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Summary: How were the vamps going to explain the condition of their lovers?

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Supernatural > Angel-Centered
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spikewilFR132422033,04727 Sep 0713 Oct 07No


Title: Huh Epiloque/?
Author: Spikewil
Fandom: Supernatural/Buffy
Pairing: John/Giles, surprise pairing
Summary: How were the vamps going to explain the condition of their lovers?
Disclaimer: The characters of Supernatural or Buffydon't belong to me and I just like to play with them. No profit is being made from this story and no copyright infringement is intended.
A/N1: As usual, strange pairings, lots of OOCy-ness....well more than lots, MAJOR oocy-ness.

Beta'd by Queen Sereya.

"Angelus, Spike, care to explain?" John questioned as he and his lover stared at their sons in the vampires' arms.

"Uhm...we ran into a female demon who was protecting her children. We killed the kiddies and killed the mom," Spike explained in his own words.

"Yes...?" Giles questioned, as he knew the blonde was deliberately not saying everything.

"Oh bloody hell, fine! The mother cursed Dean and Sam and now they've ended up like this. Look at it this way, you have your wish of them having a childhood you could never give them," Spike whined but stopped when his lover looked at him funny.

"Spike, that's the wrong thing to say!" Giles objected.

"No, he's right. But how long are they going to stay this way?" John interrupted his lover, knowing the vampire was right.

"Don't know. I'll have to look up the demon in one of those many books of Giles," Spike said while shifting his burden to his other arm.

"You are willing to research?" Giles asked shocked.

"Of course I am. My lover is a four-year-old!"
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