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A Touch of Destiny

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Touch of Destiny Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: For one destiny has always had control. For another destiny will begin to show itself. But can Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow, Buffy and everyone else survive it? Or will they end up killing eachother instead?

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Buffy-CenteredjezaeiriFR1821120,4194325487,35130 Sep 075 Jan 08Yes
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The Promised Smut.....FR21.

Disclaimer: See Chapter One.

A/N: Ok so I asked for 10 votes about upping the rating at I got at least 24 that I remember. So here it is. In a seperate chapter like several people mentioned to me.

And on to notes about what crossovers I have planned for the sequels. Well I decided that writing a series for full length stories would take me quite possibly forever considering the sheer about of material I had to work with even if I never touched the Highlander crowd so I've decided on a series of ficlets. They might be as small as 200 words or 20,000 in one chapter. I honestly don't know.

But I've been doing my reasearch for them. Hence the wait on this going up. So I'll give you guys an idea of what I'm planning on.

In no paticular order.

Curthroat Island
Characters from Highlander-Conner included becuase I loved him
The Mask of Zorro
The Queen of Swords (The show had Peter Wingfield (methos) in it)
Stardust....I saw it for the first time this week and decided it'd be potentially funny
American Outlaws
Young Guns
League of Extrodinary Gentlemen
Van Helsing
Indiana Jones
James Bond
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Relic Hunter

and probably more once I hash them out better.

There will be multiple shots from each of these so the seies will be pretty long.


This has just been finished and like always I'll go back later and tweak it.


Destiny didn't have such a simple plan
I was just a girl and you a young man
how could age define
something so divine
Alicia Keys-Stolen Moments

The sun glinting off the water told Will that he had perhaps six hours to spend with Buffy before he would have to leave her and so he began to row harder, the motions incredibly easy as he noted that, like his sight and hearing, his strength had increased. This new information telling Will exactly how Jones had been able to overcome Buffy and run her through. Some part of him wanted to smile at the thought that he was perhaps as strong as his slayer wife but the fact remained that they would never really have a chance to test how true that was. Stepping from the longboat he pushed it up the remaining few feet onto the sand next to Buffy's and left it, his eyes scanning the beach for any signs of Buffy but finding none save for a sword that he knew well. A sword that he had made her, sticking up from the ground. Mirroring her action he drew his own sword and removed his coat, laying it over a large rock as he continued to look for his strangely missing wife, he listened carefully, hoping his new hearing would pick up sounds of her but after a moment of trying he heard nothing. Walking further up the beach amidst the rocks he stopped suddenly as Buffy came into view.

She was magnificent, a veritable goddess as she came down from amongst the rocks to him. Will found he couldn't move, couldn't speak as he watched her make her way gracefully down to him. Clad in what Will knew to be her sash and nothing else she walked barefoot to him, her hair reflecting the light of the sun as it blew wildly behind her. The sash had been unfolded and wrapped around Buffy, two ends finding around each other before encircling her neck where they tied together to make a dress that reached only her knees. His improved sight allowed him to see things about her that he had never noticed before, little details of face and form that made her only more beautiful to him before she reached him. Coming into his arms as she smiled, their lips meeting in a kiss that for Will held all the urgency he felt at having this woman, his wife in his arms for whatever time he could. All too soon she pulled away from him, her arms encircling his neck as he held onto her waist with one hand and wound his fingers into her hair.

“We don't have much time.” he told her, the smile in her sea colored eyes holding him captive.

“We have a lot more than you think.” came her husky reply making Will furrow his brow.

“I have to leave at sunset.” he told her, he knew that she knew that he had only one day. But when she smiled at him before speaking he became confused. “No you don't.”

Not understanding what she meant and knowing the details of the curse Will frowned at her, which only made her smile grow even more bright.

“You didn't wonder why I helped release her did you?” she asked him and not fully understanding Will shook his head. “That night, that Barbossa came back, she and I came to an accord. Her freedom for three wishes. I just used one.” she went on, her words sinking in and the implications rolling through his mind like a wave.

“I canno....” he began but she cut him off.

“You get one week a year on land.”

Her words registered to him, one week every year instead of one day every ten years. If they could have made one day enough then one week seemed like forever. Almost dumbly he replied. “One week.”

