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Trinity Witches

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Summary: The scoobies move to San Fransisco after Sunnydale, where Dawn befriends certain teenaged Charmed ones. When Dawn, Paige and Phoebe find themselves transported to Hogwarts to meet the Marauders; they have no clue what they're in for.

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Roommates - Joy Of Joys!

Roommates – Joy of Joys!

Paige was quite relieved that no one in Slytherin deemed her worthy of speaking to (after all, who wants to be the first to speak to The One who didn’t want to be in Slytherin). But she wasn’t particularly jumping for joy about it: it meant that the insults and hexes would be soon to follow. Not that it mattered too much. Whilst she wasn’t exactly proficient with a wand, as in she couldn’t actually do any spells with it yet, she had her wicca down to pat. She could always pretend to use the wand, whilst casting wandless, at least until the remedial classes they’d put her and her fellow Trinity Witches in were over with. But that was tomorrows problem, today’s was how she was going to generally survive being a Slytherin – having her new friends, and indeed soon her family, hating her. This was the reason she was sat on her bed with the curtains pulled around and charmed to stay that way. She was sharing with four girls who were not exactly the kind of girls you wanted to make best buddies with.

There was Narcissa Black, who had given her a semi-friendly smile when no one was looking, before turning away sharply as if it never happened; Alecto Carrow, who sneered at her as she walked in, before returning to a well worn book titled ‘The Five Methods Of Torture And How To Make It Last’, Paige shuddered to think; Jessica Nott, who just completely snubbed Paige as if she hadn’t even entered the room; and Amelia Bulstrode, who glared at her before making obscene gestures at her. She could already tell just how fun this year was going to be. She flopped back onto her bed with a groan.


“Wait, let me get this straight,” Phoebe was growling at the Marauders. They had been sat quite happily in the middle of the common room, up until James making a comment about Paige and Slytherins in general. Bad move. “Just because Paige happens to have been sorted into Slytherin, she has transformed into an evil bitch that’s out to kill every non-magical person?”

“Muggles.” Dawn whispered into her ear. Phoebe gave her an exasperated look. James shook his head.

“That’s not what I meant.” He began “You don’t become evil because you’re sorted into Slytherin. You’re sorted into Slytherin because you’re already evil.” Dawn’s eyes flashed and she stepped forwards in front of the enraged Phoebe.

“So Paige is evil is she?” She ground out “Poor Paige who’s been sorted with a bunch of megalomaniacs is now EVIL, just because a ratty old hat decided so?” She stepped forwards menacingly, Dawn didn’t often do menacing, but if some little idiot thought he could get away with insulting her cousin, she’d show him not to mess with her family. The common room had gone silent now. Everyone wanted to hear what the Slytherin-lovers would say next. “You have no idea” She spat “Of the kinds of circumstances that would make Paige the person she is now. You have no friggen idea!”

“What does it matter?” Sirius interrupted. The two cousins turned their piercing gazes to him, Phoebe pushing her way to stand next to Dawn once again. “I mean, it doesn’t stop her being a muggle-hating freak.” He near sneered. Phoebe narrowed her eyes and stormed forwards, pushing the now standing Remus back to his seat as he stood up to try and make peace. She punched Sirius solidly in the nose, feeling bone crack as blood spurted around her fist. James rose to his feet

“Hey!” he shouted, grabbing hold of Phoebe’s elbow. She pushed it backwards into his jaw and spun with the momentum, smacking her fist into his gut. Remus rose once again to help James up from the floor, but was kicked solidly in the stomach and fell back again, winded. Peter squeaked and dived behind the sofa, smacking his forehead on it as he did so, Phoebe rolled her eyes. Gasping slightly from the pain in his stomach, James turned his already bruising face back to the cousins,

“Clearly you should be in with your muggle-hating sister.” Dawn’s eyes flashed slightly orange and a flame erupted from the carpet next to James. The two cousins then turned and swept up the stairs to the girls dorms, with one parting shot from Phoebe,

“Slytherins may be prejudiced against muggles, but clearly Gryffindors are just as bad in their prejudice against Slytherins.


Looking up from her book, Lily saw Dawn and Phoebe enter the dorm and smiled slightly at them, before noticing their angered expressions.

“What happened?” She asked, troubled.

