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Half Smile

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Summary: Riley pushes for normal again. HAs he found it this time. Warnings - Slash, but nothing graphic (not even hugs and kisses)

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Marvel Universe > GeneralDubiousFR131309031,0822 Oct 072 Oct 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither Peter Parker or Riley Finn and am not intending copyright infringement by their use in this story, nor am I making money from them.

Riley held still. He dared not move; not even blink as he feared the consequences. He thought he even stopped breathing for a brief moment. He counted the seconds. The briefest measure of time, stretched out beyond normal perception. He felt the weight on his shoulder but he remained rigid. The muscles in his face ached as his expression remained. He couldn’t let it falter, not even slightly because that would be all it took to….


“Is that enough?” he asked as the arm was lifted from his shoulders. He watched the brown haired man walk towards the camera, removing it from the tripod.

“Just a few more,” came the reply. Riley ran his hands over his face in despair.

“Oh come on Peter,” he called. “You’ve taken like thousands.” He blamed himself really. He was dating a photographer after all. He’d wanted normal after leaving the army. Why they thought that it would end any better the second time round was something, in retrospect, he could not fathom, but afterwards, he made a decision. He was leaving it all. Everything. Turning his back on the fighting, the orders, vampires, demons, apocalypses, women who could kick his ass…

“Just a few more,” Peter repeated, smiling that half-smile that seemingly sapped Riley of all determination and resolve. Normally. This time, the half-smile was in for a fight.

“Can’t we have a photograph-free afternoon?” Riley asked. “Look around. The beach is practically deserted. There’s glorious sunshine. And sun tan lotion to be applied regularly.” It was Riley’s turn to half-smile and his was loaded with far more possibilities than Peter’s usually was.

“Ok,” Peter relented, putting his camera in his bag. Riley’s half-smile doubled, then widened at the thought that he might get a normal vacation after all.

“Just don’t go disappearing on me, Parker.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Half Smile". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking