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Second Chance

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Summary: If you had a second chance at love, would you take it? (Non-DH-Compliant) This takes place some years after the battles.

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Harry Potter > GeneralKyliaSkydancerFR132831011,4475 Oct 0719 Dec 07No


Timeline: This story was started after the fifth or sixth book of the Harry Potter series (I don't remember which) and as a result will not be compliant with the Deathly Hallows storyline. It may or may not be compliant with the sixth book, I haven't decided yet. This will eventually be a crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (around the fourth of fifth chapter) and is pretty consistent with the BTVS storyline. However I have not decided yet if or how the Angel storyline will fit in.

Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling and Joss Whedon own all. I am but a poor starving artist randomly killing off and resurrecting their characters.


Hermione sat at her table in the cafe and sighed. Right now she was remembering when she introduced Ron to cappuccinos. He'd frowned at first at the slightly bitter taste but, through some encouragement on her part, he'd continued drinking. He never got to liking them but would always join her whenever she got a hankering for caffeine. That had been the summer before the battle...the summer before he died.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she recalled that horrible day. One would have expected battle lines in a big field or something, at least that was how she'd always pictured it to occur. Unfortunately, Voldemort didn't play fair. She had woken up to find the school overrun. Lavender had already been killed, as well as many other students. The ones that were still alive were huddled in tiny groups, watched over by masked Deatheaters. They'd been saved by Pansy Parkinson. That fact had surprised her then. She'd told them Millicent had died protecting a first-year Hufflepuff. That had surprised her too...she really needed to get rid of her biases.

Once she and Ron were free, they'd joined the effort to defend the school. Harry had appeared at some point, she couldn't remember when, as well as the other members of the DA. The battle had continued for so long but in the end they had won. Figuratively speaking.

"Excuse me Miss," Hermione looked up from her coffee and her thoughts to see a blond teenage girl holding a jug of coffee and looking at her worriedly. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." She smiled reassuringly at the waitress.

"Um...okay. Do you want some more coffee?" She hoisted her jug.

"No. Thank you but I have to get to work." She slipped out a few crinkled bills and placed them next to her unfinished coffee before easing out of her seat and heading out the door.

The blond waitress continued looking at the door long after Hermione had left.
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