“Potter and Black.” Phoebe spat. Lily nodded understandingly and Dawn looked at the other three girls in the room.

“Hi. who are you?” She asked bluntly, her angered expression quickly changing to one of curiosity. Lily smiled as she introduced the two to their other roommates

“This is Hailey Doge,” She pointed to a short girl with wavy, dirty blonde hair and a pair of brown glasses perched on her nose. Hailey waved. “Kelly Summit” Lily gestured to a tall skinny girl with black and purple hair who was laid on her bed with a pair of earphones in, although nothing appeared to be attached to the headphones.

“Sup.” She greeted them. Lily rolled her eyes

“And Helen Hayes” Lily finished with a wrinkle of her nose. A dreamy smile heralded them from beneath a pair of semi-vacant looking blue eyes partly covered by a curtain of straight, pale blonde hair.

“Hi.” She greeted them, tucking her hair behind her ears and tossing her magazine (The Quibbler) to the side as she sat up. Lily ignored her and carried on speaking to the two Americans

“Your beds are at the end, next to Helen’s and your trunks are at the foot of your beds, all your possessions should already be in them.” The two looked in wonderment at their trunks, packed with all their many, many things, but yet not full.


Three girls ran through a graveyard, a can of beer in the hands of each of them, one holding a stake firmly and quaking slightly. She was muttering something frantically as a kind of mantra, as the other two laughed hysterically.


The same three girls were sat in a circle clasping hands, a lit candle in front of each of them. Swirling symbols were painted on their necks and faces. They dropped hands and simultaneously slit their right palms before clasping them with each other in the middle and using their left hand to pour wax from their candles onto the hands, sealing them together.


The three girls were sat in the same room, a joint in the hands of two of them, laughing merrily when a fourth figure entered in a rage and snatched all the joints from their hands, grinding them into the floor with her heeled boots. The two girls with joints laughed harder and the third just looked terrified.


The two that had been smoking joints were nervously power walking towards the exit of the great hall, a swirling green portal above their heads when the third fell, unconscious, through it and they ran back.


The three were stood, their faces hidden, as they stared down the Dark Lord. An ethereal voice sounded

“The trinity witches hold the power to help save the wizarding world in the upcoming war. They will have great effect on it’s outcome. The trinity witches are at Hogwarts."

Bellatrix Black slipped unnoticed out of her sister’s dorm. She had only caught the end of Narcissa’s dream, but she knew enough to tell the Dark Lord. He, in turn, could interrogate Narcissa. With any luck, she’d be able to identify these ‘Trinity Witches’. Then he could put a stop to the prophecy.


The first day of classes went without a hitch for the three girls. They had chosen classes before they went to Diagon Alley and somehow Dumbledore had had time to put their timetables together for them. Most of their lessons were remedial lessons, to get them up to speed with the classes, but there were a few classes that they could attend. Namely DADA and muggle studies. Of course, Phoebe was also able to jumpstart straight to sixth year divination too.

Paige was still being snubbed by her fellow Slytherins, but she foresaw that ending in the very, very near future. Her new Gryffindor friends had begun to snub her now too. But from where she was sat at the Slytherin table, Paige could see Dawn and Phoebe were sat apart from the other Gryffindors, minus Lily. They had told her in remedial charms that they’d had a huge blow-up with the marauders about her being in Slytherin, Paige suppressed a sigh as she loaded her fork with chicken and thought of the friends she had lost.

“Hey muggle-lover” Came a sneer from Paige’s left shoulder. She looked up to see her roommate, Amelia, stood flanked by Jessica and Narcissa. She gave another inward sigh as she realised that her time of being avoided was now over. Bugger.

“You know, I’d cut down on the carbs a bit.” Jessica laughed with a disdainful look at the pasta piled high on Paige’s plate “I think there’s a bit too much weight on those hips already.” Paige closed her eyes slightly in exasperation at the pathetic attempt at an insult.

“Is that your real nose?” Paige asked, ‘tit for tat’ she thought with an inward grin “’Coz if not, the plastic surgeon really messed up honey.” She continued with a mock sympathetic look. Jessica clutched her nose in horror. Amelia shook her head.

“Oh relax Jess. Everyone knows you were going to get that fixed over Christmas anyway.” Amelia snapped in annoyance. “Just watch out Matthews, no one likes those that don’t want to be Slytherin.” She sneered. Paige shrugged

“Nah, I reckon the Gryffindors do.” She retorted. Amelia scowled at her and the three swaggered off to their places further down the table.

