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A New Start

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Summary: Xander has a new start in life when he is forced to move in with his father Severus Snape. Slash

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AngelSpiritravenFR21410,78725510,91127 Sep 078 Nov 12No

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Chapter One

Title: A New Start.

By: Spiritraven

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I write for enjoyment only I make no money off of my fics.

Warnings: This is AU and slash. HBP and DH of Harry Potter never happened in this story. It’s AU for BTVS also. I have no beta so if anyone is interested please let me know.

Author’s Note: This fic is what used to be Surprise! You Have a Son. I decided to change everything even the title. Also I am working on my other stories and will try to have them up as soon as I can.

Pairings: You figure it out as you read along.


Chapter One:


Severus Snape entered his small cottage and went straight to his fire whiskey. After the day he had all Severus wanted to do was forget everything that happened at the Death Eater meeting and maybe get some sleep. He could still hear the screams of the muggles as the Dark Lord tortured them and all he could do was watch. The Dark Lord was gaining more power and it didn’t look so good for the Light. He has even taken over most of the Ministry of Magic. Like his son Alexander would say at certain times it sucked being him. Severus poured himself a healthy dose of whiskey and chugged it back enjoying the way it burned down his throat. He grabbed the bottle and went to sit by the fire planning to drink all of his worries away. Severus was about to pour him another drink when a wave of anger came over him at what happened at the meeting and he threw the bottle into the fire. So many innocents murdered over nothing.

Voldemort was such a bastard.

Too many innocent people were being killed by that sick asshole and there was nothing Severus could do. He became a spy to find a way to stop the killing and destroy Voldemort once and for all. Severus thought it was over when Voldemort disappeared all those years ago. Dumbledore was the one who knew the Dark Lord wasn’t really gone and he said as much. It was too bad that the fate of the Wizardry World lay on the shoulders of a sixteen year old boy. Dumbledore laid all of his hope on Harry Potter believing the boy was the one destined to destroy Voldemort. Severus cursed wishing he never threw his whiskey away. Potter wasn’t ready to face the Dark Lord and Severus believed he will never be ready. The boy needs more training and lessons about Dark Magic. The Headmaster wasn’t helping by keeping the Boy Who Lived in the dark. Things were getting worst and it looked like there was no hope. Severus wanted nothing more then to forget everything if for only one night. He was about to see if he had another bottle of fire whiskey when a head popped into his fireplace.

“We need to talk, Severus.” The head demanded in a cold voice. Severus groaned when he realized whose head it was in his fire. All Severus wanted was to have a quiet night at home, but that wasn’t going to happen now.

It was Jessica Harris his bitch of an ex wife. It didn’t matter if she was a pure blood witch and a cousin to the Malfoy family. Severus hated her more then he hated the Dark Lord. The only good thing she had ever given him was his son. Alexander was his beloved son and greatest joy.

The son she only allowed Severus to see once a year. Like he said she was a real bitch.

“Can’t this wait until tomorrow Jessica, I am tired.” Severus told his ex wife wishing for her to disappear. He wanted to wallow in his misery alone. The woman was more annoying now then she was when they were still together. He really shouldn’t have thrown away that whiskey. Severus sighed; there was nothing he could do over it now

The head was able to see that Severus has been drinking. There were important things she needed to talk with him about and she needed him sober. Jessica was running out of time and knew this wasn’t going to be easy. She needed to get this done before Xander and Tony came home. “It’s about Alexander.”

That had Severus’ full attention and he forgot all about his whiskey and the Dark Lord. It wasn’t often that he heard about his son. Jessica tried her best in keeping them apart. “Has something happened to him?”

“No, he’s fine, but I’m worried something is going to happen to him soon.” Jessica faked a worried expression on her face. Alexander was her son and she did care about him. Still she had her own life to live with Tony and wanted nothing of her past around. Including Alexander her son. She had already wasted too many years. “Alexander is hanging around the Slayer and a want to be witch. He thinks I don’t know, but I’ve lost count on the times he sneaked into the house hurt.”

