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The Slayer and the Executioner

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Summary: Buffy Gets a Slayer Dream and ends up in Anita's world. An Apocalypse Demon is involved.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredWhiteWolfFR13933,27258240,26819 Jul 0320 Jun 04No

Negotiating With Vampires is always fun

Title: The Slayer and the Executioner

Author: WhiteWolf

Disclaimer: The usual stuff

Time frame: After Season 7(spoiler) and from Anita's books no idea.

Summery: Buffy Gets a Slayer Dream and ends up in Anita's world.

A/N: not Beta-ed. Sorry for the delay.

Chapter 8:

Anita was standing at the door to Jean-Claude anteroom. She almost found it eerie how she
hadn't met any vampires the whole way to the room. She suspected that Jean-Claude must
have ordered them out of Buffy's path. He wasn't a man who liked to share and Anita had a
feeling that he only would share Buffy with her or Asher and only if they would make it a trio
or a foursome out of it.

"So, are we going in or are we going to stay all night watching at this ... wow, a very
expensive door. Nice craftsmanship. I'll probably think two seconds before I would kick it in."
Buffy was studying the nice decorated door. The door had carvings of some plants and
flowers on the outside and in the middle a vampire with a wolf sitting at his feet..

Buffy was still interlocked with Anita's right arm. It bothered Anita that she couldn't get to
her gun with her shooting hand in case of an emergency. She could reach it with her left but it
would take a second more and her aim might be a little off. In both cases it could get her

Buffy was an enigma to Anita. So much power and still, she didn't seem to use it. When she
showed her strength to the lycanthropes to dominate them, she didn't really dominate them.
She only showed them her strength and her place in the natural order. Anita knew beforehand
that Buffy's power level was great, but feeling it was a whole different ball game. It scared the
hell out of her.

And when Buffy showed them her other side of her power it scared Anita even more. She had
drawn them in with her sense of safety and protection. Anita understood Denise's
protectiveness toward the petite blonde. She must have sensed it before Buffy had dropped
her 'shields'. Anita didn't like it. It wasn't that she thought that Buffy would start to control
all the lycanthropes. It was more like that she didn't want to depend on somebody else to
save the day.

Anita first impulse was to open the door and enter, but she thought that it might not be such a
good idea to enter the room unannounced. She knocked twice.

"Enter, Ma Petite."

Anita mumbled a small curse under her breath about her stupidity for forgetting that Jean-Claude and the other vampires would have sensed them miles away before they even would
have reached the door. She opened the door and was still attached at Buffy's arm when they
entered. Denise was right behind them.

"Denise stay outside."

"But ..." Denise was about to protest but she was cut off by Buffy.

Buffy looked her stern in the eyes. "No."

Denise reluctant subsided by looking down and closed the door behind them. Scanning the
room Anita noticed five vampires and one human in the room. The human didn't look very
comfortable and had his gaze pointed at the floor.

'A man who knows how to act around vampires.' Anita thought.

Jean-Claude was on the sofa in the centre and Asher was standing behind him half hiding in the
shadows as usual. Damian and two other vampires were evenly spread around the walls. At
first glance the Master of the City looked very comfortable on his sofa, but Anita could feel
that it was all show and that 'ease' was the furthest from his mind. She could sense that Jean-Claude was about to say something.

"You must be Douglas."

The human looked up when he heard his name. "Yes." But quickly adverted his eyes from

Buffy let go of Anita and walked toward Douglas and offered him her hand to shake. Douglas
took it and felt that it was warm, he looked confused up.

Buffy smiled. "Don't worry I'm not a vampire. You can look me in the eyes."

Douglas gazed into her eyes and smiled shyly at her. "You might not be a vampire but your
eyes have nevertheless enthralled me."

'A charmer.' Anita thought warily. 'He would fit right in.'

Anita saw Buffy blush, but Buffy couldn't enjoy her compliment for the vampires were
growling softly. Anita almost couldn't believe that they were growling and Douglas flinched
when he heard the bloodsuckers growl and felt their stares on him. Buffy was unfazed by it
and stayed calm.

"Anita, make your vampires behave civilised. I'm trying to have a civic conversation here."

Anita didn't like it that Buffy put her on the spot and in the middle of it. She had hoped that
Buffy would intimidate or beat a few vampires up, hoping that she wouldn't kill any of them.
She had no idea that Buffy would simply ignore the vampires and use her as a buffer. She
should have guessed.

Anita also noticed that Jean-Claude wasn't at all happy with being ignored. People don't
simple ignore him. He was after all a vampire and on top of that the Master of the City.

