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Deja vu

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Sonnets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith's encounter with Anita after Buffy's death

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
Harry Potter > Faith-Centered
(Past Donor)LupoFR18713,418134,5586 Oct 073 Nov 07Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters contained within.

That would be Joss Whedon, L. Hamilton, JK Rowling




They were gathered together, in the reception room

Each one considering, their oncoming doom

Jean Claude and Richard were seated, on couch and chair

Anita was pacing, so not wanting to be there


When Richard had come in, there was almost a fight

Over what he and Anita, had discussed just last night

He still wanted to be free, of the vampire’s power

Being around him, made Anita’s mood turn sour

When the link had been weakened, the marks almost broke

Richard felt freedom in his grasp, he laughed at the joke


He was able to pull back, from the vampire’s power

With Jean Claude awake, the link is growing by the hour

He’s had enough of the fighting, the violence and death

“I just wanted to be left alone”, he muttered under his breath


They had gathered in this room, to await the Council reps

They should be here any time, walking down the steps

Jean Claude was still weak, and not up to a fight

But Anita seemed to think, that everything would be alright


This girl named Faith, who had come to the city

Was said to fight like a devil, and be outstandingly pretty

She had saved Anita’s life, from master vampires at night

She had also consented, to help with their fight

Richard was not sure, what tonight’s outcome would be

But at least if he died, he would also be free


A little while later, Damien seemed to appear

Just ahead of the group, that required them here

The Council sent these vampires, to cause conflicts

It seems like overkill, with them sending six


When Faith walked in the room, all eyes turned her way

She looked slowly over, the Vamps here to play

Dressed in the leather pants, and wicked cool spike boots

She looked like a sex toy, there would be no disputes

She had on a lace top, that was almost see through

It left little to the imagination, and the lust level grew


There were six new vampires, which she hadn’t met

They would be from the Council, she was willing to bet

The first one stood tall, and had an arrogant face

Faith smiled as she pictured, putting him in his place


The next was a woman, who was amazingly small

With her blue eyes and blonde hair, she looked like a doll

Standing beside her was a vamp, dressed like a knight

Faith guessed he’d be the first, that she’d have to fight


The fourth vamp was dark, of complexion and hair

He gave off the most power, of those gathered there

The fifth another woman, she seemed quite plain

One look in her eyes, said she wasn’t quite sane

The last was a vampire, but also a wizard it would seem

Faith was remembering, what Buffy said in her dream


Across from this group, stood St. Louis’s  only hope

The bickering had started, Anita was trying to cope

Earlier while dressing, for this unwanted affair

Anita began to explain, why Richard would be there

She told Faith of the marks, and what they now meant

They were tied together forever, fighting as they went


Whenever Anita saw Richard, her hormones ran amuck

He had brown hair and eyes, plus could bench press a truck

As time went on, and she found he could not deal

With the beast that was his, she tried to help him heal


At first it was lust, which then turned to love

That they didn’t get married, she thanked God up above

The longer they were together, the weaker he seemed

Until she realized, he wasn’t the man that she dreamed


Richard’s eyes turned to Faith, with a look lurking there

Faith gave him a nod, then ran her hand through her hair

She walked over to the three, as Jean Claude started to speak

“Allow me to introduce Faith, she came to join us this week”

“Faith these are from the Council, of which you’ve been told”

Faith continued to just stare, not afraid of being rolled


He first indicated the tall one, of arrogant face

“This is Mikhail, he is here in the Traveler’s place”

He turned to the woman, who looked like a doll

“Next is Kalipso, who in my place they would install”

He turned then to the knight, anger flashed in his eyes

“And here we have Barabus, whose presence is a surprise”


Then looking to the next, the power climbed in the room

“This is Alexandro, who I thought met his doom”

“The lady standing next to him, is Cassias by name”

“The Master of Beasts, is her sire they claim ”


The last vamp in line, stepped forward as they turned

He stared at Faith so hard, her skin felt it was burned

“Lastly we have Roberto, a strange choice to have sent”

“He could only be here with, the Death Eaters consent”


Anita stepped up, to stand next to Faith’s side

She still couldn’t understand, what she was feeling inside

Ever since Faith’s kiss, that took her by surprise

She got a warm feeling, when Faith looked in her eyes

Faith turned to her now, and gave a small smile

She was starting to think, they would be here for awhile


Jean Claude was looking on, he wasn’t sure what he saw

It was hard to believe, he might lose Anita after all

Richard chose then to speak up, from across the room

“Let’s get this over with; I want to be out of here soon”


Alexandro their leader, ignored Richard but said

“We came to see the truth, of the rumors that have spread”

“We had heard that after Asher, met his untimely fate”

“That Jean Claude was weak and dying, his servant full of hate”

“Into the void, that Jean Claude’s demise would leave”

“We are going to put one of our own, Kalipso I believe”


“The Council has been worried, for quite a long time”

“Concerning your loyalties, as your power does climb”

“Since we are already here, and all is in place”

He turned to Jean Claude, and stared into his face

“We’ve decided you must step down, as Master of the City”

“This is the command, of the Council’s committee”

“A Master of the City cannot just step down,” Anita said

“Of course not” said Alexandro, “unless he were dead”


The tension level in the room, climbed with this decree

The Council representatives, stood watching the St. Louis three

They had pretty much dismissed Faith, as nobody at best

She let them think what they would, taking her cue from the rest


Richard came over, from where he had stood

As much as he hated Jean Claude, he would do what he could

Jean Claude’s animal to call, was wolves after all

Richards pack could be in danger, if Jean Claude were to fall

“What makes you think, we will just standby” he said

“And allow you to take over, after he is dead?”


Barabus stepped forward, with a gleam in his eye

He said “Down little doggy, are you in a hurry to die?”

Richard let out a growl, his eyes starting to turn

Barabus just stared back, without any concern

Anita took Richard’s arm, and led him away

Some of them must live, to see the next day


Jean Claude looked bored, as he started to say

“Who is to be my challenger, to take over this way?”

Kalipso let out a laugh, “You know who it will be”

“This is the reason, Belle Morte has sent me”

“She would not allow, someone from another line”

“To take over this city, that has been hers for some time”


Jean Claude nodded his head, to acknowledge her words

Then turned to speak, to the triumvirates other two thirds

“We will have a duel to see, which of us is stronger”

“If she should win, I will be Master no longer”

 “You must not interfere, unless they break the truce”

“However you do not have to standby, and accept their abuse”

“If one of them challenges you, it’s your right to accept”

“But be forewarned, in fighting they are all quite adept”


Kalipso and Jean Claude, faced each other across the room

Both of them knowing, one of them was doomed

The magic started gathering, you could feel it in the air

There was a slight wind, that was blowing back Kalipso’s hair

Her eyes turned solid blue, the pupils were no more

She was pulling her power around her, ready for what was in store

Her skin started to glow, with an unearthly light

With a gesture of her hand, she started the fight


Jean Claude tried to get ready, for the onslaught that came

With a movement of her hand, Kalipso sent out a flame

Jean Claude’s barriers, were not quite in place

That allowed the first strike, to scorch the side of his face


Anita looked on, trying to come up with a plan

She then realized, she had a gun in her hand

She did not remember drawing it, it had happened so fast

All she could think of, was that Jean Claude would not last


Barabus had noticed the gun, and gave her the stare

Anita looked back at him, and didn’t really care

Her attitude of dismissal, got under his skin

He promised himself he would have her, after Kalipso’s win


Richard could feel the marks opening, feeding power to the fight

He tried using the power of the pack, as was his right

Something was wrong, his pack he could no longer feel

As his senses went out, it was like hitting a wall of steel

He looked around the room, to see what might be the cause

And found Cassias looking at him, her smile gave him pause


She was the one blocking, the link to his pack

Preventing their power, from aiding Jean Claude in his attack

As he watched her across the room, she started shaking her head

Richard knew in that moment, they also wanted him dead

It was not just the vampires, on which their sights had been set

The whole preternatural community, is what they were trying to get


Faith was watching the battle, measuring up the odds

Feeling the power of each vampire, they thought they were gods

She found it strange that these, were chose to be sent

Looking at them all, she sized up their powers as she went


Kalipso matched Jean Claude, in age and from the same line

Cassias could control animals, she was blocking Richard at this time

Roberto the vamp wizard, was here for Anita’s sake

Her Necromancy he would counter, was the guess Faith would make

The other three were back up, to help finish off the St. Louis crew

Faith had seen enough, she decided what she would do


The fight between Jean Claude and Kalipso, was not going well

So many burns were on Jean Claude, that he looked like hell

As for Kalipso, some damage had been done

Blood from her nose and mouth, had started to run

But still not enough to stop, or slow down her attack

He could not defeat her, without the power of Richards pack


Barabus started for Anita, thinking the battle almost done

In his mind it was over, they had already won

He was moving in to claim, his spoils of this war

Faith intercepted him, half way across the floor


He growled to her “Get out of my way, but you can be next”

Then reached out and pushed her, with a hand that he flexed

He used enough strength, to throw her back across the room

Without stopping to think, he had just sealed their doom


Anita had been around enough vamps, to know that this had broke truce

She brought her gun around firing, as all hell started breaking loose

Her first shot hit Kalipso, in the side of her chest

It did not take out her heart, but gave Jean Claude a rest

The next two shots fired, went into Alexandro

He had moved up to Jean Claude, to deliver a killing blow


Cassias moved towards Richard, trying to force him to change

Anita couldn’t get a good shot at her, not at this range


Faith had recovered and climbed to her feet

Cracking her knuckles she said, “this is gonna be sweet”

She pulled a silver knife, from out of her boot

Then looked over to Cassias, where Anita was trying to shoot

Cassias had Richard’s head bent, her fangs going for his vein

Faith’s knife punched through her mouth, and into her brain


Anita was aiming her gun, trying to save Richard she must

A knife appeared in Cassias mouth, then she turned to dust

There was a blur of motion, off to her right

The Slayer was wound up, and joined the fight


Barabus tried to move, but Faith was so much quicker

You could only catch glimpses, no more than a flicker

She pummeled him mercilessly, with both fists and feet

She turned him into pulp, just so much useless meat

She held him up with one hand, and with a heaving breast

Faith punched her right hand, down deep in his chest

She ripped out his heart, her eyes bright with lust

Then Barabus joined Cassias, turning to dust


Faith had two down, but that still left four more

The leader Alexandro, was getting back up off the floor

Richard was now pissed off, and ready to fight

He grabbed up Mikhail, who came at him in flight

Richard let his hands, turn into claws that were strong

They severed Mikhail’s head, it didn’t take long


Jean Claude still fighting Kalipso, and now down to three

That left Alexandro and Roberto, as far as Faith could see

She went for the leader, since she was never shy

One thought in her head, this vamps gotta die


Anita turned her gun, to blow off Roberto’s head

But he had pulled his wand, and his eyes had turned red

She could not make her finger, pull back on the trigger

There was a pressure growing around her, it kept getting bigger


He started to stalk toward Anita, to claim his prize

He stared only at her, with his enchanted red eyes

Anita felt her gun, from out her hand fly away

She was not able to move, the wizard froze her that way


Faith threw Alexandro into Richard, then spinning around

She grabbed Anita’s Browning, from off of the ground

She did a quick leap, to land by Anita’s side

She would get back to the leader as soon as this one had died

Faith stuck the gun barrel, up under Roberto’s chin

“You won’t need this anymore Bob”, she said with a grin

She reached out and broke, Roberto’s magic wand

Then emptied the gun in his head, before he could respond


Alexandro had beaten Richard, unconscious with the chair

Faith turned to Anita, who could only stare

“You help J.C., this one is mine” Faith said with glee

Anita was really beginning to think, this girl was crazy


She walked up behind Kalipso, while changing out clips

Looking at Jean Claude, she put a finger to her lips

She moved in next to the vampire, that would’ve killed the master

Kalipso started to turn, but Anita was faster

Though Kalipso still tried, to catch Anita in a thrall

Anita blew out her brains, all over the wall


Faith’s blood was up, she was feeling the high

She was having fun, just playing with this guy

She had already broke his arm, in a place or two

Three of his ribs, she had also punched through

He was moving pretty slow, bleeding all over the place

Faith kept up the banter, whispering into his face

“You thought all there was, to stand in your way”

“Was a couple of humans, and a werewolf today?”

“You really thought, you would see all of us dead?”

“So sorry to disappoint”, she smiled as she ripped off his head


Late the next day, after getting some rest

Faith went to see Anita, to get some things off her chest

They sat in the kitchen, sharing coffee in the sun

Both thinking over, all that had been done


When Faith finally brought up, the part of her dream

Where Buffy mentioned the wizard, in Scotland she’d seen

Anita nodded her head, confirming the part

That Dumbledore had played, in giving them a start


Then Anita said something, that gave Faith a chill

She could clearly remember, her encounter in the alley still

Anita had said “When we got to the village, and followed a cape”

“It turned out to be lucky, it belonged to Severus Snape”


Faith had turned cold, her expression severe

She started explaining to Anita, things she didn’t want to hear

How Snape had approached her, to offer a place

Leading the armies, that would enslave the human race

Anita got up and pulled, an old glove from a drawer

She said we need to go back, and see Dumbledore



The End

You have reached the end of "Deja vu". This story is complete.

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