“And you did nothing about this?” Severus snarled causing the head in his fire to flinch. He never liked the idea of Jessica raising his son and if he had a choice he would have kept him. Alexander was his life. He was the only thing that kept Severus going when things were at its darkest. If it wasn’t for his spying for Dumbledore and Voldemort is starting to become suspicious of him. He would have fought Jessica tooth and nail for Alexander. “I never liked the idea of you taking Alexander to live on the Hellmouth and now you tell me he is putting himself in danger.”

Was the boy a Gryffindor? Helping the Slayer was a dangerous thing to do. What in Merlin’s name was Alexander thinking?

“It’s time for Alexander to come and live with you.” Jessica said watching her ex husband’s face for emotion. She needed to hurry this up since school was about over and Xander would come home. “I’m tired of doing everything for the boy. And don’t use the excuse of it being to dangerous over there. He would be safer with you then here helping the Slayer and trying to get him killed.”

Severus smirked, Jessica never was very smart and it was easy enough to figure out what she was up too. True coming to live with him would be very dangerous for his son with his spying. It wouldn’t matter soon since the Dark Lord no longer trusted him and they had a new spy in the ranks. Doubledore would be more then happy to let him quit after all the years he was loyal to the Light. However that didn’t change anything. It would still be very dangerous because the Dark Lord would want him dead and anyone related to him. Hogwarts was safe and if the Dark Lord ever found a way to break the school then there was Snape Manor. Snape Manor was old and very well warded it would be hard to enter the Manor. “Perhaps it is about time Alexander came home to England to have a better education. The boy must be behind in his studies with helping the Slayer.”

Jessica paled at the mention of studies. Alexander hadn’t went to a magic school the boy thought he was a squib. “Alexander doesn’t study magic.”

“And why doesn‘t he study magic?” Severus’ eyes narrowed his voice was as hard as rock. “He does attend classes at Salem does he not?”

“No, we had no money for the fee.” Jessica whimpered when Severus growled at her. Severus Snape was a wizard you did not want to get angry.

“What of the money I send you every year for his support and education?” Severus sent more then enough money every year for his son’s every need. Where had all that money gone?

“Other things came up that we had to deal with.” The money was used for Tony and her uses she believed it was her due for all the things she had to put up with raising Alexander. It wasn’t like Severus would miss the money the wizard was rich even more so then the Malfoy or Dumbledore. The Snape family was as old as Merlin himself. It was one of the reasons Jessica’s parents had her marry him in the first place.

Merlin knew she didn’t marry him for his looks. Though Severus wasn’t bad to look at he did have that whole dark and dangerous thing going for him. And he was really good in bed really knew how to please a woman. Jessica smirked in thought. It was too bad Severus preferred male company over female.

Severus stood up and walked over to the fire glaring at the face of his ex wife the whole time. He never guessed Jessica would keep the money for herself. Alexander was her son and he foolishly believed she would want the best for her son as well. He should have checked up on the boy. “Have Alexander ready. I’ll be there within a day to pick him up.” His grin turned evil. “You, Harris, and I will have a small talk when I get there.”

It would be fun to scare the muggle husband of his ex wife. Tony Harris was such a coward. He would learn the hard way that you do not miss with the Snape family.

Jessica glared at Severus then pulled her head from the fire. She didn’t notice that her son had walked into the door and saw her pull herself from the fireplace. Xander smiled, there was only one person his mother would fire call. “Talking to dad?”

Jessica jumped at the sound of her son’s voice. She turned and glared at the boy. “Yes, he’s coming to visit tomorrow.”

“Cool, it’ll be good to see him.” The last time Xander had seen his father it was about a year ago. He knew it was hard for his dad to come and see him with his spying and teaching at Hogwarts.

“You need to pack your things.” Jessica told her son a grin on her face. Soon she’ll be free and could live her life the way she wanted it.

Xander gave his mother a look of confusion. Why would he need to pack up his things? “Pack up my things?”

“You’re going to move with your dad.” Jessica made her way into the kitchen. She wanted to make sure there was beer before Tony came home. He gets cranky without his beer. And when he was cranky someone got hurt.