"Mademoiselle Buffy ..." Jean-Claude didn't get far, when he saw Buffy remove her sword
from her coat.

The vampires readied themself for a fight and Anita, who had pulled her gun, thought
absentmindedly that it was a good move to silence somebody. With the gun out Anita had to
decide at whom to point it; the vampires or Buffy. Anita relaxed a little when she saw that
Buffy simply put the sword on the coffee table. Douglas took a few steps back to get out of
the crossfire.

Buffy smiled at him and sat down on the sofa that was placed left of Jean-Claude's.

"Sorry, Douglas. The sword is very uncomfortable while sitting." She pointed next to her.
"Why don't you sit and tell me everything you have found about my demon?"

Anita didn't accept Buffy's explanation. She knew the main reason was to shut up Jean-Claude before he could continue. She finally understood what Buffy was doing. She was
undermining Jean-Claude's authority by ignoring him. And it was working. It had unbalanced
Jean-Claude so that he didn't know how to react.

Douglas sat down carefully next to Buffy making sure, there was an appropriate space
between them. He could sense the tension coming from the vampires and he really didn't want
to make the Master of the City angry by coming too close to what he desired.

Buffy turned to Anita. "While I discuss the demon with Douglas shouldn't you have a talk
with your vampire lover?"

"Ehh?" It really starting to annoy Anita that Buffy changed subject on a whim.

Buffy raised her eyebrows knowingly. "You know. The wrongness and don't forget
impoliteness of manipulating people."

Anita smirked at Buffy. She saw the irony in Buffy reprimanding Jean-Claude on his mind
games. Anita had no misconception that Buffy used her 'talk' with the vampire to distracting
him and to give Buffy the time to talk without interruption.

Buffy almost felt sorry for the vampire, but he had it coming and he probably was use to it.
And on some perverse level he probably enjoyed it. Buffy turned her attention back to

"So what can you tell me about my demon?"

Douglas was a little taken back. This girl, no woman, seemed to be so relaxed around
vampires. Not relaxed like a vampire groupie worshipping them, but like an equal or even as
their better. She was looking at him waiting patiently for him to answer her question. And her
hazel eyes were really 'enthralling'. He needed to get himself under control. He was after all in
a vampire's lair. He scrapped his throat.

"Ehr, from the description of the demon that I had received, I found a very close proximate. It
is called a Diona demon and if you add the lycanthrope and vampire killings I think it's our

"What are the differences?" The petite woman asked it with a small smile to make him feel
more comfortable which was doing its work. Douglas' shoulders were slumming relaxed.

"For one it isn't an Apocalypse demon." Buffy nodded, but didn't interrupt him. "The second
it looks a little different. Let me show you."

Douglas picked up a book from the coffee table and opened it. He showed her a picture of the
demon. Buffy saw similarity between this demon and the one in her dream. Buffy let it pass for
the moment.

"What's this demon's connection with the killings?" She asked Douglas.

"There're three known summoning of a Diona demon they were all accompanied by
preternatural killings." Douglas answered.

Buffy nodded in understanding. "How much power does one need to summon a Diona

"A lot and at least a human sacrifice is needed if not more than one."

Buffy picked up the book to have a better look of the demon. She sensed somebody looking
over her shoulder.

"Finished with yelling at your beau, Anita?" Buffy didn't even look up.

"No, but I was curious about the demon. Is that it?" Anita asked.

"It might be." Buffy turned to Douglas. "How do you kill it?"

"The same way as the demon from the description I was given. That's why I found it so fast.
It isn't usual for a demon to be killed by a simple beheading. Normally it involves a lot of
praying and incantations and magic." Douglas explained.

"I normally deal with the slice and dice variation." Buffy stated nonchalant.

It somehow didn't surprise Douglas that much to hear it from the petite blonde. He had his
suspicion that she was a dangerous woman and in the line of an executioner.

Buffy took a better look at the book and saw that it was written in Latin. She frowned. Her
Latin wasn't that good even Xander's was better. She also felt the tension in the vampires increase. She had to wrap it up with

"Douglas, I'm sorry. But I have a prior commitment. So I can't have an extensive talk with
you. I would appreciate it if you would take this research to show downtown to the 'RIP IT'
police department. Ask for Detective Tammy Reynolds and tell her I sent you."

Douglas knew a dismissal when he heard one and he had a good idea why he was dismissed.
And he wasn't at all offended. The vampires made him more nervous then usually and that was
never a good sign.

