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A Business Venture

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Business Ventures". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: One Master shows the other the bigger picture and work out an agreement. Written for the FFA

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Other BtVS/Ats CharactersSkoellyaFR131840041,29130 Sep 0730 Sep 07Yes
Disclaimer: Neither Master belongs to me, both the creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who get that honour. I do not make any money at all from this fic.

“Who the hell are you?” The master vampire demanded as a tall, almost average, man with a handsome face strode unconcernedly into his lair. He had short kept hair and rather outdated but still somewhat classical attire. The vampire’s predatory eyes narrowed.

“Ooh, that’s a bit rude isn’t it?” The man grinned unnervingly, he eyed the cave the way one might admire an ornate room. “Although, I suppose hell might be quite appropriate, I’m almost getting shivers, the atmosphere’s so tingly…”

“You’re not human.” The Master observed with a slight sniff. If it were, he'd have snapped their neck for the intrusion.

“Finally someone seems to get it!” The man exclaimed in delight and he clapped his hands together in eager anticipation. “I was beginning to think everyone on this planet was completely idiotic, it’s all been so easy.”

His eyes widened even further as his dead brain cells tried to unscramble the scent. “You’re not even demon.”

“Yes, Yes! You’re getting closer!” The man bounced on the heels of his shoes whilst poking his head above a candle stand making a grotesque face in the flickering light. He frowned with disappointment as he received no reaction. The man supposed if the Vampire was aware of what he looked like even if he couldn't look in a mirror it wouldn't have much effect. It was still disappointing. He must practice some more then.

“What are you?” The vampire growled, part in fear, part in astonishment.

“I’m something so much more powerful than you could ever hope to be, my pet.”

“Pet? The Master is no one’s pet,” The age-old vampire spat in disgust, even though he sensed the supreme confidence of the oddity before him. Something deeper struck a chord though and he felt to his very bones, that there was such majestic and ancient energy in this stranger. He almost shuddered and he liked to consider himself the personification of evil!

“Well, I’d almost agree to that if it was me saying it,” the man swung his arm around a pillar and jumped down to beside the pool where he faced his namesake less than an inch away from his nose. “Too bad you’re no me. You just look so cute with all your little fangs,” He leapt away again when the vampire looked like he might attempt to throttle him. “It's a shame. You’d be such a nice pet… but the Doctor will have to do... he'll never bite though... too much like Spot. The genius of that show...”

“You dare?” The Vampire snarled, but he took a slight step back, turning away.

“I very much dare, thank you,” He bowed with a flourish, almost expecting applause. “You might know me as Harold Saxon, but seeing as I highly doubt you’d be able to get a telegram down here let alone an Internet connection, you might not.” He grew serious. “I’m the one true Master and I’m here to take the entire Universe into my own hands, and I'm being extremely generous and letting you in on the bargain.”

“The Universe? I think I’d like your attitude if you weren’t so delusional.” The vampire dismissed him. “I am the Master, I'm no child watching the world for the first time,”

“Master? Master?! Master of this little blip of a town?!” The Mysterious Saxon- who claimed to be Master of all- snorted. “You vampires, you never see the big picture. Sure an apocalypse or two, but why not go bigger? You’re sitting on a Goldmine here. A rip in time and space just there beneath your feet sealed away with the equivalent of duct tape you found in your Uncle’s garage and have had stashed under your bed for the last fifty years. Oh the sheer beauty and destruction if it only were even a mile wider, can’t you hear the drum beat? It’s pulsing, waiting for me, it’s soon, it’s coming so soon!” He looked up hands out wide, delight shining in his eyes. His head snapped back down. “That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m the true master and that’s why you’re going to help me tear this town apart.”

“You want to open the Hellmouth,” the vampire curled his fingers around his chair as he sat down in consideration.

“I’m going to open the Hellmouth,” the Time Lord smiled a, cold, crooked smile.

“You want to kill every living thing and create hell on earth…” The words tasted sweeter and sweeter. Here was a man with ambition and the drive to make it happen unlike his lackeys… the charisma… if he didn’t know better it was almost as if he was under a thrall.

“Don’t worry, if you join me, possessed corpses exempt from fiery wrath and free with all the meals they can choose from.” He showed bright white teeth as if making a sale bargain.

There was a pause and the two Masters smirked.

“I have a feeling it’s going to be a pleasure doing business with you.”

“Oh likewise my friend, likewise.”

The End

You have reached the end of "A Business Venture". This story is complete.

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