*You okay?* Paige heard in her head. Dawn. She looked over at the Gryffindor table, her cousin and sister were sat looking concerned for her. Clearly they had caught the exchange with her roomies.

*Fine, my roommates aren’t really people-persons. I’ll deal.* She replied. They didn’t look satisfied, but she flashed them a reassuring grin and they looked back to their conversation with Lily, accepting it for now at least. Paige sighed and resisted the temptation to sink her head into her hand, knowing that showing any sign of weakness would just make her more of a target for the Slytherins. What she needed was a way to get them off her back. A way to make sure that none of the Slytherins would bother her. Not much chance of that though. She sighed again, maybe she should just spend her time in the library. Yep, library has to be the place to go, for today at least.


Dawn and Phoebe lounged in the chairs in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room. Dawn had her DADA textbook out on her lap, whilst Phoebe had a magazine laid on hers. Dawn snorted suddenly.

“As if!” She exclaimed. Phoebe looked up “This book seems to think that garlic actually wards off vamps. Someone’s been reading too much Bram Stoker!” She laughed, Phoebe grinned,

“Spike’d have a problem wouldn’t he! He loves his garlic, always puts it in his blood when he can’t get any burba weed.” Dawn smirked back and returned to her book before issuing another snort,

“And they also seem to think that Holy water isn’t much good in fighting vamps, as it only gives them a minor sting. Idiots! Buff killed a vamp once by tricking it into drinking holy water. Makes ‘em combust from the inside out!” Phoebe gave a small smile,

“I don’t think you should read that book D, it’s just gonna piss you off.” Dawn shrugged

“Yeah, mebbe.” She said, before returning to the book anyway. They sat in silence for a while longer, before they heard someone clear their throat in front of them. The two looked up to see Remus in front of them, a reluctant looking Sirius and James stood slightly behind him and Peter cowering behind James. Dawn narrows her eyes slightly.

“You got a problem?” She asked bluntly. Remus shook his head and elbowed James and Sirius to move forwards

“These two have something to say to you.” Dawn and Phoebe snickered.

“We’re sorry” The two boys chorused reluctantly

“Yeah I’m sure Paige doesn’t mean to…” Remus kicked James, cutting him off “Oof! I mean, I’m sure Paige isn’t evil.” He corrected himself, before looking expectantly at Sirius who shrugged

“What he said.” The two girls rolled their eyes, but accepted that that was probably the best they’d get.

“Thanks.” Said Dawn simply, before returning to her book. The boys gaped slightly before she lifted her head with a mischievous grin “You’re forgiven!” She stage whispered.

“Now, I believe it was my birthday yesterday” Phoebe began, a similar grin on her face “And since we didn’t really celebrate in the traditional Summers/Halliwell/Matthews way, I’m suggesting we all get sloshed, you in?” The boys grinned back.


“And now, I in-tro-dushe you. To the room of requ…requ…whach you want.” James slurred as he pushed open a set of doors, revealing a smoky tavern, with an entire wall covered in various bottles of alcohol. Phoebe walked past him, without so much as a stagger, smirking at his drunken state. Sirius followed her in a much worse state, he was all over as he tried to balance the semi-conscious, giggling Dawn in his arms. Remus and Peter were about as bad as James, but it was definitely Dawn and Sirius who were the worst off, they had challenged each other to a drinking contest before they’d even left Hogsmeade with their various purchases, namely firewhiskey and smuggled Vodka. They’d then had to sit in an alleyway so that the contest could take place before everyone was too drunk to remember the challenge. Sirius won, just. Though, Phoebe thought, if she’d been playing then she would have been the one that won. With all her practice, she was far from a lightweight. Out of the three Americans, Dawn was probably the easiest to get drunk, and it took a fair amount to get her on the floor.

Sirius stumbled slightly as he got the two of them near to a sofa, and the two went flying onto it. But both were too far gone to even register the pain of it, they were more entranced by the position that they’d found themselves in. Sirius leaned closer and closer to Dawn and, as there lips were almost touching, Dawn found herself falling off the sofa. Sirius was flipped off her and sent tumbling to the floor also, sending them both into fits of giggles, moment forgotten. Their friends didn’t even notice, as Phoebe made a beeline to the liquor wall and Remus, James and Peter found themselves at a table in the corner. Phoebe was soon over with them, four shot glasses full of a clear liquid in them. She pulled a cigarette lighter out of the pocket of her jeans and lit all four glasses.

