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Law and Order: Slayer

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Summary: Goren and Eames don't know what they're getting into when they question a Sunnydale survivor.

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Television > Law and OrderSassyFrassFR1388,652514149,88729 Sep 0711 Aug 09No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1


As you can see, the update every Saturday isn’t working out so well. My muse has decided she was going to run off with my concentration. Sorry it’s late.

Also, quick question: What’s the name of the curly-haired captain that they have after Deakins?


Chapter 3

Buffy groaned, and plopped back down in her wobbly chair. “I’m so annoyed. Why can’t they be like the Sunnydale PD?” she whined to Gunn. He chuckled.

“Because the mayor of New York City isn’t Wilkins?” Buffy glared at him, then sighed. She looked back at the mirror, and concentrated for a moment. When she was certain that the detectives weren’t listening, she turned to Gunn, and leaned into him.

“So apparently one of the vamps I dusted the other night was some big-shot in the city, and the police are investigating his disappearance. Since people pointed me out as leaving a club with him, and I was the last one to see him, I’m their only suspect.” Gunn whistled and leaned back. He tapped his fingers against his chin, thinking.

“And of course you had to get competent detectives who aren’t in the know.” Buffy nodded. “I know that we can take care of this, but from what I’ve heard, Goren may be a problem.”

“What do you mean?” Buffy eyed him. “Is he evil? Do I have to slay him too?”

“No. I just mean that he has a reputation for solving puzzles. I understand that he is rather persistent when it comes to things that interest him, and puzzle him.”

“He has definitely been keeping an close eye on me ever since I’ve been here.”


“Yeah, it’s weird, I can sense him, almost like I do Willow. Makes me wonder.” Buffy suddenly pointed at Gunn. “He wasn’t as watchery the first time they talked to me though. But today when I came in again, I totally was getting vibes from him. I think it’s ‘cause they had my files.”

Gunn nodded, “That makes sense, you aren’t exactly one to give off suspicious criminal vibes. But if they read any information on you, it would definitely make Detective Goren suspicious.”

“That’s another thing that bothers me!” Buffy rubbed her temple, “How did they get my files? There’s no way they should’ve been able to get past Willow’s security. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, I suspect you’ll have to talk to Willow about it. In the meantime, I’ll take care of the detectives. I should be able to make them leave you alone.”

“Thanks Gunn,” she hugged him. “This was getting very boring.”

“Not a problem,” Gunn returned her hug. “Just try to stay out of their way. . . shortie.”

“Don’t call me that!” Buffy punched his arm.

“Ow,” Gunn rubbed his arm.

“You baby, I pulled most of it.”

Most? Thanks so.”

Goren watched the two through the mirror, listening as his partner talked to Carver.

“We have nothing. The only clue we have is that that woman” Eames jabbed her finger toward Buffy, on the other side of the mirror, “was the last person seen talking to Jason Pulsifer. And she won’t talk. She has to know more than she’s saying. Using her files was the last thing we could think of to make her talk.”

“Unfortunately, anything she would’ve given you would be completely inadmissible in court.” Carver replied, anger tingeing his words. “You two know that!”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. We didn't get anything.” Eames sighed, her head aching from the last few hours.

“Yes we did.” Goren spoke up, his eyes still on the blonde and her black lawyer. They had an interesting relationship. It was obvious there was more than just a lawyer-client connection. They were friends, and from their body language while they talked, Goren suspected that Charles Gunn knew everything that Buffy Summers knew, including the fate of Jason Pulsifer. “The ‘gangs on PCP.’”

“You think Pulsifer was involved with drugs?” the captain asked. Bobby turned back to the others in the room, and shrugged.

“Possibly. Why else would Summers mention it?”

“Fine, go check it out. See what you can find. I’ll tell Ms. Summers she’s free to go.” Eames nodded and looked at her partner who had turned back to the mirror, just in time to see Buffy punch Gunn, and his resulting wince.

“She’s pretty uh. . .”

“Strong? Yeah, it seems so.” Eames answered, curiosity coloring her voice. She walked to the door, then stopped, waiting for Goren. He paused, processing what he’d just seen, and filing it in his mind. Hesitating, he finally turned and followed Eames out the door.

Outside, they stopped as the door to the interrogation room opened and Charles Gunn exited, followed closely by Buffy. They were chatting quietly, and didn’t seem to notice the detectives watching them. As Goren eyed the two carefully, he saw an almost imperceptible stiffening in Buffy’s shoulders, and she turned to look at him. The look on her face was an interesting mix of annoyance and thoughtfulness, with no sign of surprise at seeing him there.

“Bye-bye Detective Goring!” She spun back around, catching Gunn by the arm where he had stopped to wait for her, and pulled him back into motion.

“Goren.” He couldn’t stop himself from correcting her. She shrugged. A faint "Whatever!" floated back over her shoulder as they turned out of the hallway.

Bobby sighed, shook his head, and followed Eames down to their car.
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