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Under Your Spell

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Summary: Vi is a Slayer and like most Slayers (or at least the ones that have trained her) she falls for completely the wrong guy. FFA Vi/Chase Collins (The Covenant)

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Movies > CovenantChosenfireFR131507027633 Oct 073 Oct 07Yes
Title: Under Your Spell
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
FFA Pairing: Vi/Chase Collins (The Covenant)
Spoilers: pre movie, BtVS post Chosen
Summary: Vi is a Slayer and like most Slayers (or at least the ones that have trained her) she falls for completely the wrong guy.

A/N: I adore this movie and there was something about Vi that I loved, she was my favorite potential for the sheer reason that I could see her making it further than any of the others. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

“Hello?” her voice echoed in the dark room as she made her way down the stairs and Vi pulled the blanket she had grabbed closer against the chill in the air. She couldn’t hide the tremble in her voice, even after years of being the source of monsters fears she always felt that tightening of her stomach when she was afraid.

She was strong, she knew that, she had been told that for years, but her strength came from her fear. It was what separated her from the others and it was why she had been asked to oversee the Slayers in Cleveland while Buffy and Faith handled separate apocalypses.

“Anyone there?” she tentatively asked her hand going to the small table as she turned the corner and her voice was full of fear but firm “I have a knife and I know how to use,” her hand clasped over the cool handle of the blade and he claimed loudly “I’ve been trained.”

Something shifted behind her and Vi turned swiftly arm raised dagger shining deadly in the moonlight. A hand clasped around her wrist in an iron grip and Vi looked up into cold blue eyes.

She sagged in relief allowing him to take the dagger and set it back on the table and her voice still trembled “Don’t do that, you know I don’t like being scared.”

“I’m sorry.” He muttered softly as he pulled her into his arms brushing back a strand of red hair.

She looked up at him her eyes shining brightly “I thought you’d left.”

Chase gave her a small smile the ice mask he wore falling briefly “I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye,” his fingers danced across her skin as he caressed her cheek and his voice was filled with regret “I’m going to miss you.”

She punched him lightly on the chest as she felt tears well up “Don’t make me cry, you’re going to be back soon.”

His smile was as cold as the rest of his features "Of course." he reassured her but she had no trouble hearing the lies.

She just smiled and hugged him tighter knowing that this was goodbye. He had told her from the beginning that he wouldn't be able to stay and while some would say she was foolish Vi was not romantic enough to believe she could make him.

His hand slipped to her stomach as he held her and the mask feel away as he looked down at her body an oddly tender smile touching his face that had o place there. "Life has a way of surprising you." he mused as he traced her bare skin under her shirt looking thoughtful.

Vi remained silent; she was used to his odd ramblings by now.

Most of the time they didn't mean anything, most of the time.

The End

You have reached the end of "Under Your Spell". This story is complete.

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