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Law and Order: Slayer

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Summary: Goren and Eames don't know what they're getting into when they question a Sunnydale survivor.

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Television > Law and OrderSassyFrassFR1388,652514149,88729 Sep 0711 Aug 09No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: See chapter one.


Author’s Note: So I was going to go with the whole “when I have a thousand hits, I’ll update” but that happened on day one of the posting. So now I’ll go for the once a week update. Of course, I don’t guarantee that it’ll stay that way.


Chapter 2

Goren scrubbed his face. He stood behind the two-way mirror, next to his captain, watching Eames question Summers for the third time. Her story hadn’t changed.

“I met him in the club. We talked for a bit, and then I had to leave. He followed me out to the alley. I told him I wasn’t interested. He yelled, said I was frigid, and led him on. I left. That’s all.” Buffy exhaled, controlling her temper. She’d gone over the story, keeping it simple and brief. She wasn’t the greatest at lying, and she’d learned over the years to keep as close to the truth as possible. “I really don’t know what else I can tell you. That’s it. Shouldn’t you be talking to someone who can help you?”

“That’s just it Ms. Summers,” Eames replied. “You were the last person to see Mr. Pulsifer. I don’t believe that you are telling us everything you know.”

“What, are you supposed to be? psychic? If so, you’re broken, ‘cause that’s all I got.”

“Then maybe you’d like to talk about Kendra?”

Buffy sat back, and stared at Eames, her expression confused. “Who?”

“Kendra, you remember, the Jamaican national who you were suspected of murdering in your high school library?” Eames smirked.

Goren stepped closer to the mirror. Whenever he had mentioned Sunnydale, or anything else in Summers’ files, she had merely given them a blonde air-headed smile and didn’t answer. Maybe having just another girl in the room would change the answer. There was something about Summers that bothered him. Just looking at her, it seemed that the blonde cheerleader was all there was to her. However, there were times, like earlier, when he thought he saw something more to her. It seemed like there was a stronger and smarter person hidden beneath the vapid exterior.

“Yeah, I remember her, I’m not that old.” The look Buffy shot at Eames indicated that she wasn’t so lucky. “But I don’t know what she has to do with Jason Purlative.”

“Pulsifer,” Eames corrected, “and Kendra has nothing to do with him, except that in both cases you were nearby when something unpleasant happened.”

Buffy shrugged at the correction, potayto, potahto. Then she plastered a shocked expression on her face. All that time around Harmony has really helped. “You mean gangs on PCP killed him?! Then why are you talking to me, shouldn’t you be out tracking down the gangs or something?”

“What, no! Gangs on PCP?” Eames sputtered and fell silent, glaring at the inquisitive look that Summers was aiming at her. Buffy flicked her eyes to the mirror that covered an entire wall, then to the door, then met Eames’ gaze again. This time she smirked.

“Somebody’s in trouble,” she sing-songed.

Goren turned as the door opened, revealing a tall, slim black man. His trim suit fit him in the way that only the highest quality clothing can. His leather briefcase gleamed with a high polish, and he was the epitome of a high-priced lawyer. Goren’s eyes lingered on the smoothly shaved head, it struck a note that said ‘punk’ to him, but it didn’t fit at all with the lawyer's high-powered image.

“Charles Gunn, Esquire, Wolfram and Hart.” Gunn held his hand out to Ron Carver, the ADA attached to the Major Case Squad. “I’m here to see my client, Ms. Buffy Summers.”

“Ah yes.” Carver nodded toward the door, prepared to lead Gunn to the next room. Goren stepped forward, and Carver looked at him. “Mr. Gunn, this is Detective Goren, the lead officer on the Pulsifer case.” Gunn turned to Goren, but refused to take his hand.

“Yes, the man who feels free to open up buried juvenile records and badger my client about the things contained therein. None of which have to do with his current case, and none of which she was ever found guilty. We’ll be talking.” Gunn left the room, and Goren had the feeling that it was more of a threat then a promise.

In the interrogation room, Eames turned as the door opened, admitting Carver and another black man, this one taller and bald.

“Detective Eames, this is Charles Gunn, Ms. Summers’ attorney. Mr. Gunn, this is Detective Alex Eames, Detective Goren’s partner.”

“Detective Eames,” Gunn nodded, “if I could have a few minutes alone with my client.” He nodded at Buffy. She smiled, then cut her gaze to the folders on the table that Eames was busy gathering up. He shifted, and put his hand down on top of them. Eames shot her eyes up to the man. “I take it these are the files that you have no reason, and no right, to have on my client?” Eames nodded hesitantly, and glanced toward Carver. “I’ll be taking these.”

“Of course Mr. Gunn. My apologies.” Carver escorted Eames out of the room, annoyed that the detectives had illegal files, leaving him in the untenable position of having to defend the detectives' actions.

When the door shut behind the two, Buffy jumped out of her seat and launched herself at Gunn. “It took you long enough! I called Willow hours ago. I thought you’d never get here.”

Gunn laughed, “Well shortie, I had to convince a few people that I was the best one to handle it.”

“Don’t call me that. I don’t care if you say it’s ‘slang’ for girl.” Buffy did the quote marks with her fingers. “I still think you’re just mocking my height.” Buffy pouted, “Stupid Dawn, getting all the tall genes.” She looked up, “what do you mean you had to convince a few people?”

“Well, I had to stop Angel from using his full might as CEO; Willow, from using her own special sources; and Xander, well, he wanted to call Riley.” Buffy winced, and Gunn laughed. “Exactly.

“Now, let’s talk about what is going on with you.”

Carver followed Eames into the observation room. He glared as Goren switched the sound off. “What’s this about illegal files?”

“They appeared from an anonymous source.” Goren replied, still watching the two in the room on the other side of the mirror. Something from the conversation between Buffy and Gunn, that he'd heard before turning the sound off, bugged him. His head cocked, When did she call someone?
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