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A new Mystic Knight

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Summary: Response to FFA Xander and Xander (mystic force rangers)- The rangers find themselves with a new Mystic Knight to help in the fight against evil.

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Mystic ForceObsidianFR1322,4550123,9634 Oct 0714 Jun 09No

The new Knight appears

Disclaimer; I do not own any character from Buffy the Vampire slayer or The Mystic Force power rangers.

Note: This takes place after Graduation. Xander has been roaming around just traveling when he finds himself in this town where things aren't what they seem.

Author note:This is my first attempt at a FFA response so be gentle.


Xander had been away from Sunnydale before but never this long. He found he didn't mind as much now. Last time he had talked to anyone back good old Sunnydale things where going just fine. Peachy in fact. No world ending events in the past month, which of course worried Giles. Xander smiled to himself 'What didn't worry Giles?' he thought to himself.

Xander had made it out to the coast and just cruised along until he found a place he liked enough to stay for a while. He had saved up money over the years and wasn't hurting for cash. He had himself a nice place to stay. And a good car. Now he needed some tunes. Thats what let him to this record shop that still had records. Which really amazed him. But then again he liked some of the older stuff so he was happy.

He stood going through another box of old 80's rock bands and heard someone say "Hey Xander!" He turned and said " Yeah what?" Just as another guy turned and said "what?" They both stopped and looked at each other.

"Umm Xander?" someone said from near the turn table on a raised stage. "yeah?" both men said then looked at each other with puzzling looks. Xander Harris was the first to speak. "Wait they call you Xander? with an X?"

"Yeah mate they do. What, don't tell me your names Xander too?" the strange said.

"Yeah people do call me Xander. But my names Alexander, Alexander Harris. Just Call me Xander" He said and held out his hand. The stranger by the same name took his hand and said "Glad to meet another Xander, don't meet to many of us around." He smiled and looked up at the slightly Asian looking women at the turn tables. "Yeah V what ya need?"

The women, V, just stood there looking puzzled "Wait.. we've got two Xander's in here? NO WAY!?!?" she said in shock.

"HEY gang we got another Xander here!" she yelled out for everyone in the shop to hear.

Both Xander's just kinda stood there wondering what the big deal was. They looked at each other , shrugged and played along.

The Australian ranger speaks up "Umm Yeah V his names Alexander but people call him Xander like me. Cool Huh?"

Before V can answer there's a beeping noise in the air from several different locations at once. Other people come out from around the store wearing the purple store shirt. They look pointedly at each other and nod.

"Sorry to cut this Short Umm Xander but we umm Gotta Go." V says and motions for her Xander to follow her out the door.

This perks Xander Harris's Interest and he cuts in front of the Australian and heads out the door after the Asian women. Just as he gets outside he hears someone shout "Hey Xander CATCH!"

He reaches out and Catches what is thrown. He takes one step out side onto the sidewalk and looks down. The Australian is right behind him when there is a flash of light.

When the light fades There stands Xander Harris Holding not a wand that he held a second before but a large sword with a crescent guard and gold hilt with another crescent of a moon on it. The sword glints in the Evening sun as the employee's of the store look on in shock.

The Australian Xander gives the Guy holding a sword a curious look and begins to ask "What ha...." *CRASH* He doesn't get to finished his question as a car comes crashing down the street end over end. No time to think the purple shirted record store employee's duck behind a large tree looking around make sure no one is looking. They have all forgotten about one bewildered Xander Harris, still holding the sword in shock.

Find that no one is around they pull out what appears to be cell phones flip them open and punch in some buttons with beeps and yell out "Magical force Mystic Force!"

With a Flash Each is transformed into a Mystic Force power ranger, Red,Yellow,Blue,Pink and Green. Each in a tight fitting suit that covers them from the bottoms of their feet to their necks where a helmet sits covering their faces. Each suit is not solid but has a line running up each leg to their shoulders then across their chest. The Helmets have a black area that they can see out of. Around their waists are gold belts and hanging from that belt is a sword on each hip.

Xander Harris stands there in shock looking at these Mystic Force Rangers. He feels the sword in his hand begin to hum and sing to him. He remembers the Halloween where he went as the Lunar knight. A mystical Warrior he found buried in one of Giles books. That night he had become that Warrior and protected those he loved in Sunnydale. That personal had never truly left him but had waited for a time when it was needed again. That time had arrived.

Xander has been walking over to the group and had stopped as he got past the large tree and raised the sword high in the air and yelled "Mystic Force Empower ME!"

--~~Calling forth the Mystical Armor of the LUNAR KNIGHT~~-- Armor descended from the sky and locked itself around Xander as he held the sword aloft.

The Mystic rangers watched as this person they had just met became one of the Mystical Knights of legion and lore.

The Lunar Knight Lowered his sword and looked at the rangers.

Standing before them looking taller than he was before was Xander Harris now decked out in the silvery armor. The Armor had a old world feel like it belonged in the ages of Camelot with it's shining silver finish.

On his head was a large helmet with crescent with points sweeping upwards. The helmet appeared to be two pieces. The top piece that fit down over the head and a hanged jaw piece that was closed down and locked in place to the neck guard leaving a space for him to look out. This area over his eyes was also as dark as the other rangers allowing him to see out but no one to see in.

The neck piece wrapped around his neck and joined the chest plate that wrapped around his now large chest. On the front of the armor was what appeared to be a large crescent like on the sword and helmet with moonbeams flaring out from it ever so subtly.

The arm and leg pieces fit snuggly onto his arms as did the large gloves with black spokes protruding from the knuckles of each glove. The armor was finished off with large silver boots .

Between each piece was what appeared to be a golden chain mail but looked much stronger.

Outlining each piece around the joints was a dark grey line that made each piece stand out.

With a flourish this silver armored person put the sword into a leather lined silver scabbard that hung from his hip.

And For the first time he spoke "I am the Lunar Mystic Knight." he said with a deep booming voice.

The mystic Rangers just stood there in shock and looked at this Lunar Mystic Knight before them.

To be continued....?
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