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Life Giving

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Summary: What if Mary hadn't died. Would they still be hunting?

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spikewilFR1811,383032,49029 Sep 0729 Sep 07No
Title: Life giving 1/?
Author: Spikewil
Fandom: Supernatural/Angel
Rating: FR18
Pairing: John/Mary, Dean/Spike, Sam/Angel
Summary: If Mary's destiny was different...would she, John and the boys still be hunting?
Disclaimer: The characters of Supernatural or Angel don't belong to me and I just like to play with them. No profit is being made from this story and no copyright infringement is intended.
Warning: As usual, strange pairings, lots of OOCy-ness....well more than lots, MAJOR oocy-ness.

Beta'd by Queen Sereya.

6th November 1983

Sam was lying in his crib, watching the shadows on the wall, when his mother came in, carrying his big brother Dean.

"Let's say goodnight to your brother," Mary said to Dean as she leaned forward, so she and Dean were above Sam.

"Night, Sam," Dean said as he gave his brother a kiss on the head.

"Goodnight, love," Mary said before they left the nursery. In the hallway, they met up with John.

"Hey, Dean."


"Hey, buddy. So what do you think? You think Sammy's ready to toss around a football yet?"

"No, Daddy."

"No," John repeated as he took Dean into his arms.

"You got him?"

"I got him. Sweet dreams, Sam."


"John?" Mary whispered before realizing that her husband wasn't lying next to her. She stood up and went to check on the children before walking downstairs. She smiled as she watched her husband sleeping on the couch and kneeled next to him. A kiss was given on his nose and John woke up. A kiss was returned until the lights flickered.

They looked at each other and stood up, going back upstairs. As they entered Sam's nursery, they were shocked to see a man standing at the crib.

"Who the fuck are you?" John shouted as he charged, but the man vanished, leaving a large fire on the ground. John picked up Sam while Mary ran for Dean.

When they were outside, they stared at the dark figure standing in the flames as the nursery went up in flames.

"Mary, what was that?"

"I don't know, but I found blood on Sam's lips. We need to know what he's done to him."

1 year later

"Mary, the demon has struck many times more, but all mothers didn't survive.:

"How did they die?" Mary asked, curious yet afraid of the answer.

"All mother's were found dead, stuck to the ceiling, bleeding while the fathers found them like that before saving the children," John answered and hugged his wife knowing what could have happened if he hadn't woken up to join her in the nursery.

"Did Missouri felt anything when she was in Sam's nursery?"

"Only a very bad energy left by the demon."

"I want it dead, John. Nobody hurt my sons...nobody!" Mary stated vehemently.

"We'll have to research every book we can get our hands on. What about the children?"

"The children will go to school until we decide what to do, how to travel etc." Mary said determined.

18 years later

"John! Where's Sam? We got a new case!" Mary called out from the bottom of the stairs.

"He just called, he'll be here in 30 minutes around the same time Angel and Spike will be here!" John replied and entered the kitchen where Mary and Dean were waiting for him.

"Spike is coming?" Dean asked, a happy smile appearing on his face. He had a crush on the blonde like his brother has on Angelus.

It has been five years since Angelus and Spike met the Winchester family. Especially when Mary had taken a liking to the two vamps, taking care of them as if they were her sons. Slayers, at that time, were convinced vampires didn't have any soul and were sprouting curses of re-souling the moment they met a vampire before killing it. After a rough fight and a threat to Dean and Sam, Angelus and Spike had devoted their lives to the Winchester family.

Mary just smirked knowingly at the hopeful faces of her sons. Knowing her sons had a crush on two vamps had her worried a year ago, but lately after seeing Angelus and Spike being very protective of her sons, she approved as long as no hearts were broken. John was fine with it as long as he didn't think of his sons having sex.

"Mom, I'm home!" Sam called out as he stepped inside, bumping into Angel as he stood close to the doorway. "Angelus!" he squeaked and blushed.

"Hey Sammy. How was college?" Angelus replied, slipping a hand around the slim waist and guiding him to the kitchen where the others were already waiting.

"Boys, we have a case. We've been able to track down our yellow-eyed demon and we'll be staying at the Road House for a few days. Bobby said a long time friend of John will be visiting as well," Mary explained all the while looking at Sam, who hadn't stopped staring at his crush.

Dean and Spike were nodding while the blonde pressed his hips against Dean's bum and slipped his arms around the young man's waist, letting the boy get the hint of his want. Spike already had the 'talk' with Mary after confessing his feelings for her oldest son. She and John approved as long as he went slow, letting Dean decide how slow or fast he wants to go.

Dean blushed brightly and looked down at the pale hands resting on his stomach. He looked over his shoulder into blazing blue eyes before giving a crooked smile and resting his own hands on top of Spike's.

John stared at oldest son, as Dean seemed to have made the decision to pursue a relationship with Spike. Even though he would have wanted Dean to have human boyfriend, he also realized that being with a vampire isn't so bad. Spike would be able to protect his son and after researching that vampires still do have their souls, he believed that Spike indeed did love his son. He turned his gaze onto his youngest son who was still staring at Angelus. John knew he felt the same about Angelus; just the fact that his little boy was only 18 years old was making it harder for him to accept the relationship. He winced when Mary smacked him in the arm again after watching his face. She knew him well enough that he should be accepting of their beginning relationship.

"John, help me with the bags. Angelus, help Sam and Spike, you help Dean. We all know how good they are at packing," Mary ordered as she dragged her husband to the master bedroom.

"Now, that's your mom saying I can kiss you," Spike stated calmly. But before he could give Dean a kiss, he received a hard smack on the head for his remark.

"Upstairs! Now!" Mary instructed and watched how the blonde sulked but did follow Dean. She shook her head at the wonder on Dean's face as he watched Spike lower his face. Her boys were too innocent. She did realize however that that would be her and John's fault.

Dean entered his bedroom, grabbing the duffel bag under the bed and grabbing clothes from the closet and jammed them into his bag. He was swirled around and into Spike's embrace before the vampire's lips pressed against his. A kiss was started and he felt Spike give control to him. Dean closed his eyes, deepened the kiss and hooked his arms around Spike's neck. Packing would have to wait.

Sam knew he was being shy, but doing the thing he want most was something that frightened him. What if Angelus didn't feel the same? He looked into the dark eyes and suddenly realized his vampire had moved closer until he was flush against him.

Angelus smiled as he leaned forward and kissed Sam's soft lips, which opened and he let his tongue enter the hot cavern.

Sam moaned and closed his eyes as the kiss deepened. He tried to press himself closer as he pushed his tongue against Angelus'. A loud clearing of a throat interrupted the moment and the kiss ended. Sam opened his eyes, and turned to the door only to see his father embarrassedly watching.

"Come on, Sam. We don't have all day," John said and quickly walked to Dean's bedroom, trying to forget the scene he just walked into. Without knocking he opened Dean's bedroom and stumbled onto the same thing. His sons making out was not something he wanted to see right now. "Dean! Spike! Finish packing, your mom is waiting downstairs."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Life Giving" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Sep 07.

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