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Summary: I've never posted anything before, here or otherwise, but was inspired by the "200 FFA's to go" and started writing. They are all Supernatural related and I managed to stumble across a plot along the way. Nominated for 2007 COA for Best SPN X-over!

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Supernatural > Other BtVS/AtS Characters(Current Donor)kayarileyFR152116,56503410,97427 Sep 0710 Oct 07Yes

Avoidance Issues

Avoidance Issues

FFA response to Graham Miller/Dean Winchester (non-pairing)

Disclaimer: I definitely don’t own any of these characters.

Note: Post S7 BTVS & Pre-S1 of SPN. Also, I've never used HTML tags, so once I figure it out, I'll fix the italics for Graham's thoughts.

NEW NOTE: Thank you to the lovely person who nominated this story for Best Supernatural Crossover for the 2007 COA!

Graham Miller had just been enjoying a nice week-long leave from the special forces unit he was still assigned to when he noticed the suspicious disappearances of young college students. Dad's birthday celebration will just have to wait, Graham thought with a sigh.

Two days and several phone calls to Slayer Central later, he entered a cemetery armed with candles and various other implements for summoning and dispersing a spirit for good. He just hoped his rudimentary magical abilities would be enough. It was one thing to take down a corporeal demon intent on eating its way through a South American village. It was another thing to get with the magics to send a spirit to its final rest.

He was about 100 yards into the cemetery when he heard footsteps coming his way. Hiding behind a mausoleum, he could hear a low humming of what sounded like a Metallica song coming from the figure as it went past. Damn it!, Graham swore to himself. He had hoped that the cemetery would be empty at this time of night. The figure stopped and Graham could have sworn he looked right at him, but then he continued on past him toward the entrance to the cemetery.

Graham waited another ten minutes before continuing over to the grave of a young man who had been killed in 1980 by his girlfriend his freshman year in the local college. When he arrived, he looked at the grave in confusion. Someone had recently dug up the site and he could still smell fire and lighter fluid in the air. Graham dropped his bag of magical paraphernalia on the grass next to the grave and pulled out his cell phone. One phone call to Willow confirmed his suspicions, the witch having told him that the messier way of handling the problem would have been to dig up the grave, then salt and burn the bones of the deceased. She didn’t think he wanted to spend half the night digging when her remedy would work just as well. Either way, she told him that the poor chap wouldn’t be carting off any more freshman girls and that he should go and enjoy what was left of his father’s 50th birthday.

Still engrossed in the conversation with his favorite red-head, Graham didn’t even hear or see the stealthy figure sneak back to the gravesite to get the forgotten shovel lying in the grass, not even five feet away from Graham’s bag. Nor did he notice when the silent figure, seeing a few magical supplies escaping from the cloth, decided to also liberate the bag as well.

End Ficlet

Up next: Willow & John
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