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How many roads must a werewolf walk down?

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This story is No. 5 in the series "We're lost in music". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Before he's arrested by Gibbs? The NCIS team stumble across a fight in an alley that leads them to a locked room mystery. (or more accurately in this case, an unlocked room mystery.)

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Wouldn't be luck if ya could get out of life alive

A/N: I know there is a continuity error with NCIS canon here, as Kate was dead by the time McGee’s book was published – just pretend the later happened before the former, or that the sniper’s aim was a bit off.

“Director, are you ok?” asked Kate.

“I’m fine,” Jenny Shepard said as she got back to her feet.

“Which way did they go?”

“That way.” She pointed down the alley that led to the back of the cinema. They had been attending the first night screening of ‘Deep Six’ starring Richard Dean Anderson, something McGee could tell Gibbs held him responsible for, despite the fact he had no say in the casting; just because the film was based on his bestselling novel didn’t mean he had any say in who played whom. McGee himself wasn’t present: he had taken a few days leave, and had been whisked off to Hollywood to help promote the picture, and Tony unsurprisingly had a date. That left Kate attending the screening with Gibbs and Director Shepard. Although a night out with your boss and your boss’s boss was potentially a socially awkward affair, the attraction of getting the opportunity to witness first-hand Gibbs’ reaction to the picture was too tempting to pass up. She was also a little curious to see how her character had turned out – she had no complaints whatsoever about the casting of Angelina Jolie and since the roles had been announced at the start of filming had made a point of telling everyone she knew about it. For her part Jenny was glad to have Kate with them so that it did not look like she and Jethro were on a date.

Kate had just entered the auditorium and was making her way down the aisle toward their seats, having been ‘ordered’ by Gibbs to get them some popcorn when she saw the commotion. At the front of the hall an emergency exit door was open, and Gibbs was wrestling with a man who threw him into the Director causing them both to fall. Gibbs lept to his feet and ran after their attacker whilst Kate, still at the other side of the theatre had dropped the popcorn and raced toward the doorway.

She took off in the direction Jenny indicated, with the director following – although not unfit by any stretch of the imagination, she didn’t have Kate’s athleticism and was falling a little behind. As Kate reached the corner of the building she saw the man – or was there two of them – struggling with Gibbs a hundred yards further along the alley. As she looked on in horror, she saw her boss crumple to the ground. She sprinted up the alley to find Gibbs lying in a pool of his own blood which was pouring from what looking like a bite wound in his neck. As she turned his head toward her to check if he was still alive, Jenny caught up with them.

“Oh my God, Jethro!” She knelt beside Kate and seeing the blood pouring from his neck pulled off the jumper she was wearing and began fashioning it into a makeshift tourniquet. Gibbs meanwhile was barely hanging onto life, a cold black cloud coming down as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Kate stood and looked down at her fallen mentor “That’s it, I’m going to kill those bastards,” she said cocking her pistol.

“Agent Todd,” you will remember the oath you swore when you took up your badge and bring these men to proper justice; no matter how you feel right now, you are an officer of the law, not a vigilante.

Kate pulled said badge from her belt and looked from it to her bleeding friend, reaching a rash decision.

“Then Ma’am, you better take this badge from me; I can’t use it anymore.”

Before she could say anything further Kate took off after Gibbs’ attackers. Jenny had no option but to remain with the wounded Gibbs. She pulled her cell from her pocket and called 911 for an ambulance, then called the office for some backup.

“Stay with me Jethro,” she said looking down at the man she had cradled in her arm, “stay with me.”


Kate had caught up with the two men in a graveyard at the other end of the alleyway. She had just drawn her weapon when she was distracted by a voice in the shadows to her right.

“Harry, Michael, you’ve brought back a snack – how thoughtful.” Kate spun toward the speaker only to find he was already upon her, holding her arm against her side with what seemed like superhuman strength and keeping her gun pointed at the ground.

“My, you certainly look delicio—”

He didn’t get any further as that point before the disbelieving eyes of Special Agent Kate Todd, her attacker disintegrated into dust. She watched a small wooden stake fall to the floor from where the man’s chest had been moments earlier. Hearing another sound behind her, she spun around for the second time to find a young blonde woman approaching.

“Wha...How...Who are you?”

“I’m Buffy, and that—” she indicated the dust at Kate’s feet “—is, or rather, was a Vampire.”

“That’s impossible, Vampire’s don’t exist; they are like fairytale monsters, dreamt up to scare little kids.”

“Tell that to the pile of dust what was about to bite into you for dinner.”

“A V...Vampire? What about his friends.” Buffy followed her glance toward the gravestone where the two men that attacked Gibbs had been standing, to see it deserted.

“How many are there?” The only way in and out of the cemetery was behind them, so the vampires were still there in the shadows somewhere.

“Two. I think,” answered Kate. “It’s getting dark; too dark to see.” She raised her gun to eye level and began scanning the undergrowth. The girl next to her plucked a stake from her belt.

“I’m afraid against these foes, bullets have no effect. You may as well put your gun to the ground; you can’t shoot it anymore.”

As she spoke she launched the stake toward a dark patch of shadow beneath a mausoleum and Kate heard a grunt. She could barely make out the second Vampire turning to dust. Whilst she was still staring in awe, the girl alongside her sprinted towards the area, vaulting over a tombstone launching into a flying kick that ended at the point where the third Vampire’s neck met his collarbone, breaking his neck and causing him to meet the same fate as the other two.

She stood trying to make sense of what she had seen as the girl walked back towards her.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine. A little stunned, but fine.” Then she remembered Gibbs and the blood pouring from his neck. “Oh my god, they bit Gibbs – does that mean he’s going to become one of them?” Vague memories of Christopher Lee were rising in her mind.

“No, unless he drank their blood, if he survives the blood loss, he’ll be fine.” As she spoke they both heard the sirens from the approaching ambulance and squad cars. “Sorry, that’s my cue to exit stage left – I hope your friend pulls through.” With that she took off toward the back of the graveyard scaling the ten foot high sheer wall with an impossible leap.

Kate however had more important concerns that giving chase to the woman that had saved her; that mystery could wait for another day. She raced back down the alley to where Gibbs was being loaded onto a stretcher, and a police officer was lending the director of NCIS his jacket.

“Is he going to be ok?” she asked the nearest paramedic.

“I think so – although it looks bad, I don’t think he has lost a fatal amount of blood.” She felt Jenny come up alongside her, and as they looked down at Gibbs, he began to regain consciousness.

“Jethro,” said Jenny, “you had us worried there. How are you?”

His voice was weak as he answered. “Feel’s like I’m knocking on heaven’s door.”

The End

You have reached the end of "How many roads must a werewolf walk down?". This story is complete.

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