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The Male Baby Sitter's Guide

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Summary: Kenyon Bennett gets more than he imagined when he offers to baby-sit for a cousin he never met. (And believe me from what Uncle Victor told him, Kenyon can imagine a lot)

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Charmed > Conner-CenteredPrincessTaiFR13616,5680163,29928 Sep 0721 Oct 07Yes

I have this story line idea and I need your help.

I have this story line idea and I need your help.
Does that sound like a car ad?


I know I have other stories to finish *sheepish expression* but I was thinking of this idea for a while. Especially since you most excellent reviewers (no I am NOT kissing ass
:-D) seemed to like my take of Con in the Charmed Ones world (better than I thought *beams*). So, I have this idea. A story of Connor as Cole’s son. I have the details all thought up. The seer was a naughty, naughty seer. That is all I will say … well that and, do you guys know Kon-L? Clark’s and Lex’s kid? Well think something to that effect, or artificial insemination. It’s been done. In other FF’s. Think it’s a GREAT idea. (unless ya can think of something better, I’d like that :-D)

The sole problem with my um, genius future story line is … err. I don’t know who to make Connor’s mother (or father, but I’ll get to that). It can’t be Phoebe. Because while I am starting to like my former favorite precog again. I really don’t think I can stand Phoebe and Cole again cause they are very Buffy and Angel lite. And all that would come out is bashing at the moment. I personally wanted the mother to be Paige because I have fallen absolutely in love with Paige/Cole stories. I know. Blame it on the writers of You would think my dilemma would be solved? HA! No. You see I am of the very indecisive nature. I’m a freaking Pieces born in my family. I can’t help it lol
I started thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if. Piper (a Piper that never hooked up with Leo of course) was Connor’s mother. Then I started thinking, Oh! What if it was Tara or Cordy.
THEN I was thinking this the modern day and age. Who the hell says that his mother has to be a woman? Then I started thinking Draco Malfoy (I KNOW, what is wrong with me?) or Sam or Dean.
Yes, Wincheste. *ebil grin*

So I have decided to ask you guys to choose. Because I loved all of your reviews for the Male’s Guide. It’s cause of you guys that it went from ficlet to more chapters. See what you make me subjugate the rest of the world to? :-P

Seriously though. Basically I am asking you to choose who you would like to see as Connor’s other parent. I’m not sure if I should say ANY-verse, because for a example I don’t trust myself to write the stargate crew. But I suppose if enough people wanted Daniel (just to name a name)then I’d just get the DVD’s *Shrugs*.

Honestly I’d prefer it if it was someone from the Charmed, Smallville, SPN, Roswell, Angel, BtVS, Harry Potter verses. But you can mention others. I don’t put Firefly or Inu-Yasha (though you CAN say Kagome) because that’s way into the past and way into the future and that opens a whole ‘nother can of worms to get that parent there. Don’t tempt me cause I will say yes. Though hats off to ANYone who does a River/Cole, Simon/Cole, Jayne/Cole, or Mal/Cole to Connor’s parents. I might actually put that as a challenge.
I don’t say Kaylee, cause Connor is gonna need a love interest *Cackles* But I am getting distracted. Again.

So it will have to be in modern times and the person has to have or had to have powers Like so no Lana (yes!) or Lois (I cry in the inside, though again if you want to yourself do a Cole/Lois to Connor’s parents, go right ahead only thing lemmie know so I can review like MAD!) or Ollie. Chloe can be an option cause she does have powers. And no Kara cause my brother will hit me.
He is the belief that Kara only belongs with Jimmie. I am inclined to agree *Smiles*

From the BtVs verse it can be anyone but Angel, Willow, or Buffy or Darla. No Angel and Buffy cause that is just too weird and too close. No Willow because I hear that Willow and Cole have been done and it’s MAD good (it's on my To Read Come Christmas list). I don’t wanna go and mess up anyone’s love for the pairing :-) Other than that everyone else is fair game. Meaning yes Giles, yes Spike, yes Dru, yes Wes, yes Dawn and Xander, even yes Anya. Yes, evil hand lawyer, dude. Yes Lilah (cause she does show to have some semi-heart at times). Yes Riley. Yes even Andrew and Lorne. :-D No Gunn or Fred or Clem. Cause well, the last one? Would be a bit strange.

From the HP verse. Anyone but Hermione or Ron. Sorry. I am such a fan of theirs and try not to put them with other people if I can. Or Tonks and Remus.

From the Roswell verse anyone. Even Liz and Kyle and Maria and Alex.

From SPN. Anyone. That isn't evil (though I think I can pull a Meg with a change of heart).
Jo. I say yes to 'cause IDK. I like her. I feel that there probably is more to her than we know.

Charmed, anyone but Phoebe. No Pru. Cause she's dead. I know. Pru woulda been sooo kick-ass. But dead. Though again, challenege anyone who really wants to do it. Just, again, let me know. I would love to read it.

And from other verses no person who is NOT special in some way or magical. Like from stargate … well. Err. They all are Cept for Cam and Hammond I think.
Same with Atlantis, cept Weir.

No Hercules, cause I need to find what channel it’s on first.

Other than that you all can choose whoever you like to be Cole’s naughty buddy and Connor’s other parent.

The premise will be the same. Connor will have been raised in a hell dimension, ‘cept Cole doesn’t know about Connor and neither does the other parent (or should they , *cues dramatic music*). My brother is currently hitting me and saying they should but big sisters tend to ignore nosey little twelve-year olds. Connor is raised thinking Cole is bad and tried to hurt the ones who raised him. The other parent will try their best to keep Con from doing something he regrets. Will they stop demon pregnancies? Maybe not. ‘Cause those are always fun.

I thank you guys for taking the time to read this. And I hope you leave your suggestions. The way this will go about is that I will pick the most chosen other parent. If for example five characters have the same amount of suggestions (votes), I’ll let you pick from them.

I appreciate all and EVERYthing. Yeah, I'm changing my mind again. lol. If you want Lois or something I guess I could make her a meteor freak. Make Gunn a wizard or something (if you guys REALLY want a normie). So all and everything. Including you telling me that I’m an idiot that should concentrate on school. Okay no not that. Or my other stories *grins*

The End

You have reached the end of "The Male Baby Sitter's Guide". This story is complete.

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