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Life in a glimpse

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Birth of a New Race". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Where did Xander go while possessed by Riddick

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Movies > Pitch Black SeriesdragonvampFR1811,595024,28928 Sep 0728 Sep 07Yes

BNR While Riddick was creeping, Xander was dreaming.

Birth of a New Race by Dragonvamp

Summery: my version of what Xander saw when he was possessed by Riddick.

Warning: graphic language, rape (mentioned but not graphic), violence, murder
As always I own nothing but the my OC

The kids where in the last neighborhood before returning to the school. They where all up on the porch talking to the lady handing out the candy when Xander felt an odd sensation run through him and then nothing but blackness.

Xander felt strange. He looked around and saw only blackness. Then he felt like he was moving very fast and saw what appeared to be stars flying past. When he stopped he was looking in on an ally. A red haired woman picked up a small baby from a dumpster and carried it away. What struck Xander as really odd was that she was dressed in a flowing red and orange dress and even her eyes when she turned to him were red like little balls of fire. Then he felt the moving sensation again.

When he again found himself looking at another ally and a small boy huddled up in rags and trying to sleep. He noticed the boy couldn’t be much older than five and he was clutching a knife to his chest. The boy was thin but not yet looking starved. He tried to help the boy but could not move. He thought for a moment wondering what was going on. It felt like that movie “It’s a wonderful Life” they show every Christmas, but it wasn’t Christmas and this wasn’t his life he was being shown. Add to that the fact that he didn’t have a guide. For a moment he expected the equivalent of the ghost who visited scrooge to show up. **Did they even have a ghost of Halloween?** He wondered.

He moved again and saw the same boy but a few years older. Cops of some kind were fighting to take him away. He was covered in blood and at his feet laid five dead men. They all looked like thugs. After glancing around he saw the boy must have been protecting himself. Xander noticed a flash of dark hair in the shadows and realized the boy had been protecting a small girl, one who looked only a year or so younger than he. He also noticed two of the dead men had their pants undone. He figured out what must have happened or almost happened. Unknowingly the same thought crossed his mind as what the girl was thinking, **what will happen to her now?**

Moving again he ended up in a warehouse looking building. It was all metal and had cages that must be cells. From the look he could imagine the air was putrid and stale. From the people it must be hot too. He really wished he could do something as he saw the boy. There again were a couple of dead men near him, yet this time there were too many. Five men held the boy down while another raped him. Another held a girls head down on the boy as she was forced to keep him in her mouth during the rape. He saw there was a line waiting their turn at the boy. Xander felt sick. He looked up and saw the guard watching and stroking himself through his pants at the sight. Something in him wanted nothing more than to kill all of these human monsters.

Another move and he sees the boy running down an ally as the cops chase him. He had to be near Xander’s own age now. Seems he escaped the hell he had been in, but being out and being free were two different things. He watched in horror and they caught him. He managed to kill five of them before fifteen surrounded him and disarmed him. They held him down and beat him until he could no longer stand. Xander was afraid they had beaten him to death. Then he saw the spark of rage in the boy’s brown eyes. He kicked out with the last of his strength and managed to crush the windpipe of one of the cops. Another hit him in the back of the head and they drug his unconscious body away.

Moving again he sees the boy is now a young man. He is muscular and fast. He watches as the man talks to a ‘doctor’ in yet another prison. Then he watched in fascinated horror as the ‘doctor’ does something to the man’s eyes. When they are done the young man looks around and Xander can see that his eyes look like mirrors. His retinas were silver.

Moving again he finds the man had been captured again and was in some kind of tube. He looked around and figured it must be a space ship of some kind. He begins to wonder where the white rabbit is, as he must have fell down a rabbit hole to be seeing this crazy stuff. He felt the ship crashing and watched the chaos unfold around him. He saw a smile on the young man’s face like he was enjoying all this.

Moving again he sees the crash site and hears a man talking about looking for Riddick. He figures out that that is the young man’s name. He watches the people try to get organized and figure out how to survive. He also sees Riddick watching them. He watches as the man stalks his prey. He notices that Riddick could have killed them all if he wanted to, but he didn’t. He sees the others find the monsters in the dark and try to accuse Riddick when he tries to save them.

He moves again to watch as Riddick leads them to the ship and saves all he can. He is with them as they fly through the stars trying to get to New Mecca where the two people he saved can be safe. They come against fight after fight but Riddick protects them with his life, just as Xander himself would for his friends.

Xander’s life may have been easier but he knew what it was like to be kicked around by those who are supposed to be protecting you. He knew how if felt to have some one look to you to protect them and be there for them. He felt a connection snap into place. A kindred spirit in this man who seemed from another place and time.

Moving on to New Mecca Xander watches, ‘Mini Riddick’ as he had nicknamed the girl called Jacks, looked defiantly at the man. He wanted her to stay with the holy man and make something of her life. She wanted to stay with the only man to make her feel safe, Riddick. Life on the run with another person never works. Riddick never wanted her to develop the killer instinct needed to keep up with him. So he left her there. Better she was mad at him than become him.

Moving Xander watched as Riddick made himself at home among the beast of the snow covered planet. He watched as Riddick found a cave to call home, hunted for food and pelts to make cloths. He conserved all of the ships energy as long as he could. Years passed by in fast forward for Xander as he watched Riddick find peace. Then time slowed as another ship came hunting Riddick.

Xander watched, sometimes moving and sometimes seeing it in fast forward. He watched as Riddick was called back to new Mecca by a bounty on his head. He watched as the holy man and the air lady tried to make him their champion. He watched Riddick tell them to go stick it and then the holy man said something about her. He told Riddick she had run after him and that anything that happened was his fault. That he had to help fight these new monsters to make up for leaving the girl behind. Riddick snarled and Xander felt himself doing the same.

He watched the next few months in moments. Hiding while he researched anything he could about the Furyan race that Aereon spoke of, letting the Merc get him, meeting Kyra as Jacks wanted to be called now. The beast at the Slam, escaping to be taken by the Necromongers, fighting the Lord Marshal, Kyra getting knifed, and killing the demon claming to be the savior of this religious order. He saw Riddick sit down heavily on the throne not even realizing that was what it was. The whole room bowed to him.

Every thing went black again and Xander heard a whisper saying,

When future meets past Fury awakens at last
The hope for a new world the purpose for the old one
The last son will empower the first father in the last hour
Thus beginning his own race
The first shall remind the last of their purpose from forgotten past
When the twice banished attempt a return
Fury ignite and Fury burn
Knowledge is key, know thy enemy

He didn’t really hear the whole thing and had no time to think of it before his mind began to drift back and he awoke. Looking down he had a flash of remembering what Riddick had done that night while in possession of Xander’s body. Anything he didn’t know he could guess after watching thirty years in a glimpse. What ever happened Xander knew that part of him had changed forever.

The End

You have reached the end of "Life in a glimpse". This story is complete.

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