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Chloe's Vampire

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This story is No. 11 in the series "Answered FFA Ficlets & Drabbles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Another blonde 'damsel in distress' caught his fancy, but this time she's from a different city and used to dealing with a different kind of creapies...

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Smallville > Angel-CenteredPhoenixRaeFR131796021,6376 Oct 076 Oct 07Yes
Disclaimer:  Not mine. I am just borrowing these wonderful characters to satiate this growing plot bunny idea of mine.

FFA Pairing:  Angel / Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

Summary:  Another blonde 'damsel in distress' caught his fancy, but this time she's from a different city and used to dealing with a different kind of creapies...

PhoenixRae's Notes:  Disregard the timeline for both series for this fic to make sense.

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Chloe's Vampire
by PhoenixRae

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CHLOE SULLIVAN'S FIRST time in sunny California -- Los Angeles to be exact -- had been nothing short of adventurous.  And by 'adventurous' she didn't mean she was able to rub elbows with the Who's Who of Hollywood.  Her adventures leant more along the side of coming face to face with some creatures that were like the Meteor Freaks from back home in Smallville, but not quite.

        Her first night out after she arrived she was accosted a couple of blocks outside the hotel she was staying at.  Men who mirrored the same strength as Clark's and probably matched his speed blocked her path.  Something was wrong with their faces; it looked a bit deranged and boy they had fangs.

        After her encounter with Lana and her small frat coven, Chloe wasn't easily fazed by such sight, however when they were adamant on aiming for her neck she started to panic.  Her first instinct was to call out for Clark, and knowing her best friend's super sensitive hearing, he'd be coming to her rescue in no time flat.  But her whole point of coming out here to California was to be on her own and to not depend too much on Clark Kent.

        Thankfully a different kind of hero was lurking in the shadows waiting to rescue any damsel in distress from the clutches of blood-hungry vampires -- the real vampires, not just the ones affected by the meteorites.

        He seemed like the type who was used to fighting such creatures.  He was tall (not as tall as Clark and not as scrawny either) with dark hair and chiseled face.  His face looked deranged to her as well, but instead of him going for her throat, he was after staking the vampires that accosted her.

        "Are you okay?"  He asked after he was finished dusting the vampires.  His face was back to normal, and what struck Chloe as odd was after kicking some major ass (he didn't just pull out a couple of stakes and staked the vamps -- he got himself into some pretty good hand-to-hand combat with the now dusted vampires too), he didn't seem the least bit out of breath!

        "You're not human," were the first words out of her mouth.  Of course she didn't mean for those words to stumble out of her mouth the way it did, but he caught her by surprise.  He tried covering up the obvious fact that no normal human being would get into a fight like that and come out without as much as sucking in deep, lungful of air.

        He started asking her questions, making sure she was alright and even offered her a ride back to her hotel.  Chloe accepted the free escort service back to her hotel.  He may not be an alien from another planet, but he saved her life and he seemed to be a decent enough guy.

        "I'm sorry about what I just said," Chloe apologized when they were near her hotel.  "I mean, I was still in shock that I was ambushed like that, you know?  And then watching you fight those'm just...I mean, I'm familiar with the non-human types, you know?  Like aliens from another planet sent to earth for his own safety, yadi-yadi-yada," she babbled incessantly as she led him to the banks of elevators and punched in the button for the lift.  She was in the middle of her incessant babbling when she happened to glance at her reflection on the closed steel elevator doors and noticed that the man standing beside her had none.

        Angel watched as the blonde tourist's eyes widened like a pair of flying saucers.  He was surprised when she was spot-on when she accused him of not being human.  He thought she figured out that he was a demon -- a vampire, but when she started talking about aliens, he was suddenly clued-in as to what kind of non-human encounters she had.

        He waited until the blonde turned her face to him and grinned down at her.

        "My name is Angel, and yes, I am what you think I am," he admitted with a teasing note to his tone.

        Chloe gulped down hard, her eyes remained locked with the roguish dark haired man with no reflection and who just saved her from becoming dinner from a small group of vampires.

        "Oh boy," she mumbled at the same time the elevator doors dinged and slid open.

The End

You have reached the end of "Chloe's Vampire". This story is complete.

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