"Mike. Why don't you escort Monsieur Douglas to the exit?" Jean-Claude wasn't really

Douglas quickly packed his stuff and left the room quickly followed by Mike. Buffy made
herself comfortable by leaning back and crossing her legs with folded hands on her knee. The
more relaxed Buffy seemed to get the more tensed Anita got.

"So." Buffy turned to Jean-Claude. "How are your teeth?"

Jean-Claude flashed his teeth and his fangs were showing. "They grew nicely back, Ma

"Good for you." Buffy said cheery. "It must be very embarrassing to be a Big Bad Vamp and
having no teeth." Buffy smiled innocently

"You're trying to insult me, Ma Cherie?" Jean-Claude asked seductively.

Buffy thought about it for a moment, then her face lit up. "It seems that way, doesn't it?"

"Oui, but I don't seem to be baiting." Jean-Claude smirked.

"Sorry ... no, I'm not sorry. I've a real talent for pissing off vampires. It makes them easier to
kill." Buffy said as a matter of fact.

"Is that why you are turning my wolves and the other lycanthropes against me? To kill me?"
There was an edge in Jean-Claude's voice now.

Buffy looked a little confused. "What are you talking about? I didn't tell them to turn on you."
Buffy's gaze went cold. "And if I wanted you dead I would slay you myself. I don't need
others to do my slaying."

Anita thought to herself to better interfere before it would get out of hand. "Jean-Claude
means the speech you gave in the circus ring."

Buffy's coldness disappeared in smoke before she faced Anita. She knew now what the
vampire meant and could understand the misunderstanding.

"Oh, that." Buffy turned her head back to the Master of the City. "I just told them that they
weren't slaves. You know that slavery was disbanded more then a century ago in this country.
We even had a little war about it. You must have heard about it even if you were on the other
side of the Pound at the time."

"They're been paid and they benefit from my protection." Jean-Claude defended his action
against Buffy's accusation.

"And who are you protecting them from? Other vampires? So they have to choose between
two evils and you're the lesser one." Buffy continued with her disapproval of the misuse of the

"Oui, Ma Cherie." Jean-Claude answered with a straight face. He smiled seductively at Buffy.

"Does he think he's charming?" Buffy asked to nobody special before she turned to Anita.
"He's using one of his powers again, isn't he? I feel this itch that wants to be scratched."

Anita blushed a little. "Bella Morta's line has the powers of incubuses. He can make you come
with his voice alone."

"Incubus?" Buffy raised her eyebrows and then she grinned. "That might almost be worthy to
break that cardinal rule about 'not sleeping with vampires'."

A spark of hope showed in Jean-Claude's eyes. Buffy saw it.

"Forget it Fangboy. You'll be the last vampire I would have sex with." Buffy turned to
Damien. "But the redhead ..."

Buffy let the sentence hang in the air and the redheaded vampire was reacting to it. Buffy cut
any hope by turning away.

"But that isn't the point." Buffy was all business again. "We have a demon and somebody half
controlling the demon who is running amok in your city."

This time it was Jean-Claude who interrupted Buffy. "Before we start the negotiation I want
to know what your tribute is to enter my city and for my help."

"Jean-Claude!" Anita spoke sharp to the Master of the City.

Buffy held up her hand to stop Anita from continuing. Buffy looked at the vampire with a
stoic expression. When Jean-Claude saw that she wasn't about to say anything more, he

"You have too much influence on two-third of my Triumvirate, my wolves and on the
lycanthrope community. I need assurance that you won't take over my city."

Anita was warning Jean-Claude not to pressure Buffy through their marks, because they
needed her. He ignored her. Buffy kept silence and looked him straight in the eyes. Jean-Claude unintentionally tried to roll her mind, but Buffy was still unaffected.

"Are you sure you want to go that way and not be a good little vamp and help me out of the
goodness of your unbeating heart?" Buffy asked sweetly.

"Oui, Ma Cherie. A tribute is required by vampire politic." Jean-Claude looked smug and leant
elegant back into his sofa.

"I'm not versed in vampire politic. I hope you don't mind if we keep it informal?"

"Certes no moi (Of course not( sorry for my bad french)), ma Cherie."

"Good. You want tribute for helping me to defeat a threat toward the preternatural
Community in your city. Is that correct?" Buffy had the beginning of a smile on her face.

"Oui and an additional tribute for you entering my city without permission." The vampire was
still smirking.

"I already paid for that tribute. I spared yours and your minion's lives." This time Buffy stared
the vampire down to accept that as her tribute.

Jean-Claude had no choice but to nodded in agreement. "Accepted and what are you going to
offer me for my help?"