“I’m going to move in with dad?” Xander breathe out. He was moving with his dad to England? “What about the war with Voldemort?”

“Don’t say his name!” Jessica yelled at her son afraid of the Dark Lord. She was from England after all and the name of the Dark Lord still caused fear in her. “It’s not so dangerous for you now. It should be a walk in the park for you what with helping the Slayer and all.”

Xander flinched at the look his mother was giving him. She found out about Buffy and the others. “I can’t move to England.”

“You don’t want to live with your father?” Xander was close to Severus. When he was younger he would do anything to live with his father. The only things that kept them were her and the fear of the Dark Lord.

“It’s not that mom.” Xander had people to watch out for here he couldn’t just leave like that not when he was needed. “Buffy and Willow count on me, mom I can’t just leave them.”

“They count on you to get donuts?” Jessica kept track of her son to see what he has been up too and seen how the Slayer and Willow treated Xander. She hated how they treated her son. Alexander was a Snape a pure blood wizard. It was sickening to watch how he was ordered around by muggle teenage girls. “I’ve seen how they treat you Xander. You can’t fool me.”

It didn’t matter how he was treated they were still his friends and nothing would change that anytime soon. Xander wasn’t going to abaned him. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going mom. Dad would understand.”

Jessica stopped what she was doing to turn to her son. She had everything planned and Xander wasn’t going to miss that up for her. “It’s you that don’t understand Xander. I don’t want you here and neither does Tony. It’s time for you to live with Severus. From what I’ve learned of your friends it’s not like they’ll miss you. Severus plans for you to attend Hogwarts. You will make better friends.”

So she was being cruel. It wasn’t anything new.

“Willow and I have been friends since we were kids.” Xander knew Willow cared. She was the only one who seemed to care. “We’re best friends.”

Jessica groaned he wasn’t making this easy. She thought he would be happy at leaving Sunnydale. Xander never did like the place. “Xander I will not change my mind you are going. And if Willow was a good friend she would stand up for you and not let Fluffy walk all over you”

“It’s Buffy not Fluffy, mom.” Jessica never liked the Slayer and Xander always knew it. “Please I can’t leave. Not like this.”

“You don’t have a choice, Xander.” Jessica wasn’t going to change her mind. This was best for everyone. Xander would see that with time.

Xander wasn’t going to win this battle. His mother made up her mind and there wasn’t anything he could do to change it. Xander could only hope his father would let him come and visit and maybe help out if his help was ever needed. “I guess I better pack.”

“Might as well.” Jessica took out some lunch meat out of the refrigerator. She wasn’t much of a cook and wished she had a house elf or two. Perhaps she could talk Severus into sending her one. “How many sandwiches do you want?”

“Two are fine mom.” Xander wondered how Buffy and Willow would react when he told them. He was going have to tell them tonight. Oh, man he forgot an important detail. He couldn’t tell the others the truth. No one not even Willow knew he was from a magical family. Oh, Willow knew Xander had a real father out in England, but she never met them. “What am I going to tell Willow and the others?”

“You should tell them the truth just keep out the magical parts.” It was easy enough for Jessica. “Or you can leave and say nothing.”

“No, I can’t do it that way.” For one Willow and Buffy would worry and search for him. No, he had to tell them something.

Jessica shrugged not worrying about it. It was Alexander’s business what he told them not hers. She didn’t care if he told them about the Wizardry World or not. It wasn’t like she lived there any more and the Ministry couldn’t touch her here. “You’ll find a way.”

He wasn’t going to get any help here. Xander left the kitchen and went up to his room thinking maybe he’ll call Willow or better yet. He’s eyes lit up, why hadn’t he thought of this before. Xander could call Giles and tell him what’s going on. The Watcher knows about magic and is from England so maybe he knew about the Wizardry World. He could help Xander come up with a way to tell Willow and the others. Calling wasn’t going to work. Xander was going have to do this face to face.

“Mom, I’m going to Giles.” Xander ran back into the kitchen taking the sandwiches from her hand and high tailing it out of the house. He had to make his way across town to Giles’ apartment. Xander could hope the Watcher didn’t mind company.

