and the occupants found themselves looking at a small grey creature who went by the name of Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, and was sitting in a relatively large seat.  Moments later, another being appeared beside Thor in the same manner, but this one appeared to be human dressed in strange clothes.  She was Lya of the Nox.  As soon as Illyria had departed Stargate Command, the SGC got in touch with Thor and gave a brief outline of recent events.   

“Greetings SG1 and General Landry,” Thor announced.

“Thor, long time no see,” Daniel said to him.  “It’s a surprise to see you here Lya.”

“Indeed, it has been a long time since you have glanced at my physical form,” Thor replied. 

“Thor advised us of the message you sent them, and contacted the Nox immediately.  I agreed to come to this meeting,” Lya replied.  “Your message was most disturbing.”

“Yes, Illyria’s escape from the Deeper Well is a matter of grave importance.  Perhaps you could tell us what you know of the situation?” Thor asked getting right down to business.  “How were you able to control her?” he asked further. 

“We didn’t really control her, she seemed reasonable enough.  Apart from threatening to destroy this base and rip us limb from limb for not complying with her actions,” he said. 

“She was reasonable enough and only threatened us with words.  She simply wanted to get off this world.  We allowed her to after an exchange of information,” Daniel replied.  “And then we let her through the Chapa’aii.”  If an Asgard could have looked stunned, Daniel was sure that Thor would have looked the part at that moment. 

“If the being you say is Illyria, then it would certainly not require access to a Chapa’aii to travel off world,” Thor said.  “Illyria lacks a physical form and will only take on one, or several variations of her physical form at once if it wishes so,” Thor replied. 

“According to Illyria, it was resurrected into a person and she does not have the majority of her former power,” Teal’c said.  Daniel watched as Lya and Thor looked at each other, perplexed. 



It had been three hours since Illyria had arrived on Kobol, and she was very surprised and frustrated that she had only picked up on it now.  Amongst the song of the green, another message was being cast out across the planet, significantly different than that of the green.  The sheer volume and amount that the green sang to her had prevented her from noticing it before now.  She had trekked as far from the Stargate as she could, and had now stopped in the middle of the forest, dead still.  She was concentrating her energies to re-focus her senses to the other message which was being played out across the landscape.  As she did so, she began to get a sense which was vile to her, and it infected everything on the planet.  It was the presence of The First Evil.  It was just in the background of everything on the planet.  Illyria could look at the dirt, and see dirt, but if she dug a little deeper and used her senses more, she’d sense The First Evil, percolating throughout everything.

Illyria could sense that the message which was being played across the landscape had been created by her brethren, thirteen of them which came to this planet to mould a human civilization greater than no other.  It had failed, as The First Evil played the Old Ones against each other, and eventually led to a civil war between both the Old Ones and their relevant human factions.  In the last days of the war, Iblis under the influence of The First Evil had imbued the witches of Inanna, Aphrodite, Zeus and Apollo with his own power, and turned them against their respective gods, killing them in the process.  The resulting conflict had ended up too great for each of the Old Ones and their tribes.  Athena had been trapped within the confines of a human shell, much like Illyria was now, and had attempted to destroy the shell to escape the prison it trapped herself within.  It was then that the remaining human tribes decided to flee to a new world, leaving behind all those who wished for further bloodshed, allowing them to kill each other off. 

Illyria could now sense something else which was giving off a faint signature on the planet, however for her current senses, it was too far away to detect.  From what she could tell, it was on the other side of the planet, and it would take too long for her to trek to it. 

After learning the story of her brethren which fled here during the time that she was fighting against being imprisoned within the Deeper Well, Illyria was quite alarmed.  Her brethren were not here, and they had fled to other worlds.  Although the origin of the anomaly on the other side of the planet may give up further information, it was clear to Illyria that she had hit a dead end with her plan.  It was also clear, that she would need a ship to gain access to the other side of the planet, as well as to gain access to other planets now, seeking out where her brethren journeyed to. 

It was also concerning to Illyria that there was no evidence of her race’s presence upon the planet eons before.  As far as they knew, this was the planet at which they had evolved, but yet there was no evidence of that here; none that Illyria could tell of at the moment anyway.  With that, Illyria turned around and began her trek back to the Stargate.  Once there, she would journey to a world which hopefully had a ship, and liberate the ship from that world for her own purposes. 


Stargate Command

They had told Thor about the events which led up to Illyria using the Stargate to travel to a world which she identified as her home world.  Upon hearing this, and seeing the Stargate coordinates, Thor advised SG1 and General Landry that they had been keeping an eye on that section of space for quite a while now, and that not even they knew what was shielding it from the outside world.  He also added that they could not enter that section of space without being destroyed.  The real surprise was when he mentioned the fact that they had been tracking a number of ships which had recently emerged from the anomaly, and that they had a completely unique jump-drive which was near instantaneous. 

“We believe that a number of the Old Ones fled Earth into the spatial anomaly, taking with them some second-generation humans.  From our remote scans of the ships which have emerged from the anomaly, it appears that one group of ships is full of humans, while another group is full of unidentified life-signs.  We believe that the humans which are coming from the anomaly may be descendants of the humans which the Old Ones took from earth, some 10,000 years ago,” Thor explained.  There was a brief silence, before the Nox representative spoke up.

“Do you know how Illyria was resurrected?” she asked SG1 and the General.

“All that we know is that she was revived and took over the body of Winifred Burkle and that she now has less power than she used to have before she was trapped in this, Deeper Well,” the General replied. 

“What do you know of the person which Illyria was resurrected into,” Lya of the Nox asked.   Daniel watched as Carter pulled out her file from the stack of documents she had in front of her.

“Winifred Burkle was born in Texas, a state of our country, and attended university majoring in physics.  Then, in her final year of her university, she disappeared for a number of years.  She then re-appeared as an employee for Angel Investigations, and then later Wolfram and Hart, a lawyer company,” Carter recited.  “Apart from that, there’s not much else we know.”  Upon mentioning Ms. Burkle’s previous job positions, Daniel saw a look of concern cross Lya’s face. 

“You seem concerned Lya,” Daniel queried.  He watched as her face went blank, and she seemed to spend a couple of moments collecting her thoughts. 

“This world is located on a significant weak point between a number of different dimensions,” Lya began.  “If a hole appears, or the walls between dimensions are breached, it would have very serious consequences for life within this universe.  A number of years ago, various attempts were made to breach these walls,” Lya explained.  Daniel knew that the punch line was gong to be the next sentence which came out of Lya’s mouth.  “We believe that Wolfram and Hart were responsible,” Lya said.

“So you’re telling me that an earth law firm was responsible for attempting to bring down the walls which separate us from other dimensions?” General Landry asked. 

“Yes,” Lya replied.  There was a pause before she continued, “Wolfram and Hart are not a law organisation on your planet.  Rather, they are an organisation which spans dimensions, and which is run by a trifecta of beings which, to put it so you would understand, have ascended a number of levels higher than the Ancients,” Lya explained.

“Lya, if you knew of this threat, then why not did you tell us of it?” Teal’c asked. 

“There are already a number of checks and balances present on this world which counter the actions of Wolfram and Hart,” Lya explained.  Daniel didn’t know what she meant, and judging from the blank looks which everyone was wearing around the room, no one else did either. 

“I was wondering if you could explain that statement further Lya?” Daniel asked. 

“From what we can comprehend, the forces in the universe are at competition.  To you, these forces are known as Good and Evil.  The concepts associated with these words in your language do not describe the forces properly.  Rather, think of them as a positive and a negative force.  These two forces are in competition, and have been since the dawn of time.  This competition has resulted in a stalemate, or equilibrium, which has lasted for eons,” Lya explained.  “These forces, the positive and negative, have a number of different representatives across dimensions and levels of ascension.  As far as we know, across all dimensions, this is most evident on Earth in each dimension, for some unknown reason, but it is evident elsewhere. These forces, such as Wolfram and Hart, are relatively equally matched, and fight against each other for supremacy in order to tip the equilibrium a certain way.  There are a number of representatives from the opposite side of Wolfram and Hart present on Earth which counter the actions of Wolfram and Hart,” Lya explained.  She allowed for a break to let the information she was divulging to sink in.  “You said that Illyria mentioned that her race’s power waxed and waned.  This cycle of power which their race was subject to, was directly tied into the equilibrium between positive and negative within the universe.  When the equilibrium was stable and even, the Old Ones would be at their maximum power, however when the balance was shifted in either way, their power would decrease substantially,” Lya explained.  “From what we know of the Old Ones, they are the oldest creatures we have ever come across, although we know of older ones which have moved on from this reality,” Lya said. 

“On their journey from their home galaxy, The Ancients passed through each galaxy which the three other races of The Great Alliance inhabited.  When they came upon this galaxy and encountered the Old Ones, they saw that they were very violent, and immensely powerful,” Thor said.  “They alerted us to their presence, and we all saw them as a threat to our races, so we formed an alliance and declared war.”

“What we did not know at the time, was that each consciousness of a single being of the Old Ones existed across multiple dimensions at once,” Lya said. 

“What do you mean by that?  That each Old One had other copies of it in a different reality?” Carter asked.  Daniel watched as Lya shook her head.

“No, each consciousness existed within multiple dimensions at once,” Lya explained.  “As all four dimensions, the three spatial dimensions and time, are dimensions which govern our existence, several realities were the dimensions for the one being.  The same consciousness existed outside of several dimensions,” Lya said.   “And that they were tied to the balance of positive and negative in the universe.  When the equilibrium shifted one way, the Old Ones would use themselves, and all creatures which were not as powerful as them, to move the equilibrium back to neutral by fighting against the forces which disturbed the equilibrium in the first place,” Lya said. 

