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Bionic Horizons

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Summary: The future is untested but the past is finally behind them. answer to Buffy Summers Jamie Summers FFA rated for one line just to be safe

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Television > Bionic Woman, The/The Six Million Dollar ManJessicaDuffyFR181517051,5432 Oct 072 Oct 07No
I'm really sorry about not putting a disclaimer in this. I wrote and posted this little thing while I was in a class so I wasn't paying attention to the small details such as Jamie's name. All fixed now though. As for the problem some people have had about my story content wise I left this open on purpose cause I've never written fan fiction before. If you don't like the way I wrote this then by all means add another chapter the shows how you would have done it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Bionic Woman, thusly i claim not right or monetary compensation for this story.

Jamie Sommers stood on the stone rampart of an old Scottish castle waiting for her girlfriend to finish training. Three months had passed since she was assigned to infiltrate the Watchers Council. The NSA had been receiving numerous reports of terrorist activity within the American Government and Jamie, now dubbed the Bionic Woman by her handlers, was assigned to the case. Certain key members of the United States Military had grown weary of the Bionic Project’s success and had gone outside the realm of science to find their new super soldier. A secret religion called Twilight managed to gain a foot hold in the military and was using the government to wage its own private war on the supernatural.

Personally Jamie had never believed in anything that went bump in the night but after having seen the slayers in action the truth was hard to deny. It was nice to be away from the compound for once. The only true freedom she had experienced in nearly a year had been right after her surgery. The air in Scotland was so much cleaner and the sky was always crisp. Thanks to a major battle Jamie had assisted on a month back her people felt like she was needed in the Watchers Council if for nothing else than to wave an NSA badge and act official.

Jamie had been given the assignment thinking it to be a standard op. Get in, woo the girl, use said girl to gain access to Twilight, then subsequently take out nasty gray haired general and go home. That had been the plan at least, what Jamie hadn’t counted on was actually falling for Buffy Summers.

The assault on Twilight cost the Watchers Council nearly thirty girls not to mention the witches and seers that were killed. Buffy disappeared form the base only to turn back up in San Francisco where Becca had been hiding out. Jamie watched as Buffy drove a crow bar through the General’s head. The senior slayer had done everything she could to protect what she thought to be her family. The chosen one hadn’t expected Jamie’s appreciation to be as passionate and neither did Jamie.

Nothing could have prepared the bionic super soldier for the change her love for Buffy would have on her life. Everything seemed to fall into place as she moved to England with her sister and newfound fiancé.

Jamie looked up from the training ground to see the sun setting on the horizon. It was a brand new day for Jamie Sommers a brighter day.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Bionic Horizons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Oct 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking