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A Touch of Destiny

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Touch of Destiny Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: For one destiny has always had control. For another destiny will begin to show itself. But can Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow, Buffy and everyone else survive it? Or will they end up killing eachother instead?

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Buffy-CenteredjezaeiriFR1821120,4194325487,33930 Sep 075 Jan 08Yes
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It Starts With A Ship

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Pirates of the Caribbean nor do I own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I intend no copyright infringment what so ever. I am simply taking the characters and worlds for a little ride to keep myself entertained.

A/N: First off, I DO NOT work with a beta. Though I really wish I did sometimes.

Secondly, This story can and will be quite long. I plan to cover all three movies and a lot of what happens after the movies.

Thirdly, I know I don't give you much background information in this chapter, there is a reason for that. In the movies, things are revealed along the way. I intend to do the same. I will cover all of the history as I have it written out in great detail but it will only come up as the story progresses. I know it annoys some people but you will just have to live with it.

And finally the other stuff.

I love reviews though flames can and will be fed to the balrog bunny I keep as a pet. (getting it through customs was a real pain) I don't flame, please don't do it to me. Though I do like feedback.

I LOVE fanart. I have it for both of my other stories now and to anyone who wants to help me out I can and will shout your praises constantly. Just ask my other art goddesses.

I'm giving you a preview here first so you can decide if you really want to read and save yourself the trouble since I know my synopsys was of the vague.

Destiny can be cruel. Often taking everything from us for reasons we do not understand,

For one person destiny took so much before it took her life and gave her peace. At least until a power outside anyone's control intervened.

Now destiny has retaken the reigns again and whether she is willing or not she cannot escape.

And for another the touch of destiny is about to begin in the most unlikely of ways.

Of course, like all beginnings its just that, a beginning. Whether they know it or not.

And the real trick will be learning not only to live with it but managing to survive each other.

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1. It Starts With A Ship

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.”
-Anthony Robbins.

Tortuga, Hati 1718

Buffy was well beyond angry and had been for several weeks now, and anyone who valued their life did not come near one very angry pirate, at least not one as well known as she was. She'd been in Tortuga for well over two weeks now and she still hadn't found any traces of Jack and she would be damned if she didn't find him and hurt him for stealing her ship and then leaving her to deal with his mess after she had saved him from being hanged by Cutler Beckett. Keeping her attention half focused on the chaotic room she took another pull from her bottle of rum and silently thanked her slayer metabolism. That and of course over a decade of being a pirate, which had its own set of perks. She generally didn't drink often by the standards of most pirates but it was often enough for her to no longer mind the taste of rum or even really take note of the chaos of the tavern around her. Both things were generally to her advantage anyway. In chaos she could disappear if she needed to and drunk people tended to be incredibly stupid even by her standards.

Bending over her bottle in her corner of the tavern she found herself thinking back fleetingly over the last twelve years of her life and suppressing the urge to laugh with mirth. From the virtuous vampire slayer to notorious pirate with more success under her belt than most and a very skewed sense of morals in little more than decade. The thought still amused her to no end, of course now she had finally figured out why Spike was so easily amused, immortality tends to mess with ones head a little. It had certainly done a number on her. But then there had been so many things in her life that had done numbers on her that one more shouldn't have mattered.

The sound of two women speaking not far from her brought her out of her thoughts though as the words "Jack Sparrow" and "some bleeding woman" came to her ears. Instantly feeling her anger come up again she stood up from her bench and made her way over to where the blond harlot was standing with a friend talking. Not even bothering to play nice she moved right up to the woman, one of the perks of being who she was was that most of the women of Tortuga were scared of her.

“Did you say Jack Sparrow?” she asked the over painted woman.

“And what if I did?” the woman countered, trying to sound tough but failing horribly.

“Where is he?” Buffy demanded. She didn't feel like getting into a fight with a woman who couldn't even take a decent hit from her and she was in no mood to deal with some whore's stupidity when Jack was close enough to hurt instead.

“He was at the docks.” the woman answered, apparently seeing the anger in Buffy's eyes and choosing to keep herself out of a cargo hold full of trouble.

And with that Buffy was off, completely forgetting the bottle of rum she'd left on the table as she went in search of the man who had stolen her ship. After a quick hunt of the docks she found that Jack wasn't there and neither was her ship so she decided to head to the one other place she knew Jack might go besides the tavern she had just been in.

Gibbs was a predictable man most of the time and as Buffy approached where she knew she'd find him by this point in the night she heard a voice that was more than familiar, it was one that made her blood boil. Rounding the corner she never even broke stride as she approached Jack, both his greeting and Gibb's completely lost on her as she pulled back her fist using her slayer speed and planted Jack a hard punch square in the nose.

To say that Will was surprised by the sight of a tiny woman stalking up to Jack and punching him so hard it knocked the man out would have been an understatement. The tiny blonde haired thing had completely ignored greetings from both men as she had come forward and now looking from her to the form of Jack laying in a heap on the ground Will couldn't help but wonder exactly Jack had done to deserve it. Especially when the other women had just slapped him.

“Buffy! What in the name of the seven seas possessed you to do that?” Gibbs asked the small woman as he bent down to check on Jack.

