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A Leap of Faith

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Summary: The Ori have overrun Earth, and are hunting for the Key that will allow them to access other dimensions. Willow casts a last-ditch spell to transport Dawn, with Xander to protect her, to a reality where they will find shelter from the Ori.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredLianneBFR1335,54826016,9795 Oct 0712 Feb 08No

Chapter One

I don't own either the Buffy characters (all praise Joss Whedon) or the Stargate Universe. But we all thank the creators, for they have given us a wonderful sandbox to play in.


The faint boom of a distant explosion reached them right before the concussion, giving them just enough warning to brace themselves in the center of the room, covering their heads. The rain of dust was accompanied by fist-sized pieces of concrete that told them that their final shelter was not going to last much longer. The war was over, and the last mopping up was nearly complete. As far as they knew, they were the last pocket of resistance left on the entire planet.

"How long?" Faith asked, brushing dust of the shoulder of the leather duster she was wearing, the smell of concrete dust almost obscuring the faint hint of tobacco that still clung to it. It hung on her frame, which had always been tiny, but was now even more so. Even if the enemy hadn't been on their doorstep, they were almost out of food, and it showed on her.

"Not much longer," Willow replied, not bothering to look up from her preparations. If Faith was tiny, Willow was positively gaunt as her magic devoured her from the inside. She radiated a soft glow -- their only light except for a couple of flashlights with dying batteries -- that gave her an ethereal look. In the last year she'd had to tap deeper into the planet's energy field to fuel her spells of protection and concealment, but she wasn't going to be able to do so for much longer, especially now that they'd been located.

Willow was touching up the complicated patterns she'd drawn on the floor, cleaning up the damage from the falling debris. In the corner, the last two surviving Scoobies huddled together for warmth. Xander's arms wrapped around Dawn's shoulders, holding her tightly. He'd promised Buffy to protect her sister until the end, and it looked like the end might reach them before Willow finished her spell.

There'd been more of them when they'd arrived in Colorado, although most of the country had fallen by that point. But they'd been whittled away by circumstances, through suicide and surrender. It was the four of them left, and with any luck, shortly it would be two.

"I'm ready," Willow said, standing up and brushing the dust from her hands.

Xander pushed to his feet awkwardly, careful of the sprained ankle, then offered Dawn a hand. She took it, but didn't let any of her weight pull on it. They picked up two thin duffels that contained everything they had left to them, as well as the Slayer Scythe that Xander slung over his shoulder. They then moved over to stand next to Willow.

Somewhere over their heads came to sound of grinding metal and the thump of many feet, and Faith headed to the door that was the only entrance to the room. "They're coming," she said, unnecessarily. "Now or never, Willow."

Willow's voice raised in a soft chant that filled the room, and the pattern began to glow brightly.

"Shit," Faith whispered. "Send them, Willow," she said, then pulled a sword out from under her coat and stepped out into the hallway, pulling the door closed behind her with a final thud.

The glow solidified, then shot up to form a spinning disk that looked strangely like water. In the distance, they could hear Faith's battle-cry echoing through the corridors, and the sound of metal on metal.

"Now," Willow said, her voice strangely hollow.

"Come with us," Dawn pleaded, even though they all knew the answer already.

"Someone has to stay to close the portal and erase any chance of it being reopened," Willow said, touching the lump in her pocket. Xander knew what was there, and blinked back tears he'd thought were impossible after all this time. She had to stay behind to close the portal, but she was the only one able to reopen it again. She planned to make sure that they couldn't 'convince' her. Xander leaned over and brushed a kiss to her forehead. She smiled back at him.

Then Xander took Dawn's hand and stepped through the portal.


Portals opening in the middle of Stargate Central weren't all that uncommon -- in fact, they happened several times a day -- but this one was different. First of all, there'd been no warning.

More alarming, the portal wasn't part of the Stargate; it appeared out of thin air at the base of the ramp.

Unwelcome intrusions weren't all that unusual either, and the guards reacted immediately, surrounding the phenomenon with guns ready. Red lights flashed from every corner, and the doors into the Gate room locked. General Landry stepped out of his office, just off the control room. "What's going on?" he demanded of the closest tech.

"No idea, sir. It just appeared," the man said, typing commands into his computer. Readings from scanners flew across his screen, too quickly for Landry to interpret.

Then, through the observation window, there was a sudden flare in light, and when Landry turned towards it, he saw two figures fall out of the portal. Then the phenomenon vanished as suddenly as it appeared.

A man with an eye-patch and a young woman, both filthy and far too skinny, lay on the concrete floor of the Stargate room, barely conscious. Moving carefully, one of the guards pushed away... was that an oversized axe? The man, wisely didn't try to stop him. He just hung onto the woman's hand tightly. "Is this place... safe?" he gasped out.

Landry leaned forward and pushed an intercom button. "Son, that depends on your definition of safe," he said, then turned to his aid. "Get them to medical. They could use a wash and a clean set of clothes, as well as a medical check. Then I want to see them in conference room seven."

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