Buffy stood up. She was looking down on the Master of the City. The other vampires were on
edge and all took a step closer. Anita went for her gun, but didn't pull it. Buffy ignored the
rest of the vampires and only focussed on Jean-Claude, who felt uncomfortable and aroused at
the same moment. Buffy was the first who broke the silence.

"I accept."

Jean-Claude grinned victorious. "You accept to pay tribute?"

"No, I accept the position of Master of the City or is it Mistress?" Buffy twitched her
eyebrows at the end of the sentence.

"What?" Jean-Claude didn't expect to hear this from her.

"Are you challenging the Master of the City?" Asher asked and stood defensive behind Jean-Claude as his second in command.

Anita had her gun out and pointed it at Jean-Claude to make sure that the vampires wouldn't
do something rash. She really hated it to be put in the position Buffy had put her in, but her
anger was directed at her lover and surprisedly not at the Slayer.

"I tried to warn you. Now you probably have given her the city on a silvern plate." Anita
snarled at her lover.

Jean-Claude growled. "I didn't give her my city on a silvern plate."

"Yes, you did." All eyes went to Buffy with the exception of Anita, who kept them on Jean-Claude. "You want me to explain?"

Jean-Claude found his composure back and nodded. "Oui."

Anita also wanted to know, how Buffy came to this conclusion. She really hated politics and
mind games, and the vampire's were the worse.

"I have beaten you in combat, that makes me worthy of your status. Of course it wasn't a
formal challenge." Buffy started her explanation.

"Oui." Jean-Claude nodded carefully.

"We also agreed that these talks would be informal." Jean-Claude knew now where he went
wrong. Buffy grinned. "Any leader who doesn't protect his territory from a threat forfeits his
claim on that territory. By not offering your help to defend this city from the demon you have
relented your status as Master of the City."

The vampires had shocked expressions on their faces and Anita didn't like it.

"It can't be that simple." Anita uttered in disbelief.

"It can be." Damien spoke up. "She only has to kill Asher and most of the vampires will follow
her and the others she will keep in line by killing a few of them."

By speaking up Damien had the attention of the two Master Vampires, who glared daggers at

"Oh, stop that." Anita glared angry at Jean-Claude. "Don't blame him. You dug your own
grave. And that wasn't mean as a word pun. Now humble yourself, apologise and promise her
everything she wants, so that she can give you your city back without any bloodshed."

"You think she would just give me my city back?" Jean-Claude asked in disbelief.

"Only if you ask very nicely." Buffy looked innocently at the Master Vampire. "And for five
new cloth ensembles of my choice." Buffy added. She couldn't make it too easy for him.

The mentioning of clothes made Jean-Claude perk up. "I have my own tailor."

"You probably need one with the outfits you're wearing. That fluffy shirt is so last century."
Buffy took an admired look at his body and what he was wearing. "Although it suites you. I
don't think many men could wear it and still look manly."

"Merci." Jean-Claude nodded amusement.

"Your gay, right?" Buffy asked, bluntly.

Anita couldn't believe, that Buffy asked that.

"I think the term is bisexual, Ma Cherie." The vampire answered still amused.

"That probably explains the clothes. And of course you being a vampire." Buffy said.

"So how do your vampires dress?" Jean-Claude asked.

Anita couldn't belief it. Buffy was talking with Jean-Claude about clothes and vampire fashion.
They were talking for five minutes before Anita interrupted them.

"Hey, are you two crazy? Don't we have important things to discuss then clothes?"

Buffy signed. "Apologize and I give your city back."

Jean-Claude took Buffy's hand. "I apologize and I'm very grateful for you generous act of
giving my city back."

His lips were only a quarter of an inch away from her hand when Buffy decked him. Buffy
threw her hands in the air.

"Tell me why you've send me to a world that has vampires behaving worse than horny
teenager boys in strip club." Buffy rolled her eyes.

Jean-Claude looked up from the floor grinning. Anita wasn't at all amused. She turned to

"Next time kick him between the legs." Anita was pissed at Jean-Claude. "I think we have
things to discuss."

"Somebody is in the doghouse." Buffy said sing-song voice, but kept quiet when Anita glared
at her.

When Jean-Claude stood up and sat back on the sofa, they started to discuss what they should
do. It took them about two hours before Buffy was satisfied, with the results. They said
goodbye. Buffy and Anita left the room where Denise was still waiting.

End Chapter 8.


A/N: I think the Latin part that Xander knew it better was funny *grin*

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Slayer and the Executioner" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jun 04.

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