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Trinity Witches

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Summary: The scoobies move to San Fransisco after Sunnydale, where Dawn befriends certain teenaged Charmed ones. When Dawn, Paige and Phoebe find themselves transported to Hogwarts to meet the Marauders; they have no clue what they're in for.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered
Charmed > Dawn-Centered
mopingqueenFR15525,4750123,3061 Oct 0722 Jul 08No

Prologue - Portals

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, or Charmed, or Harry Potter
A/N: Alrighty guys! This fic is going to have some changes in the Charmed canon – namely the fact that all the Charmed ones are a lot younger – Paige and Phoebe are the same as Dawn, with nine months separating the two, and Paige was found about a month after their Grams died. So Prue is still alive, but she won’t really be in this – at least not for a really long time!


“…Think she is?” Phoebe raged, “It’s not like she’s Grams, she’s our bloody sister for god’s sake!” She threw her magazine on the floor and flopped down on the bed in fury. Paige sighed and rolled her eyes at her sister’s actions,

“Calm down Pheebs, there’s no point raging about it! Some of us have been planning whilst you’ve been storming around!” Phoebe narrowed her eyes

“I’m not storming, I’m expressing my emotions. Prue should take that rod out of her ass and stop trying to behave like our mother!” She seethed

“Well express this,” Paige sighed exasperated “We use a spell to make ourselves invisible, probably the ‘object of objection’ one – but slightly altered so it doesn’t make us fade out of existence altogether; climb out of the window so we’re outside these stupid anti-orbing barriers, and poof! I orb us to Dawnie’s and we make with the fun-out-of-house-having.” Paige finished triumphantly. Phoebe grinned

“Cunning, dear sister, cunning indeed!” she praised her younger sister. Paige smirked and opened the window as wide as she could before moving to join Phoebe out of sight from anyone who might be looking in the window from outside.

“Should we tell her we’re going over or not?” Phoebe asked with a sly grin. Paige laughed

“I tried already, she’s not answering, she’s probably just ignoring me, that or she’s meditating. So methinks its kind of a surprise.”

“One that could result in our death if she is meditating.” Phoebe pointed out “she tends not to be too happy when we disrupt her meditation.” Paige scrunched up her nose and frowned

“Well she should have like a big ‘do not disturb’ sign on her brain so’s we know. It’s not our fault. Besides, it just means I’ll have to orb away fast.” Phoebe rolled her eyes

“Whatever, let’s just get over there?” Paige nodded

“Let the object of objection seem but a dream,

As I cause this scene to become unseen.” Phoebe vanished and Paige felt a hand grab hers before she, too vanished.


Phoebe reappeared in the hall outside Dawn’s room with a huge grin on her face and recited the counter spell on Paige to make her reappear as well.

“I don’t smell incense” Phoebe commented to her sister. Paige smirked and gestured for Phoebe to stand on the other side of Dawn’s door. They burst in simultaneously with a loud war cry before stopping suddenly. “What the hell?” Phoebe stepping forwards to the glowing green circle on the wall and gingerly touched the edge of it.

“No!” Dawn’s voice shrieked from behind her. Phoebe spun around. Her foot caught on the edge of a rug. She slipped. She fell. The glowing, green portal swallowed her hungrily. Paige stepped forwards quickly. She tried to grab her sister. Her hand went into the portal and she overbalanced. She, too, was swallowed by the gaping tear in reality. “No!” Dawn gasped tearfully, a lump forming in her throat. “No!” She screamed frantically, tears beginning to pour down her cheeks.

“Dawn!” Buffy ran in, sword at hand and stopped short at the sight of the portal , her sword falling to the floor with a loud, clattering noise. “Dawnie” she breathed “What did you do?” Dawn turned her tear streaked face to Buffy,

“Guess I’m not as de-keyed as we thought.” Dawn said with a sharp laugh of irony “Paige and Pheebs” she forced out, a hitch in her voice “They…” Dawn gestured to the portal. Buffy’s eyes widened in shock. “My turn today” she choked out, with a laugh. “I love you.” Buffy’s expression turned frantic

“No, Dawn you can’t. Please, I can’t lose you.” She grabbed Dawn’s wrist, “Please.” Dawn looked at her sadly, tears flowing freely.

“I have to, I have to. I love you.” She hugged Buffy tightly before drawing back and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Tell Wills and Xander and Faith, let them know, they’ll always be family to me. And tell Giles, I couldn’t want a better dad than him.” Buffy let out a sob and gripped Dawn’s arm tighter.

“Dawnie, please, stay. I’ll jump, we know it’ll work.”

“No, they need you. It’s my turn.” She wiped a tear from Buffy’s eye and placed another kiss on her forehead “Goodbye.” She smiled and quickly wrenched her arm from Buffy’s grip, throwing herself into the portal before Buffy could react.

There was no last peaceful look on Dawn’s face, no look of pain as she jumped into the portal. She just vanished, disappeared the instant that her body touched the portal. A green light flashed, illuminating the room a beautiful emerald colour, before leaving the room perfectly still and normal, apart from the small blonde figure that collapsed on the floor next to her sword, her body racked with violent sobs.
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