“Yeah.” she replied smiling before Will came out of his stupor, his mouth coming down on hers as he wrapped both arms around her waist and lifted her up easily, her legs wrapping around him as he carried her up the beach, their mouths never breaking apart.

Obliterated, that was what the world was as Will lifted her, her legs wrapping around his waist as their mouths danced. Somewhere deep in the depths of her her mind she registered the fact that Will was moving them but it was nothing more than a flash, the feel of Will's rough hands as they danced across her bare back killing any thought beyond that of Will.

When her sense of balance acknowledged a shift she reacted out of pure instinct, her grip on Will tightening as, with an ease and strength she knew he hadn't possessed before, he lowered them both to the ground, his hands leaving her back to brace himself above her. He broke their kiss then, and even in her haze Buffy could feel and see the love in his eyes.

“I love you.” he told her, the sound of his voice a caress across her skin, her heart, her very soul.

“I love you.....forever.” Buffy told him, her hands leaving his shoulders to cup the sides of his face. “I thought I lost you.” she whispered as her mind's eye flashed to the last time she'd held his face in her hands. He leaned down then, his lips brushing hers almost like a whisper. “Nothing could keep me from you, not even death.” he told her, his voice soft as a sea breeze that made Buffy's heart clench. “You are my wife, my everything. You are the sun, the moon, the stars. You are my life, my love, my peace and my hope.” he said softly as he trailed butterfly kisses across her face and down her neck. His words made Buffy want to cry, to laugh, to sigh, to explode all at once and yet all she found she could do was run her fingers down Will's back, the feel hos his taunt muscles through his thin shirt a temptation and an unneeded reassurance that he was really there with her.

He moved then, Buffy could feel it and opened her eyes to meet his gaze, the earthen depths of his eyes something she could look at forever. Smiling softly at all she saw in those dark orbs she let words she thought she'd never say fall from her lips.

“You are my heaven. " she told him, the truth of her words leaving her in awe.

He didn't say anything, his lips her answer as they came down on her own. The kiss began as something soft, reverent even, but soon gave way to something far more consuming. The feel of him, the very taste of his lips was enough to ignite the passion inside of her to a level she'd never even begun to experience before. But the smell of him, the smell of sea, sweat, gunpowder, blood, and something purely Will was enough to cause her mind to stop functioning all together. The kiss seemed to go on forever and yet not long enough and as Will pulled away to begin kissing his way down her neck she realized several very telling things. The first of which was that the knot at the back of her neck was very much untied though she was still covered and that her foot was coming in contact with a removed boot. Buffy wasn't sure when Will had managed to accomplish untying the knot and certainly not when he'd managed to remove his boots and Buffy realized his sash, but she didn't care. Will was still far too dressed for her liking and she moved to fix said problem, tugging at the hem of his dark shirt until it came free of his pants as she tilted her head back to allow him greater access to her neck. There was a flutter of movement on both of their parts for an instant and soon Buffy was greeted by the excruciatingly arousing feel of his erection pressed against her through the cloth of his pants. Whimpering at the feel of something she had yet had the pleasure to explore for herself she reached down with both hands, one taking hold of his incredibly firm and surprisingly knead able backside with one hand while the other snacked to his front and very intentionally rubbed itself against his erection.

His reaction was instant, a sharp intake of breath followed by a small bite to her collarbone with a growl that rumbled though his chest. Taking her cue from his reaction Buffy continued to stroke though the material as she shifted her legs in preparation for her next move.

With a show of slayer strength she rolled them, forcing herself on top as she straddled Will's hips. His expression was surprised as he looked up at her but soon melted away to pure lust and something akin to awe. Buffy wasn't sure why until she glanced down and realized that her sari had stayed where it was when she moved. With a smirk she lowered her upper body down to Will's capturing his lips with her own in a kiss that sent tingles down to her very toes as she felt his hands rise to her hips and then begin to roam across her back, sides and rear. Deciding that turn about was fair play she broke the kiss and began to trail kisses down his jaw and neck before making her way to his chest. The sight of his scar made her pause for less than a heartbeat before she began to run her lips over it, the feel of the skin a reminder to her of what they were both willing to do to be together, the lengths they would go to and the prices they would accept.

Pressing herself further down Will she refused to allow the sensations he was causing in her to distract her from her ultimate goal, As she reached the top of his pants she low rumble in his chest made her smile and she loosened the trousers and shifted, pulling them down his long muscular legs. What was revealed was enough to make even her gulp, because no matter what she had imagined or expected the sight of a naked Will was most definitely more than even she could have anticipated.

If there was ever a specimen of what she considered a perfect man she'd found him, fell in love with him and married him and his name was most definitely Will Turner. Words failed her completely, if she'd been asked to describe a naked Will only one word would have come to mind, perfect. He was lean and muscular, with corded muscles rippling below smooth tanned skin, and that was just above the waist. Below, gods, goddesses, or powers that be, she'd thank them all because he wasn't just average, he was well over it.

All these thoughts took her less than a second before she was moving again, her smile turning wicked as she ran her hands languidly up his thighs, every motion moving them higher until she shifted and opened her mouth, taking in every inch of him she could in one fell swoop. The inarticulate cry that came from Will was like music to her as she began to move her head, lips, tongue and hands. She marveled at the feel of him, the taste of him and when she began to hear his moans and felt his hands weave their way through her hair she smiled around him.

Seconds ticked by, Buffy devouring every inch of him that she could until as she pulled away for a much needed breath she found herself pulled up by the shoulders and suddenly rolled onto her back. Shocked and very pleased by the action, she found herself surprised by a sudden and very breathtaking kiss.

Which promptly went away as Will made his way down her neck and to her chest, his mouth covering her right nipple and making her arch up into him with a moan. Will laved, nibbled, sucked and teased his way to its counterpart as Buffy wrapped her legs around his hips, the smell of her own arousal wafting up to her over the slight breeze.

Feeling Will work his way back up her chest and neck, she dug her nails into the skin of his back as anticipation grew. When his mouth once again met hers the kiss was passionate and yet languid, as though he was trying to memorize the feel of it. Nipping at her lower lip she opened her eyes to meet his gaze.

“I love you.” he whispered into her lips and before Buffy could even register his intent she felt him begin to slide into her. She tensed, it had been over thirteen years since she'd had sex or even really considered it and the time coupled with Will's size sent a spike of pain through her. A spike that was gone in a breath as the immeasurable pleasure took over. Arching into him, she shifted her hips to better meet his own, earning herself a sharp intake of breath from Will as he slowly began to move.

His thrusts were regular, strong and were hitting the perfect spot within her every time. In less than a minute she had almost reached the peak of the proverbial mountain as was ready to fall over, her inner walls tensing as she cried Will's name into his mouth as they kissed. Lost in a haze as she began to come down from her high she felt Will's breath in her ear and her hands began to move of their own accord as Will's pace increased as Buffy began to meet him thrust for thrust. In seconds she was climbing again, the bliss within her grasp and caught as Will began to nibble on her ear.

This time she felt her world tilt a little as she came back to reality, the head rush wonderful as she noticed that Will had now reached a pace that even she knew he couldn't keep up forever. Meeting him she traced patterns over his back as her hands worked their way up to his shoulders and took his face in her hands, pulling him down to kiss her she felt her walls begin to tighten again and used her legs to pull Will in even further.

With one final thrust Buffy felt Will let go inside of her and against his lips she smiled her voice a whisper over his panting breath. “Forever.”

Reviews would be apreciated but at this point are no longer requested since I've already gotten a mass amount of feedback. Fifty reviews in a week is justmind boggling.

Also don't expect an update from me until after the 10th of this month on any story. The 10th is my birthday and until then I'm only working on notes because I'm honestly having problems with ideas for Fountain of Youth. I know what I want to happen and what the Fountain really is but getting from the end of this story to that point is proving a bit of a challenge. So if anyone has any bright ideas I'm all ears.

Here's a clue....the Immortal....the one mentioned in the Girl in Question....will be a player as will a whole slew of new characters. Spanish, English, Not so human any more, and some new stuff.

What I'm really having problems with is how to top scences like the Gerbil Ball cage in DMC and the Wheel fight. Then the malestrom battle. I need stuff that's strange and outrageous like the stone warrior fight in Tomb Raider and just about anything in Indiana Jones.

Its annoying me to death actually.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Touch of Destiny". This story is complete.

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