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The Slayer and the Executioner

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Summary: Buffy Gets a Slayer Dream and ends up in Anita's world. An Apocalypse Demon is involved.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredWhiteWolfFR13933,27258240,30719 Jul 0320 Jun 04No

The Slayer and the Executioner

Title: The Slayer and the Executioner

Author: WhiteWolf

Disclaimer: The usual stuff

Time frame: After Season 7(spoiler) and from Anita's books no idea.

Summery: Buffy Gets a Slayer Dream and ends up in Anita's world.

Beta-ed: Jenn

The Slayer and the Executioner


Buffy was lying in her bed and was dreaming. It wasn't one of those normal dreams, or more
precisely, nightmares. She was having a prophetic Slayer dream. Her dream was about
vampires, werewolves, cat-people and a petite, gun-wielding, dark haired woman. Amongst
them all was also a big bad ugly demon.

Normally it wouldn't be strange for her to dream about these things, but these vampires and
werewolves were somehow different from those she usually dealt with. The vampires
reminded her of Dracula, without the 'game' face and they also didn't really feel evil. They
didn't feel like Angel or 'William' all soul-ful, but neither did they feel like the demonic
vampires she faced every day.

The werewolves were shifting into 'wolf' mode even if there was no full moon, and their
'wolf' form was different from Oz's. They were actually wolves. Plus, they seemed to have
more control over their 'wolf' and they were running in packs. The cat-people were like the
werewolves, but instead of a wolf, they turned into big cats.

The dark haired woman seemed to be a gun wielding witch, but she was way too trigger-happy. Buffy didn't like her. She had an air of a psychopath in her eyes. Buffy wouldn't have
been surprised to find the woman in a mental institution for the criminally insane.

The demon in her dream was something comfortably familiar, all Hellmouthy and ready to end
the world, prophesying a nice Apocalypse. The demon was the only thing in the dream that
didn't wig her out. But nevertheless the demon woke her up.

The moment she woke up, she knew that it was a Slayer dream. It was still early in the
morning, so Buffy didn't wake up the others. She couldn't go back to sleep and went
downstairs to make some coffee for herself. She made herself comfortable in front of the
computer. She began her research with the demon, the only familiar part of her dream. It took
her until sunrise to find the information.

Just what she thought, a nice Apocalyptic demon going by the name of H'ry'uk. She found a
full description of the Demon plus his weaknesses and his strengths, and promptly printed the
information out. While printing she heard movements coming from upstairs. Somebody was
awake and coming down to join her.

"Hi, Will. Did I wake you up?" Buffy's voice sounded apologetic, but there was a sparkle of
mischief in her eyes.

Willow was half sleep as she walked into the dining room where Buffy was working. She
didn't notice the sparkle in Buffy's eyes.

"Yeah, the printer woke me up. You'd better have a good excuse or I'm going to hex you into
next Thursday." Willow sleepily threatened.

Buffy grinned back at her tousled friend. "I had a Slayer dream, with some strange vampires
and werewolves in it and an Apocalyptic demon."

The phrase 'Slayer dream' woke Willow up. "What is so strange about an Apocalyptic
demon? But it would be strange, since we closed the Hellmouth for good and there shouldn't
be any Apocalypses in the near future maybe never. ..."

Buffy stopped Willow from babbling any further. "The Apocalyptic demon wasn't the thing
that was strange, even though the Hellmouth was closed, it was the vampires and werewolves
that were strange."


Buffy saw the unasked question and explained the whole dream to Willow. After that, Willow
shoved Buffy away from the computer and went all 'net' girl. But even she couldn't find
anything about the strange vampires and werewolves. When Dawn and Kennedy woke up and
volunteered to help, it was the start of a research party, so Buffy volunteered to make

Buffy didn't call Xander, knowing that he had a big appointment for a construction job. She
didn't want him to lose the job and they had enough researchers. After breakfast Buffy made
Dawn go to school, since this wasn't anything important enough for her to miss class. Dawn
tried to use the Apocalyptic demon as an excuse, but Buffy responded that they already knew
everything about the demon. Dawn reluctantly left for school.

After an uneventful day they still didn't have any useful information, except that the vampires
were very similar to Stoker's vampires. But those were literary vampires, not real. They even
called Angel and asked him if he knew about them, but that was also a bust. When Dawn came
home from school, they called Xander, who wasn't very happy with being left out. He decided
to come over later that evening to help with the research anyway.

When the sun went down, Buffy and Kennedy decided to patrol. Dawn wanted to come too,
but Buffy told her to finish her homework and then help with the research. Dawn wasn't very
happy about it, but nevertheless resigned herself to her tasks. Buffy and Kennedy went to the
weapons chest and pulled out their weapons. Buffy took a few silver daggers that she thought
might come in handy if she came across those werewolves, as well as a small sword that she
could easy hide in her leather duster. Spike's leather duster. It was the duster from the Slayer
he killed in New York, and she kept it in remembrance of him. She thought it would honour
the slain Slayer, Robin, the slain Slayer's son, agreed. On a whim, she took the printout of the
H'ry'uk demon and pocketed it.

Buffy said her goodbyes and left the house with Kennedy. They patrolled a few dark alleys
first, then continued to one of the cemeteries. They killed a few vampires before entering the
cemetery, but they were the normal variety. They hadn't even in the cemetery for 15 minutes
when they saw a weird lightshow. Neither of them hesitated as they both ran toward it.

When there weren't any crypts or statues to obstruct their view of the lightshow, they saw that
it was a portal, and in front of it stood the demon from Buffy's Slayer dream. When the demon
noticed them, it jumped into the portal. Buffy and Kennedy were too far away to stop him, but
when they reached it, the portal was still open. They saw no sign of the demon on the other
side of the portal. Instead, they saw a city. It could have been one of cities in the southern

Seeing this, Buffy came to a conclusion by combining the portal with the strange vampires and

"Damn it. It is parallel universe, and the blasted Powers want me to go after it."

Kennedy wasn't shocked. She had heard almost every adventure and story about the Scoobies.
"So we are going after it?" Her voice was strangely calm, yet there seemed to be a bit of
excitement in it.

Buffy was thinking about it when she noticed that the portal was shrinking and she was forced
to make a quick decision. She turned to Kennedy. "No. Not we, I. I got the dream, not you,
just tell everybody I love them and tell Willow to research a way to open the portal again."
Kennedy nodded. Buffy was about to jump into the portal. "Tell Dawn I'll come back to her."

And with those last words Buffy dove into the portal leaving Kennedy behind. Kennedy turned
her back and ran for home.

End Prologue.
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