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A new Mystic Knight

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Summary: Response to FFA Xander and Xander (mystic force rangers)- The rangers find themselves with a new Mystic Knight to help in the fight against evil.

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Mystic ForceObsidianFR1322,4550123,9634 Oct 0714 Jun 09No

The First monster fight.

Disclaimer; I do not own any character from Buffy the Vampire slayer or The Mystic Force power rangers. They are owned by their respective creators. I am making NO money off this.

Sorry it's taken so long to update I've been stuck on this and couldn't continue it. I think My muse was on strike.
But Now on with the fight scene.

The Rangers stood looking at this New Mystic Knight and gaped. A few minutes ago this guy had come into the shop and the next thing they know he's the Lunar Mystic Knight.

To say they where mildly shocked would have been an understatement. They Looked at each other and shrugged and decided to let this knew Mystic Knight take the lead to see what he could do.

The Lunar Mystic Knight took off down the street to where he could hear the sounds of destruction and evil sounding laughter.

He turned a corner and stopped. Standing before him was some weird tentacled monster that looked like it belong in a cartoon instead of on the streets. It was almost comical. Almost, if it hadn't been for the car it just crushed with one blow of it's tentacle.

The Rest of the rangers rounded the corner in time to see the Lunar knight take off with his sword at the ready.

With a yell he jumped into the air and came down with a slashing blow to the monster before him. The monster staggered back and laughed "Is that all you have Lunar Knight? Yes I know who you are and it will be my pleasure to rid the world of you once more. My master will be so pleased with me!"

With this the monster attacked, a red tentacle slashing out to strike the lunar knight throwing him back.

He rolled as he landed and came up in a crouch. "Whoa, he has one heck of a punch with that tentacle. Gotta watch that." He looked around noticing the Mystic Rangers. "Rangers Fan out surround him. But be careful of those tentacles they pack one mean punch. Don't let him hit you."

Nodding the Rangers fanned out around the tentacled monster encircling him.

As they did so they finally got their first look at this new monster that they had to fight. He was slightly over 7 feet tall. Red and green with two tentacles on each side of his body but had regular legs. He had what looked like a hard shell on his back. Almost like a turtles shell but much larger.

"Ahh Rangers so good of you to join us. I will defeat you and prove to my master and to the Lunar Knight that I am worthy to be the champion of the Void! Before I kill you all I shall grace you with my name. I am Tentaclus. Remember it well because it'll be the last time you hear it!"

With this declaration he attacked left then right. The Rangers where ready for him and dodged out of the way. The Returned his attacks with slices of their own that where batted away by his tentacles.

The Lunar Knight had not been standing idle all this time. He had circled around behind this Tentaclus and attacked once he was behind him.

Raising his sword and jumping into the air he came down slashing the shell of Tentaclus wide open. The monster let our a pained roar and whirled to strike at the offending Lunar Knight. But the Knight was quicker. He once again slashed out and cut off a tentical.

Tentaclus Let out another roar and screamed "You Shall pay for that You damned Knight. I'll Hang your armor up as a trophy! I will kill you!" He lunged once again at the Knight but was surprised to find he wasn't there. Looking up he was blinded by the sun.

With a glint off his sword the Lunar Knight descended like a avenging angel and struck. With one blow he bisected the monster from head to crotch cutting him in two.

The Knight landed and turned his back on the now dieing monster and with a florish sheathed his sword on his back.

The Rangers looked on in shock and awe as the monster known as Tentaclus was defeated in one swift blow.

A Might laugh was heard and booming voice called out from all around them "Well done Lunar Knight You are as formidable as I remember. But You shall not prevail. I will defeat you! Once again you shall become dead to the world. This time never to rise again! Now RISE my minion and destroy them all!"

Looking up the Lunar knight noticed a flash from the sky as a portal opened up and an object sped towards the ground from it.

"Oh no you don't! Not on my watch!" The Lunar Knight was heard to say as he raised his sword and yelled "Lunar Beam Activate!"

A Beam shot from the upraised sword to intersect the falling object destroying it with a flash and a bang of an explosion.

Once again the rangers just stood there not believeing what they had just seen. This new Knight that they did not know had just kept a monster from being raised from the dead and growing. So they didn't have to call on their Zoids.

Looking back at the monster they saw it desolve as if it never existed.

Sighing the Rangers looked to the Knight just in time to see him take off back towards the store. They followed at a run.

As they neared the store they ducked down an alley and reverted to their normal selves. And then walked the rest of the way to the store. upon entering the store they found Xander standing at the counter just leaning on it as if waiting for them.

They all began to speak at once demanding to know where he got that power, who was the Lunar Knight and why hadn't they heard of him.

Xander held up his hands "ok whoa whoa whoa one at a time. Sheesh. I can't answer you if you don't let me. Come on!"

They Finally calmed down and just stood waiting for him to answer them.

Xander looked around and sighed "Ok Fine. I'll explain. It's like this , it all started years back during a Halloween when a chaos Mage decided it would be fun to cast a spell to turn us poor unsuspecting kids of Sunnydale into our costumes. Now me I wanted to be different. I found this old book Giles had. I'll explain who he is later. It had this cool looking guy in it. Yep You guessed it. The Lunar Mystic Knight who had not been seen in a very long time. But hey guess what He's BACK!" He laughed as the the rangers once again began to bombard him with questions.

Meanwhile Udonna was heard to say "Oh dear."

To be continued....

Ok thats it for this installment, Read and review. And even send idea's my way if you want to. I'm open for suggestions.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A new Mystic Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jun 09.

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