“Sambuca!” She grinned, blowing hers out and knocking it back. The three boys eyed their drinks wondrously, having not seen the muggle drink before. “Quickly!” Phoebe urged “Or it'll use up all the alcohol!” She poured her self another, much bigger glass and lit it, knocking it back with ease. Remus blew his out and knocked it back, like Phoebe, but Peter just sat and watched his burn out. James, on the other hand, didn’t think to blow it out, throwing it in his mouth with ease, before screaming as the flames burned his left cheek. The other three burst into fits of hysterical laughter, and it wasn’t long before James joined in too, the pain forgotten. Soon, Phoebe was back off to the liquor wall again, a very pronounced stagger now in her step. She returned with a bottle of sambuca, a straw and a wine glass. She grinned as she poured sambuca into the wine glass and lit it, swirling it as she tipped it into to shot glass and covered it with the wine glass, putting the fame out quickly. She took the wine glass off without turning it over and swallowed her sambuca with a quick gulp, before putting the straw up into the wine glass and sucking out all the gas from the sambuca. She giggled and began to pour more shots.

Sirius and Dawn were still laid out on the floor, but the giggling had ceased now, and they were having a ‘serious’ conversation.

“Did you want to be a gymnashtic when you was little?” Dawn was asking “You hash gymnashticsh legsh.”

“No, you hassss!”

“No, you hash”

“No, you!”

“No, you!”

“I’m an airplane driver” Sirius said, argument forgotten. Dawn nodded knowingly,

“I’m an island.” She replied “But Leafy’s jusht a pencil.”


“Uggggh!” Dawn groaned as she pulled her pounding head up from her pillow. He pillow felt weird. She looked down. Sirius. Her pillow was Sirius shaped. And he was awake. He was looking at her. SHE’D SLEPT ON TOP OF SIRIUS! Oh my God, was that drool on his tee shirt? Oh my god, she’d drooled on him! She pulled away quickly, before groaning and lying down to the side, clutching her pounding head. A bucket appeared beside her just in time, as she threw up violently. Her vomit vanished before it hit the bottom of the bucket, and she thanked the Goddesses for magic. Always good. The sounds from next to her indicated that Sirius had met a similar fate to her. Shakily, she stood and made her way over to the corner where Peter and Remus were also throwing up and Phoebe and James lay still unconscious. She dropped to her knees by Phoebe, thinking how she would need another bucket soon, but for Phoebe. One appeared next to her and she grinned.

“Phoebe,” she whispered, wincing at the loudness of her own voice. A groan from Peter showed just what he thought of the volume of her voice too. She shook Phoebe, who bolted upright and hurled straight into the bucket Dawn was holding. Dawn winced and shrank back slightly in disgust. When she’d finished, Dawn put the bucket on the floor.

“We have to get up, classes are soon, we’ve already missed breakfast.” She whispered, making her way over to James. She gasped when she saw his cheek, it wasn’t burned too badly, fortunately, but it was definitely a serious burn.

“Sirius!” She called lightly. He turned her way, looking decidedly green. “You get James to the hospital wing, look normal. It would be suspicious if any of the rest of us went. Oh, but take Peter with you, he looks innocent enough. Tell them you were, I don’t know messing around with a spell or something, and his face got burnt. She glanced at the various bottles and cigarettes strewn on the floor, “Do you know any cleaning charms or anything? We don’t exactly have time to shower before class, and we’re all gonna reek of this stuff.” Sirius nodded and clutched a table for support as he pulled his wand out.

Tergeo” He muttered at each individual person. “I’ll nick some pepper-up potions for us all while I’m there.” He added. Dawn smiled slightly and turned to Remus,

“Remus, you’re coming with me and Pheebs. We’re going back to our dorms to change and then we’ll meet you in the common room and you can show us the way to DADA, which starts in about ten minutes. You three meet us in DADA, go to Madam Pomfrey first.” She glanced at their clothes “On second thoughts, go get changed first.” She instructed before kneeling next to James and gently waking him.


Paige looked back at her sister and cousin, who were sat at the back of the DADA classroom. Dawn was holding her head in her hands looking sick, but trying to concentrate on what was being said by Professor Contego. Phoebe was not even pretending to concentrate, she has her head resting on her arms and appeared to be asleep. They were hungover. She knew it. She’d recognise that look on Dawn’s face anyway. They’d gone on their birthday sloshing without her! Paige was fuming, she couldn’t believe that they’d leave her out of their tradition! It was because she’d been sorted into Slytherin, she knew it.

“Miss Matthews!” a loud, exasperated voice came. She looked up to see Professor Contego glaring down at her and she smiled sheepishly. His eyes narrowed even more “Ah, you are awake then!” he sniped “Now, could you please tell me of the ways you can kill a vampire if they attack you?” she grinned, thankful that it wasn’t a wizard-specific question.

“Stake through the heart, sunlight, decapitation and setting them on fire.” He nodded slightly

“and why would you have to use a muggle method of setting them on fire?” he asked. She frowned, not knowing

“They’re immune to magical fire.” Came a small whisper from her right

“Because they’re immune to magical fire.” Paige answered. He nodded and went on with the rest of the lesson. She sighed in relief and turned to the direction of the whisper, where Narcissa gave her a small smile. “Thanks.” Paige whispered. Narcissa gave her another smile and gestured to the paper in front of Paige, writing was appearing on it.

Meet me in the library at lunch. We need to talk.

Cissa x

Paige frowned slightly in confusion and turned back to Narcissa, but Narcissa was apparently engrossed in what Professor Contego was saying. She sighed, wondering what Narcissa could have to say to her that wasn’t an insult or curse, she’d had enough of that from the three girls, she’d had to sleep with quite a few wicca protection charms around her bed last night, just to stop them from cursing her in her sleep. Plus she’d been to Madam Pomfrey three times yesterday to be fixed up from curses, the mediwitch seemed to be getting suspicious, but Paige had only gone to her when she’d absolutely had to. Besides, she was sure it would settle down eventually, although she might have to force that a little bit. Whoever said that magic was a bad thing?


Paige ate her lunch slowly, dragging out the time before she had to go and meet Narcissa, it felt like she was walking to her doom. But, if Narcissa wanted to hurt her or something, why the hell had she helped her in DADA? But then, why would she help someone that she’d been cursing the day before anyway? Talk about a complete change of heart! She glanced at the Gryffindor table. Phoebe and Dawn were still suffering from hangovers. Must have been a really rough night. Paige thought. Bitches. They must have felt her glare on them, because they turned around and looked at her with small smiles

*What’s up Paige? You look pissed.* Came Dawn’s voice in her head. She scowled and blocked them out. Library. She had to get to the library now.

Dawn wrinkled her nose as Paige stood up abruptly, not answering her.

“Wonder what’s up with her.” She murmured, turning back to the table

“Yeah, ‘s weird. I’ve never known her ignore us before.” Phoebe replied. “You, on the other hand…” She grinned cheekily and Dawn hit her lightly.

“I only ignore you when I’m meditating. And that’s not ignoring, it’s blocking out.” Phoebe chuckled and pushed her. Dawn pushed back. Phoebe pushed her again. This went on for a few minutes, the four marauders looking at them in bemusement. Then it escalated, Phoebe didn’t just push, she pounced, knocking the two onto the floor. Then the tickling began. Dawn writhed and giggled uncontrollably, trying to avoid Phoebe’s tickling fingers. Soon, she gained the upper hand, using her inner thighs to flip her cousin over onto the floor and straddling her, taking her place as the tickler. Suddenly, the two girls found themselves covered in thick, brown mud. This stopped them in their tracks and they turned to see where the mud had come from. Sirius was sat smirking, wand still out.

“Miss Summers, Miss Halliwell, Mr Black!” The stern voice of Professor McGonagall interrupted the situation “My office! NOW!” She shrieked.


“What did we do Minnie?” Sirius asked once they were sat in her office. McGonagall narrowed her eyes at him

“I will not tolerate wrestling, no matter what the intentions, from my Gryffindors, particularly in the middle of the great hall!” She snapped “You two girls will have detention with me tomorrow and the day after. Eight o’clock. Do not. Be late.” Dawn widened her eyes to look innocent, hoping that she could get them away with no punishment, or at least considerably less. There was one thing that she hadn’t counted on though: when you’re covered head to toe in mud, the puppy dog eyes do notwork. Especially when a clump of said mud falls from your hair, onto your nose whilst you’re using them.

“And Mr Black!” McGonagall said angrily “Conjuring mud in the great hall? Turning an already serious event” She used this opportunity to glare at Dawn and Phoebe again. Dawn whimpered. “into mud wrestling? A week of detention.” He shrugged and grinned “With Mr Filch.” His eyes widened slightly. “And ten points from Gryffindor for using my forename!”

The three groaned as they stepped out of McGonagall’s office.

“When will you learn Dawn” Phoebe began “The eyes and the pout only work on Angel, Spike and Xander!” Dawn huffed,

“Well it was worth a try!” She exclaimed. Phoebe smirked

“Riiiight, like when you tried them on Principal Dannon and got suspended for sexual harassment of a teacher.” Sirius snorted,

“You were suspended? For sexual harassment?”

“He just took it the wrong way. He was a pig anyway. Besides, if Paige and Pheebs hadn’t decided we should skip math, I never would have had to try it anyway. So it isn’t really my fault.” She replied stubbornly. “Well, maybe a little. And the look so does work on other people! Worked on Rick and Todd when we tried to get you guys to take me and Paige out with them” Phoebe gave her a scornful look

“Yeah, and you loved that didn’t you? You spent an hour telling me and Todd to stop making out and keep you occupied. And I seem to remember Paige telling me just how much she loved being stuck in an abandoned building with Rick whilst he set stuff on fire.” Phoebe retorted sarcastically. Dawn pouted,

“Well it was booooring. I mean, where’s the fun in watching people make out?” Phoebe smirked

“I’d tell you, but I think you might have a breakdown.” Dawn wrinkled her nose

“Ew Phoebe. Just, ew.” She stated. Sirius laughed.


Paige walked into the library, shedding all evidence of nerves. Her wand was well within reach: not that she could use it well yet, but she had a couple of daggers and stuff on her too. Not that she’d need them. Hopefully. She saw Narcissa immediately. She was sat at one of the tables nearest to the stacks, a book covering the gaze that was fixed on the door. As soon as she was spotted by Paige, she moved into the stacks, waiting for Paige to follow her. She did. The two kept moving silently until they reached a dark section of the library that was a long distance from the tables and anyone else currently occupying the library. One glance at the books around her and Paige knew why: this was the History of Magic section, that explained the thick coats of dust on everything. Narcissa withdrew her wand and Paige hid a flinch as she pulled hers out also. Narcissa rolled her eyes and gestured all around them with her wand, muttering ‘Mufflatio’ under her breath. She then drew up two comfy looking chairs and sat down delicately in one – gesturing to Paige to do the same. She did, reluctantly.

“I know you don’t trust me.” Narcissa stated “But I trust you. You shouldn’t aggravate the other girls, they’ll only keep attacking you, and I can’t exactly stop them. If I do, I risk my life – they’ll find out that I’m not loyal to the dark lord, that I’m not exactly besotted with Lucius, that I’m not opposed to muggles.” Narcissa smiled. “You need a way to blend in, for a start, we can call a truce, at least in public…”

“Wait.” Paige interrupted “Why would I want to do that? And how do I know you’re not just using this as another way to hex me?” She asked.

“I haven’t hexed you once, I’ve avoided having to do anything against you, but I can only last so long before they begin to question me. And you should trust me, because it’ll mean you’ll live longer. I’ve been against the death eaters all my life, I’ve just learnt the right approach. Being actively against them, leads to being cursed, jinxed, hexed, and regular doses of the cruciatus curse. Being passively on their side, means that you get to live.”

“Is that a threat?” Paige snapped angrily. Narcissa rolled her eyes,

“No. It’s a warning. I’d rather you live. This world relies on you.” She gave a wry grin “I’m a seer. You, your sister and your cousin; you’re going to play a huge part in the war. I’m not letting you die just because you couldn’t perfect the ‘ice queen’ persona that I’ve picked up. Besides, you’re my kind of person.” Paige frowned in thought,

“Do you like drinking?” She asked. Narcissa smirked, Paige grinned back. Oh yeah, she could see definite friend possibilities here.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Trinity Witches" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jul 08.

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