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Summary: Drabbles, ficlets, and stories going toward the FFAs. Latest: Dawn/Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Buffy/Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), Xander/Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood), Dawn/Daryl Dixon (Walking Dead), Dawn/Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)

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The Type (Xander/Sookie Stackhouse)

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or True Blood.

Author's Note: I have been desperately wanting to write something, anything, but the old muse has been letting me down. Finally succumbed and decided to do another FFA to get the juices flowin. Without further ado...

Perhaps - and this was not going on record, nope, not at all - Xander could admit he had a type.

He heard a snort to left, and leveled a glare at the younger Summers while reaching for the sugary, vaguely coffee-life beverage he'd just payed too much for. "What have we said about responding to unintentionally voiced thoughts?"

Dawn only gave him a condescending look (she must have practiced it for years, it was eerily identical to her sisters) as she finished the last bite of a blueberry muffin roughly the size of her head.

"Don't take that non-vocal tone with me."

"Oh, whatever. I'm not the one whose type consists of tiny blondes with superpowers."


"Anya wasn't blonde." Pause. "At first."

Dawn stared again. "Non-vocal tone engaged."

"Okay, fine," he conceded with a sigh. "So I have a problem."

"I dunno. Sookie's nice. I like Sookie. You like Sookie. Her presence seems to indicate she feels roughly the same," she gestured to the empty seats beside her and Xander, where Buffy and the telepath in question had been before excusing themselves to the restroom in the quant cafe. Probably to gossip like a couple old ladies.

Dawn hadn't been invited. She took this with all the mature grace of a scowl in their direction.

Still, she had a point. Sookie didn't have to agree to anything she didn't want to. It was only their third "official" date, wherein no plans to stop evil whatsoever occurred, and with his friends present at that, but he had a good feeling about her. She was lovely and she knew about the supernatural (more than just the undead) and if he was reading the signals right she seemed genuinely interested. He could definitely, 100% learn to love Louisiana in no time flat if it meant more time with her.


"She might be in love with a viking vampire."

Dawn blinked at him, and he let his head drop to the table in defeat.

When the two blondes returned, they were still perfectly amiable. They seemed to get along like a house on fire. Because of course they would.

Sookie sat back down beside him and smiled, so she must not have caught his angsty thoughts at their height. Thank God. He absolutely did not want to ruin this before it even got started.

Maybe, just maybe, he'd win a wooing contest against a vamp this time.
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