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Not Worth Saving

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Summary: After everything, how can you even ask for something like that?

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Supernatural > GeneralJmariaFR151351031,0095 Oct 075 Oct 07Yes
Title: Not Worth Saving
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15 (lang)
Disclaimer: Whedon and Kripke own my soul - er, the character’s souls. Hehe.
Summary: After everything, how can you even ask for something like that?
A/N: Normally I say ‘really don’t ask me where this came from, cuz I don’t fricken know’. But I do. It came from watching the commercials during “The Magnificent Seven”. No actual spoilers for season three - kinda some for season two.

Not Worth Saving

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Dawn yelled, hands on her hips with the bloody broadsword in her hand.

Her green apron was liberally coated with blood and she was pretty sure there was a corpse or two around her. Dean was on his back, pushing said bloody bimbo corpse off of himself while Vi was pressing a green cloth napkin to the vicious looking wound on her stomach beside him. Sam was still trying to catch his breath and close his half-clawed off shirt. And those were just the three she could see in the completely battle-trashed room, there was no telling what had happened to Rona, Bobby, Faith, and Buffy who’d been holding down the lobby.

But Dawn couldn’t even focus on the fact that Sammy-boy was half nekkid at the moment because of the man sitting at the table in front of her. The man simply blinked at her.

“It says all-you-can-eat pasta - and I haven’t tried the marinara in linguine!” The man cried, as if his lack of pasta was the end of the world.

Dawn threw down the tray she’d been using as a mock shield and angrily advanced on the man, but Sam and Dean had made miraculous recoveries and had each grabbed an arm. The Winchester brothers half-dragged her away from him, while Vi limped after them.

“And can we get some more bread and salad too?” The man called out to her.

“Sure, when all of the demons that rose up from hell to end the world are sent back there,” Vi snapped, rolling her eyes. Some people really just weren’t worth saving.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Worth Saving". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking