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Deja vu

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Sonnets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith's encounter with Anita after Buffy's death

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
Harry Potter > Faith-Centered
(Past Donor)LupoFR18713,418134,5576 Oct 073 Nov 07Yes

St. Louis

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters contained within.

That would be Joss Whedon, L. Hamilton, JK Rowling

St. Louis:


Anita appeared, in front of her door

She took a deep breath, wondering what was in store

When she took off, to find the green eyed blonde

Leaving J.C. and Richard, rage breaking their bond

She did not think twice, of what it would mean

To walk out on those, who called her their Queen


Now that she’s back, thinking what it had cost

She would try to recover, all that she lost

What she felt first, when she found the dead

Was uncontrollable rage, that filled her head

She did not care, what Richard had felt

Did not see the blow, J.C. had been dealt

Off on her quest, she headed straight out

“I’ll kill that bitch”, she said in a shout


As Lupa and Bolverk, it was her right

To find the Slayer, and kill her on sight

What was done to her people, she could not forget

For taking them away, she was owed a steep debt

Little did she know, when she found her prey

They’d be working together, before the next day

Together they found, who was really to blame

But out of the battle, she alone came


The night after her return, from cross the sea

She went to the Circus, concerned for J.C.

He would not move, and would not walk

No one could reach him, or get him to talk

He just sat there staring, at the portrait on the wall

Dying in daylight, awaking at night fall

He stayed in the seat, in front of the fireplace

Staring for hours, with no expression on his face


Now that she’s back, she’ll just have to deal

Do what is needed, to help Jean Claude heal

The city would fall, if he continues this way

The Vampire Council, will visit one day


They will not be able, to keep the secret for long

With J.C. being so weak, they must appear strong

The Council would place, as Master of the City

One with no compassion, one without pity

The whole city would suffer, under their rule

The Council vamps were known, to be merciless and cruel


Anita came in, each night since she’s back

She wanted to tell him, about the attack

He will not turn to her, acknowledge she is there

She sat down beside him, runs her hand through his hair

She tried to talk to him, and break through his grief

Asher’s death ruined him, stole his mind like a thief


She stays for awhile, this night trying her best

Holding his hand, cuddling his head to her chest

Then she goes out, to find someone to explain

What it would take, to make Jean Claude sane


She heads to the Lunatic Café, and finds Richard there

She walks in tonight, while all the wolves stare

Richard looks up, and in his eyes

Is a strange look, to her great surprise

She does not know, what put that look there

She’s really not liking, being under that stare


He knows that vengeance, for Jason has been wrought

Anita had found, the revenge that she sought

He stands and goes to her, wraps her up in his arm

Gives her a tight smile, as Anita’s senses alarm

Looking to the wolves, that were all gathered there

He shows off their Lupa, while nuzzling her hair

“Your queen has returned”, to the pack he does say

“After serving up justice, and traveling far away”

“Anita has returned, as I told you she would”

“On her promise to Jason, she has made good”

“No one will harm you, while she is around”

“Any that do, she’ll put in the ground “

After this speech, Richard takes her aside

Anita goes with him, her anger trying to hide


“I did not come here, to be put on display”

Anita said to Richard, while pushing away

Richard took her arm, and whispered in her ear

“I just told them all, what they needed to hear”

“You know for yourself, that you’ll kill for them”

“It wasn’t just the fact, that Jason was your friend”


“I know what I’d do, to protect our pack”

Anita said to him, taking a step back

“That does not mean, you can put on a show”

“Using my nature, to make your threats grow”

“What has been happening, while I was away”

“That’s making you act, like an ass here today?”


Richard just sighed, and turned to the wall

He looked out the window, trying to stall

How to explain, the uproar that came

When the pack found out, the Slayer was to blame

For killing the ones, that Anita swore to protect

Their faith in the human, was sorely wrecked

Challenges to his power, came almost everyday

He had to kill, to keep others at bay

Jamil and Shang Da, had tried their best

But Richard had to fight, when pushed to the test

His threat was not enough, to maintain control

With each new death, he lost part of his soul


He turned back to Anita, with that look in his eyes

And could not find words, to make pretty lies

“I’m not the same man, that you left that day”

“The things that I’ve done, will not go away”

“I did what I had to, as you always said”

“Embracing my beast, now others are dead”

“To keep the pack together, I unleashed my rage”

“Now it’s too late, to put back in its cage”


Anita just listened, she slowly understood

She would take it all back, if only she could

What was done has been done, it can’t be taken back

If it wasn’t for Richard, they’d have lost their pack


“I’m sorry Richard, that I wasn’t here”

“I want you to know, to make myself clear”

“You did what was needed, you have to see”

“It’s what it means to be Ulfic, just listen to me”

“Protecting your people, is just and right”

“Sometimes that means, people die in a fight”

“It doesn’t make you evil, or just plain not nice”

“It just means you care, enough to pay the price”

“Of keeping your people safe, day after day”

“I’m just sorry you learned, that lesson this way”


Richard just nodded, then shook his head

Shaking off images, of those that were dead

“How do you live, with all that you’ve done?”

“Taking those lives, by using your gun?”


Anita just shrugged, and let out a sigh

It was time for truth, she’d no longer lie

“I am very practical, when it comes to my life”

“I will not allow others, to give my people strife”

“You out of anyone, know what I’ll do”

“Now more than ever, you do what you have to.”

“And as much as I’d like, to stay here and fight”

“I need to get answers, to my questions tonight”

“What can be done, to bring Jean Claude back?”

“We will both need him, to fight a Council attack.”


Richard gave a laugh, an unhappy sound

Hearing her worry for the vampire, makes his head pound

“So that’s why you’re here?”, he asks voice quite low

“To save your poor vampire, who is dying so slow?”