It took him fifteen minutes to walk to Giles apartment building. He really needed to get himself a bike or something. All this walking wasn’t good for him. Xander took a deep breath then knocked on the door hoping Giles was home.

“Xander, why are you here?” Giles was surprised at seeing Xander at his door. He was about to have dinner when he heard a knock on the door.

Xander gave Giles his famous goofy smile. “Um, there is something I need your help with.”

Giles groaned and back away from the door to let Xander into the apartment. “Very well come in and tell me what’s wrong.”

“I’m moving, Giles.” Xander entered the apartment and sat on the sofa not looking Giles in the face. He didn’t know what all to tell the Watcher.

“Moving?” Xander now had Giles full attention. “Moving where, Xander?”

“I’m moving with my dad.” Let him figure that one out. Knowing Giles it wouldn’t take him long.”

“Harris is moving and taking you with him?” Giles was confused. Why would Harris take Xander? From what Giles knew of the man he hated his son.

“Tony isn’t my real dad, Giles.” Now that took Giles by surprised. He had no idea that Xander had another father out there. “My father lives in England. He’s going arrive tomorrow to pick me up.”

Xander’s father was English? Giles raised an eyebrow now that was something he would never have guessed. “So you are moving to England? What about school, Buffy, and Willow?”

“I don’t want to leave Giles.” Xander was frustrated about the whole mess. “I’ve no choice in the matter. I have to go. And on the school thing I’ll be going to Hogwarts. It’s the school my dad teaches at.”

Oh, boy.

“Your father teaches at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry?” Okay, he did say what he thought he said. “Xander are you a wizard?”

“Yeah, I am.” Even though his mother tried to make him believe he was a squib. Xander wasn’t stupid he knew he wasn’t a squib having seen the small amount of magic he could do. The problem was he had no education because his mother and step-father always spent the money sent by his father. “I just had no education.”

“And why haven’t you?” Giles knew for a fact that America had several magic schools. Salem was as well known as Hogwarts.

“It’s a long story and let’s just let it go at that, Giles.” Xander didn’t want to get into the whole mess. He was sure when his father found out there was going to be pain. Tony and his dad really hated each other. “The reason I came here is because I need your help in telling Buffy and Willow that I’m leaving.”

“And you don’t want them knowing the whole truth.” The Wizardry World was secret and had to remain that way. Giles wasn’t a wizard, but he knew of the world because of his work with the Council. “Yes, I’ll be more then happy to help you Xander.”

Xander sighed in relief. “Thanks, I’ll appreciate it Giles.”

“May I ask you a personal question, Xander?” Giles asked there was something he really wanted to know.

“Sure.” Xander had nothing to hide from the Watcher. Will he didn’t anymore.

“Who is your real father?” Xander’s mother couldn’t be a witch. No witch or wizard would live on the Hellmouth. It was too dangerous because many demons would be after their magic.

“My father is Severus Snape.” Giles’ eyes widen in shock. Xander’s father was one of the youngest Potions Master in the world. He was brilliant and was well known for the potions he invented over the years.

“Dear God.” Giles didn’t know what to think. He knew Snape was famous because of his potions, but he also knew the wizard was a follower of Voldemort. Giles’ eyes narrowed, it would be too dangerous for Xander to go with his father.

Xander groaned he knew what Giles was thinking. “My father isn’t a Death Eater Giles; he is a spy for Dumbledore so please don’t try anything.”

“He is a spy for Albus Dumbledore?” You learn something new everyday even if you were and know it all Watcher. “Are you sure, Xander?”

Xander fault the urge to roll his eyes. “Yes, I’m sure.”

Giles nodded, he’ll let it go for now. He’ll pass judgment when he meets the Potions Master. “You will of course bring your father by so I may meet him?”

“Yeah, it’s no problem.” It wasn’t like he would have a chance. Xander had a feeling if he didn’t show up then the Watcher would hunt them down. “I better go.”

“I’ll see you at the library later.” Giles did promise to help Xander tell the girls about his leaving.

Xander groaned he almost forgot about telling his friends about his leaving. “Can’t you tell them and I’ll stay home.”

“No.” With that Giles showed Xander to the door.

Xander took a deep breath his hand on the door. He still hadn’t the courage to enter the library and face his friends, but he couldn’t stay out here forever. A part of Xander wanted nothing more then to do what his mother suggested and just leave without telling them. Xander groaned that wasn’t going to work since Giles knew everything. The last thing he wanted was Buffy and Willow hunting him down for answers.

“Something wrong, Xander?” Angel asked when he saw Xander standing in front of the door. He looked down at Xander studying his face and noticing Xander’s eyes. Something wasn’t right with the boy.

Oh, great things were getting better and better. Xander thought as he looked up at Angel. Dead boy was looking good in his black silk shirt. Xander groaned and felt his face heat up. “Everything is just peachy, Deadboy.” He forced a grin on his face not wanting to show that anything was wrong.

Angel raised one eyebrow not believing one word out of that boy’s mouth. “Sure what ever you say, Xander.” He opened the door. “Going in?”

Taking a deep breath Xander entered the library followed behind by Angel. Buffy, Willow, and Oz were all looking at him. Willow had tears in her eyes while Buffy was angry. Oz had no expression on his face. “Um…hi guys.”

“Giles told us you’re moving away.” Buffy was the first to speak up. She was angry at her friend in leaving them all behind. “Is that true?

This was Giles way of helping? At least he didn’t have to tell them now he had to answer their questions. Xander saw disappointment in Willow’s eyes. It nearly killed him to cause Willow pain. “Yes, I’m moving to England to live with my dad.”

“Do you have to go, Xander?” Unlike Buffy, Willow wasn’t angry she was hurt that Xander didn’t tell them himself.

“Yeah, my mom is kicking me out. I have no choice?” At least that part was true.

“You’re just going to leave us?” Buffy was angry very angry. Xander was supposed to stay in Sunnydale and help her in the fight against evil. What was she suppose to do if he leaves. Xander was the heart of the group. “I thought we are friends?”

“That’s enough, Buffy.” Giles knew what his Slayer was up too. She was using guilt as a way to make Xander stay. Buffy wasn’t thinking at all. “You are only thinking of yourself. Can’t you realize how hard it is for Xander?”

Oh my God, what kind of friend is she just thinking about herself. Willow jumped out of her chair and ran to put her arms around Xander hugging him tightly. “I’m so sorry!”

“Shh, it’s alright.” Xander hugged Willow back. His mother was wrong his friends did care. He looked at Buffy. At least Willow did for sure.

“Fine I don’t care if Xander moves.” Buffy crossed her arms over her chest. She didn’t that Xander was leaving. She could get on just fine with out him. Anyway she still had Giles, Willow, and Angel. Buffy smiled up at Angel. “I have you.”

Angel frowned down at the Slayer. She thought he was still attracted to her. Buffy couldn’t be more wrong. “Buffy, why are you acting like this?”

Buffy was confused. “I don’t understand? What am I acting like?”

“Like you don’t care about Xander’s leaving?” Angel hoped he was wrong and Buffy was keeping her emotions to herself.

Xander pulled back from Willow kissing her on the forehead before letting her go completely. It would be better if he left. Buffy didn’t want him around and Xander didn’t want to start an angument. It was better this way. “I guess I’ll leave. I have a lot of packing to do.”

“You’re packing now?” Willow’s eyes widen.

Xander nodded his eyes sad. “Yeah, my dad will be here tomorrow.”

“And you only told us now.” Buffy yelled Xander was hiding this from them for a long time. She was sure of it.

“My mom told me today.” Xander’s eyes narrowed. Buffy was trying to make him look bad. “I wasn’t hiding anything.”

“Whatever.” Buffy turned her head away.

Xander shook his head. Buffy wasn’t going to make say goodbye easy. He gave Willow, Oz, and Giles a sad smile and walked out the door. Not once did Buffy look as he walked away.
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