Lya continued on to explain; “This was done by immensely large wars between opposing forces, until the opposite side lost enough that the scale would be tipped… When we fought against the Old Ones and imprisoned them within the Deeper Well, we did not know that we were removing the ‘keepers’ so to say, of the equilibrium between positive and negative within the universe.  Therefore, the walls between dimensions thinned greatly from what they once were, and the vampyr virus was released by the Old Ones.  The vampyr virus fought back against us all, each the Nox, Asgard, Ancients, and the Furlings, until the balance was restored.  Once the balance was restored however, the opposing forces created warriors within multiple realms to fight against the vampyrs and creatures which could now move between dimensions,” Lya explained.  “Those creatures which had just been used as pawns by the Old Ones, such as Wolfram and Hart, moved up and started to take on a larger role.  As you would say, the playing field, reduced dramatically, and the equilibrium is now kept here on Earth, by opposing forces.  Wolfram and Hart are now a significant body on one side, and there are forces operating here on Earth which oppose them,” Lya explained. 

“Our intervention before with the Old Ones sought to completely change the rules and types of life forms which inhabited this galaxy, and surely had implications across other realities also,” Thor explained.  The beings which once inhabited this galaxy, are long extinct indirectly because of the decline of the Old Ones.  The Asgard, Furlings, Nox and Ancients are responsible for that mass extinction.  Further interference with the equilibrium by us could rapidly change life within the galaxy again, wiping out billions of lives.  We are guilty enough and have learned from our mistakes,” Thor said. 

“So shouldn’t it be a relatively good thing that Illyria’s been reborn?  Wouldn’t she oversee the balance, as you say?” Mitchell asked.

“The Old Ones are aware of the equilibrium of the universe, but their actions are not governed by it, as neither are ours.  It is impossible to govern your actions by the equilibrium of the universe,” Lya explained.  “For example, say that you attacked an Ori village tomorrow, and the Ori retaliated against Earth the day after,” Lya began.  “Would you not launch a counter-offensive because it may tip the equilibrium?  Certainly not, you would retaliate in kind,” Lya said.  “The Old Ones are no different.  Their power, and the scope of their actions, determine the equilibrium.  I believe that Illyria will be seeking vengeance against our races, as well as any other forces which it sees as doing it wrong.  This is not to balance the equilibrium, but meanly vengeance.  It is likely however, that her actions will shift the equilibrium in a certain direction, which will vastly affect this dimension,” Lya explained. 

“Couldn’t the Ancients stop her though?” General Landry said. 

“Not if she regains her former power.  If this happens, it will likely require cooperation between the Ancients and the Ori to subdue her.  I know that this will not occur, so she will proceed to destroy each side seperately, or simply wait until they destroy each other,” Lya said.  “However, we do know that a number of champions for one side perished a few years ago.  The resurrection and imprisonment of Illyria may be a counter-measure by the opposing side to restore the balance,” Lya explained.  Daniel was just getting more and more confused from what was being said, and was having a hard time taking it all in for starters.  “In other words, we do not know why Illyria was resurrected, but we do know that the affects she has on the galaxy will be large.”   

“Lya, Thor,” General Landry stated.  “I know that you have just dropped a lot of information in our laps.  I wish to have a few minutes with my people so that this can sink in.  Can we reconvene in two hours?” he asked.

“Yes, I am agreeable to this arrangement,” Thor replied. 

“As am I,” Lya stated. 

“Walter will show you to our guest facilities,” Landry said while waving for Walter to come into the briefing room.

“That will not be necessary General Hammond.  Myself and Lya will retire to the Daniel Jackson in orbit,” Thor said.  Daniel saw Thor turn to Lya, and overheard him speak to her before they beamed up.

“It has been a long time since we have had a Nox in our company.  We now have purple sustenance cubes which are quite tasteful,” he said before the pair of them disintegrated in the white flash of an Asgard Transporters beam.   


In the two hours which passed, SG1 and the General had gone over everything that Thor and Lya had told them.  It was a lot to take in, but they decided that they’d help Lya and Thor do whatever they needed to do.  Additionally, they decided that they might delve a little deeper into the Wolfram and Hart issue, as well as look for some of the opposing forces which Lya had mentioned were present on Earth.  Lya and Thor had just returned, and upon hearing the decision of the SGC, advised them that Lya will return to help them investigate the circumstances surrounding Illyria’s resurrection. 

Before Lya and Thor left however, Daniel realised something which he needed to ask Lya. 
“Lya, I’ve just realised something.  Surely knowing all this about the balance of the universe and everything is something which leads a race towards Ascension.  If the ancients have ascended, I was wondering why haven’t the Nox, if you don’t mind me asking that is,” Daniel queried. 

“There are many planes of existence Daniel Jackson, the Ancients have just ascended to one of them which does not require a physical form.  The Old Ones exist on a different plane of existence again, and also possessed a physical form… Who is to say that we, the Nox, have not ascended, Daniel Jackson?” Lya said before disappearing in a flash of light of the Asgard transport beam.   
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