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Never Normal

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Summary: BTVSHP. FutureFic. Buffy and Harry have hidden their real identities away, but now that their daughter has been kidnapped, will they be able to keep their secrets secret for much longer? And if they do, is it at the risk of their daughter's life? RR

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterKristalFR151417,70345725,13729 Sep 0722 Dec 07Yes

Chapter One: Hush

Never Normal

Rating: PG 13 – FR 13

Pairings: Buffy/Harry, Ron/Hermione

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy characters, series storylines, etc -> they belong to their respectable creators.

Summary: Buffy and Harry Potter have long pretended to be normal, their past secrets hid from the other. But reality came into play as their daughter is kidnapped, husband and wife must try individually to find a way to bring her back, while pretending to be normal for the other.

Notes: I found this story in a notebook from 9th grade… therefore it is about four years old… I decided that I wanted to type it up and let people read it. I have it almost completed; however the ending is still in progress… I’m not sure how it will end… good or bad! I also never wrote flashbacks, and now I’m thinking it may be fun to add them. So if you think of any things you want to see in a flashback, let me know… including in what timeframe (when Buffy and Harry met), ideas in what you think happened (how Buffy and Harry met), etc. By the way- I have no clue how they met, so open to suggestions! On with the story! (Short chapter just to start with, I’m not sure how long they will get from here out.)

Chapter 1:


"Daddy?" Lilia Potter whispered from under her covers. Tears slowly rolled down her cherubic face and she softly whispered in fright. Lily clutched onto her stuffed pig, Mr. Gordo, in one chubby hand and her blankets with her other. It was well-pasted bedtime, but Lily was too scared to sleep, fore something kept moving throughout her room. Lily cried out yet again, calling for someone to come and protect her. "Mommy?"

Lily heard the noise again and tightened her hold on her dark comforter. Footsteps echoed in her ears and when they suddenly stopped. Her sheets were ripped from her hands. A disordered face stared directly at her. The face was pale and dark eyes stared into her brilliant green ones. A smiled crept upon the face and Lily bit her lips together to keep from screaming. Fresh tears fell from her scared eyes and a long, pointed finger came to brush them from her cheek.

"Hush, little one, I'm here to take you to your destiny." The voice hissed into the child's ear, as arms were brought around her shivering form. "Come now, don't be frightened, my dear." Lily shook her head again and again, but the robed man picked up her small body. He held her gently and tight before a quick pop was sounded and the two disappeared from the child's dark bedroom.


Two bodies lay wrapped in each other's embrace engulfed by the maroon and gold bed sheet and comforter. Daylight drew in and the golden haired woman opened her beautiful emerald eyes very slightly taking in the bright light from their open window. She smiled tiredly as she stretched out her arms. She took a quick peak around the room and landed her eyes on the clock which showed that it was already half-past. She brought her eyes back to the bed and turned to see her husband sleeping peacefully beside her. The woman mischievously debated different tactics but came to the conclusion to just shake her husband awake. And she did just that. "Harry, get up! Come on!!" His lips turned upward and he reached out to pull his wife in closer. She playfully swatted his arm away and got out of bed.

"Hey!" The dark-headed man whined from his position on the large bed, his eyes fully open now revealing brilliant green eyes very similar to those of his wife’s. "Buff, come on..." His lip curled and he pouted as his wife started to walk into their master bathroom. "Crying here, see what you've done?"

Buffy Potter immediately turned around and jumped back onto the bed. Harry grinned as he pulled his wife onto of his naked form. "Oh, is that what you wanted... well, in that case, I need to be getting OUR daughter up and to pre-school, well YOU, need to get ready for the ludicrous job of yours." Harry pouted yet again and Buffy brought her lips on to his before jumping out of his reach and racing toward the bathroom before any more protests.

Harry sighed through a large smile thinking of how wonderful everything had turned out, well for the time being. He was far away from magic and far away from Lord Voldemort, he was content and happy, and that's how Harry wanted to stay.

Buffy walked out from the bathroom, fully dressed. She wore a white sweater with dark red leather pants, and her hair was pulled back into an elegant... sloppy bun. She went right past her, now sleeping, husband and slowly opened her daughter's bedroom door.

Harry awoke to a scream.

Notes: So for a start. What do you think? (I love reviews by the way.)
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