“You know what’s been happening”, Anita stated

“You didn’t offer to help, because we had dated.”

“You would just let him die, or waste away”

“If I hadn’t come, asking for your help today?”


“Yes I’d let him rot, in that Circus he owns”

Richards voice when he spoke, was hard as stones

“For all that he took, from my people and me”

“We’ll be better off, without him you’ll see”

“Once you had left, the bond between us was broke”

“The way that he used us, just makes me choke”


Anita could not believe, what she just heard

She could not see how, all of this had occurred

In the short time she was gone, all that she knew

Was thrown into chaos, she didn’t know what to do.

“If you don’t help me, to save what we had”

“Then you and I are over, and for that I’ll be sad”

“I cannot just stand by, and let Jean Claude drown”

“I will not watch, his sorrow take him down”

“You help find a way, to figure this out”

“Or I’ll rain on your parade, of that have no doubt”


Anita walked out, without another glance

She’d just given Richard, his very last chance

She headed on home, to try and get some rest

All the way back, her heart heavy in her chest


Tomorrow she had, to get back to work

Her business manager Bert, was being a jerk

She had missed too much time, in the last week

She had appointments, raising corpses to speak


The next afternoon, as the sun went down

Anita drove her Jeep, down through the town

Pulling up to park, at Animator’s Inc.

She needed to keep busy, and not stop to think

At the front desk, the secretary Mary did sit

Answering the phones, and doing her bit

Anita grabbed her appointment book, and went back to her car

The first raising of the night, was not very far


She was met by the grave, by the family and lawyer

Who requested her skills, when he talked to her employer

Introductions were made, as the sun slowly sank

She listened to what they wanted, with her face blank

A simple case, to find cause of death

This shouldn’t take long, she won’t be wasting her breath

They need to find out, how the man died

The insurance won’t pay, if proven suicide

That would leave the widow, and her two boys

Out in the cold, without any joys


At the foot of the grave, standing alone

Anita stood still, facing the headstone

She calls forth the body, from the earth where it lies

The ground begins to ripple, as the corpse starts to rise

The zombie stands up, hearing his name

Staring at Anita, his face slack and plain

There is nothing in those eyes, the look is so bland

Until Anita feeds it blood, from off of her hand


Suddenly life flows, into those eyes

The personality of the zombie, comes out in surprise

“Why am I here? What have you done?

Some of the group, turned as if to run

Anita tells them, “Stay where you are”

They all hold their places, but look to the car

“I called you back, from the grave where you reside”

“To answer questions, that were left when you died”


A lawyer stepped up, next to the man

He introduced himself, as Mr. Hammerstan

“I am here to review, the will that you left”

“To help out the widow, that is still so bereft”

“The insurance will not cover, a suicide”

“I need you to tell us, the events how you died”


“It was a stupid accident”, the corpse starts to speak

“I’d been meaning to clean out, the garage all that week”

“I started the car, so the radio I’d hear”

“But I forgot to open, the garage door it is clear”

“I went through some boxes, listening to the tunes”

“The next thing I knew, I passed out from the fumes”


That was enough, for the lawyer to hear

The family would get the money, plus the house free and clear

He turned to Anita, and gave her a wave

Indicating it was time, to put the corpse back in his grave

The family and lawyer, headed away

For this part of the ceremony, they didn’t want to stay

Alone in the graveyard, its pleas she’d ignore

Anita laid the corpse, to rest for ever more


While gathering her supplies, to go on her way

Anita felt a tingling, along her neck start to play

She turned around, looking into the night

Her muscles tensing up, ready for a fight

Then all at once, from out of the air

Three Master vampires, were suddenly there


Two men and a woman, dressed in fine clothes

They looked pretty good, as far as vamp fashion goes

“Your Master can’t help you”, the tallest man said

The woman then stated, ”He is next to be dead”

The third man was silent, but gave Anita the stare

They should have known, that she wouldn’t scare


They tried to circle, Anita as one

She wasn’t waiting, she pulled out her gun

She took a quick shot, and hit the third vamp in his chest

Blood started flowing, out over his vest

Before the blood, had started to crust

The silent vampire, faded to dust


The woman moved, in a white streak

She grabbed Anita by the throat, then started to speak

“Your time has come, little necromancer”

“You should have known, to the Council you would answer”


Out of the trees, a young woman appeared

“Get out or your next”, the tallest vampire sneered

The woman kept coming, like she didn’t hear

Dressed in leather pants, and a white top that was shear

She stopped a few feet away, and tilting her head

“Yo, I think you oughta let loose, of girlfriend” she said

Anita used the distraction, to pull out of the grip

The woman vamp so surprised, she let her hand slip


The tall vamp turned to face, the newcomer there

She had deep brown eyes, and long dark hair

“This is none of your concern, I think you should go”

A stake appeared in his chest, that the woman did throw

He turned to Anita, with a look of disgust

“Who is this woman” he said, then turned to dust


The woman vamp wailed, she moved as she screamed

The strange woman’s eyes flashed green, to Anita it seemed

The vampire was fast, but the woman was much faster

With a speed and grace, too much for the Master

They fought in a flurry, of hands fists and feet

The dark haired woman throwing insults, without missing a beat

Soon the young woman, appeared to get bored,

She pulled a wood stake, from wherever they were stored

A few seconds later, the woman vampire was dust

She turned to Anita saying, “a girl does what she must.”


Anita was startled, then raised her gun

“You remind me of someone I knew”, she begun

“She told me once, of a slayer that had gone bad”

“She tried to take away, what little life Buffy had”

“Buffy gave her life, to save my own” Anita said

Then she pulled the trigger, aiming at Faith’s head


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