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Summary: Short stories in the (new) Battlestar Galactica Universe, some crossovers, some not.

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR132716,99801820,56730 Sep 0714 Dec 08No

Arrival BSG


The Colonials…

Those blasted Colonials.

Like rats they fled, but more like cockroaches they survived.

Survived treachery, attacks, internal dissent, nature.

By now, they should realise they were destined to die, to become a mere footnote in history and yet, they utterly refused, they crawled, struggled, fought and bit for every day, every precious moment of survival, it was like life itself meant more to them then it did to their natural successors.

Their Children.

But for all that, all that they fought, all that they strived, all that, when push came to shove, they miraculously managed to find someway to work together, she didn’t think they would survive this.

But that was only because she didn’t think they would want to survive this.

The Colonials had been looking for Earth…. but she had found it first.

All the Colonials believed, all that they held true, the humans themselves would destroy. Once the Colonials realised, grasped that the Earthers could prove that humanity evolved on Earth not Kobol, once they realised that worship on Earth of the Lords had ended thousands of years ago….

Once they realized Kobol had been their exile, the place to which their ancestors had been cast out…

Oh yes, either the Colonials would destroy themselves in a fit of hatred, rage, despair, destruction or they would turn those emotions on the Earthers and the Earthers would destroy them. They had learnt to allow no patience for those who would destroy in the name of their God or Gods.

That would make relationships between the Earthers and the Cylons very tricky, especially so once the Colonials finally arrived and with them, their side of the story. But she had planned too, she and her fellow Cylons and they were the best of planners.

The Earthers believed they knew the Cylons, knew them to be reasonable, knew they would do many things in the name of the True Faith… except allow it to control civil and military decisions.

Separation of Church and State, such a fundamentally corrupt and heretical choice, yet so very useful in manipulating these naïve creatures. Letting them contain themselves whilst the Children of God, expanded, grew, built, prepared and trained for the assault on Earth. No chance of a stealthy insertion here, these humans knew what they were and would know ever better once the tainted ones arrived aboard their rag tag fugitive fleet.

Let them destroy themselves or each other and whilst they were doing that, the Cylons would be going stronger, preparing for the next stage of their most sacred duty.

The destruction of the Humans of Earth and her Colonies.

It would be easier this time, the escape of the Galactica, that was no accident. The most perfect of planners must have created that moment to guide his children into looking for the Earthers, to make them see that their Duty did not end with the destruction of the mere Twelve Colonies… but with the end of the Hundred of Earth.

She knew the lesson know and she would see God’s way was followed.

“This Model 3, she takes us for fools.”

“And she is the greater fool for it. Let her think she will win, let her think there is likely to be sparks between us…”

“There are.”

“True enough, but I have no intention of allowing them to land on Earth. Once they are secure, once we have all they know of the Cylons, find a suitable unused world within defensive range and dump that mess on the Civil Services hands.”

“They will be safe at least.”


“Then we deal with the Cylons.”

“Then we deal with the Cylons.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Glimpses" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Dec 08.

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