“He stole my ship.”

“Aye. Then I don't see any harm. Though I'm supposin you'n not done?” Gibbs asked from his spot on the ground as the woman stood over them, looking down angrily at Jack's unconscious form.

“Not by half. Wake him up Gibbs. I want to know where my ship is.” she told Gibbs, her foot tapping impatiently.

“Aye.” the older man agreed and began to try and wake the pirate.

Will kept his peace as he took in the tiny creature that had knocked out Jack with a single punch. To say she was a woman was a bit much, she couldn't have possibly been more than his own age. She was indeed very tiny, her blonde head coming just past his shoulder at best, and her attire made her almost seem smaller still. She was dressed much in the same manner as Jack though her clothes appeared to be in better condition and much cleaner. What caught Will's attention most about her appearance though was not her black pants, white shirt, deep blue vest and jacket or even the the rest but her face and hair. Where Elizabeth was darker haired this woman's was so light it appeared almost like white gold, her sun darkened skin a sharp contrast even in the faint light. But their features were very similar. If Will had not known better he could have sworn that they were cousins. An interesting thought considering the obvious differences between the two of them.

“Who are you?” she asked him and startled him out of his observation of her. Quickly recovering Will answered her, though cautiously, she was a pirate, of that he was sure and he knew better than to trust a pirate. “My name is Will. Who are you?”

“My name is Buffy Summers.” she answered him simply as she seemed to study him for a moment. She didn't have long though as Jack woke and picked himself up off the ground with Gibb's aid.

“I'm not sure I deserved that.” Jack commented to her as he adjusted his nose with a series of cracking noises.

“You stole my ship Jack and left me to that mess! Where is it? I want it back. Now.” Buffy demanded of Jack, who seemed to shrink back slightly from her smaller form. Why Jack would shrik back from such a small woman Will didn't know but her anger was apparent enough even to him and he'd long ago learned that angry women were not to be challenged if one cuold help it.

“You see there was a slight complication and due to a series of events that had nothing what so ever to do with me, your ship has now been sunk.” Jack aswered and Will watched as Buffy only got more angry looking, he had the urge to take a step back from her but buried it. She was just too tiny to be as intimidating as she had felt for a instant to him.

“I hope you've enjoyed your life Jack because I'm about to end it.” she told him as she pulled her pistol from her belt. Will could tell she was serious and he knew that without Jack he wouldn't be able to save Elizabeth. And he had to save ELizabeth.

“Wait! We have a ship. You can have it.” Will told her, his voice rushed even to his own ears as he tried to calm the blonde woman.

“Just as soon as we save his Miss Swann.” Jack finished.

“And why exactly are you helping?” Buffy asked Jack with an appraising air. Will could tell she didn't trust Jack and he wasn't surprised in the least. He didn't trust Jack but that was simply good sense.

“The lad got me out of jail.” Jack told her, motioning in his direction. Buffy just leveled Jack with a stare that told Will that she didn't believe that that was Jack's reason for giving help. Of course Will didn't believe it either but if he wanted to rescue Elizabeth he was going to have to deal with whatever reasons Jack had for helping him.

“Uh huh. So who are you rescuing this girl from?” Buffy challenged.

“Elizabeth is aboard the Black Pearl.” Will informed her from his place to her side. At his words, she turned to face him and Will found himself once again under her appraisal. Her gaze boring into him for almost a full minute as she worked though something. “Oh really.” she commented before turning back to face Jack. “I'm going with you.” she informed him as though none of them would even try and counter her.

“What? No. Why?” Jack asked, looking surprised.

“Because Will here just offered me a ship and I'm not about to sit around wait for it.” she returned simply, as though it was obvious.

“You have my word as pirate that you will get the ship.” Jack told her with a smile and a bow, clearly trying to escape her presence on the ship. Will thought he knew why but the looks the two of them were giving one another told him that there was more to what they were saying than what he heard.

“Still going.” she stated with an arched brow.

“Why?” Will asked.

“Pirates don't have honor.” she returned, still keeping her eyes on Jack as tough he would disappear. Will found that he had to agree with her on her statement but unlike Jack, she seemed very honest about it, a trait that seemed highly contradictory for a pirate.

“I resent that you insinuate that I have no honor.” Jack commented, looking slightly put out.

“Two words Jack. Singapore. Sao Feng.” Buffy retorted holding up two fingers as she spoke. Jack fidigted a bit under her words and Will found himself wondering what exactly Jack had done to cause him to have that look when so little else appeared to bother him.

“Yes well, right. Shall we be off then?” Jack offered as he began to move. Buffy turned and began to follow and Will found himself falling into step next to her as Gibbs and Jack took the lead.

“Where are we going?” Will asked Jack as they made their way through the crowded and dirty streets.

“We need a crew. Savy?” Jack called back over his shoulder.

“I just know I'm going to regret this.” Buffy commented softly under her breath next to him, casting her a sideways glance he tried to work out what she meant exactly. He was sure she hadn't meant for him to hear her speak but at the moment he could not and would not allow himself to be distracted. Elizabeth was in danger.

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