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Deja vu

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Sonnets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith's encounter with Anita after Buffy's death

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
Harry Potter > Faith-Centered
(Past Donor)LupoFR18713,418134,5586 Oct 073 Nov 07Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters contained within.

That would be Joss Whedon, L. Hamilton, JK Rowling



Awake and shaking, she could not get warm

The images in her head, keep taking form

A duel with a woman, with hair black as night

Lasting for hours, neither winning the fight


Onto some woods, and out of thin air

Dawnie and Willow, appearing there

Off to a house, where their deaths are explained

Then fighting a werewolf, after wizards were maimed


Out of the country, and cross the sea

All the time, this strange woman’s with me

Another desperate fight, but this time I lose

Saving the woman, the path that I choose

Then going numb, a snake man coming near

I feel the death, but have nothing to fear


The girl in the bed, tries to regain control

Pulls knees to her chest, on her side does she roll

Laying there shaking, till sunrise blooms bright

Her mind sorting images, which came in the night

She knows this power, from where the memories came

All Buffy suffered, Faith felt the same


Mourning the loss, the sister that could have been

If to Buffy’s friendship, she’d just given in

She sees all the times, that she was wrong

Should have seen it sooner, not taken so long

There would have been time, to make her amends

The chance now is lost, they’ll never be friends

But this she can do, she’ll find the dark hair

And take revenge for, what happened out there


As the days pass, the dreams come in a line

Each one revealing, a piece at a time

With the first dream, she knew Buffy died

She felt the death, it could not be denied

Each dream that follows, shows more of their quest

Faith can only but watch, with pain in her chest


The sequence starts over, Faith’s along for the ride

Showing her how and, where Buffy died

They’re coming more often, almost every night

She’s helpless against them, there’s no way to fight

The one of Buffy’s death, each time makes her cry

They keep showing her how, but none tell her why

One thought is clear, as the pain she can’t bear

She needs to find that, woman with dark hair


Until then she’ll go on, fighting each night

Keeping the innocents safe, from monsters that bite

She knows not where to look, or how to begin

There is no one to ask, or put her trust in

Lacking any ideas, or new found foresight

She heads out again, back into the night


Patrolling the night, these thoughts in her head

Protecting people from, things that are dead

She remembers back to when, she left Sunnydale

The Scooby’s all blamed her, she thought she’d just bail

The first vamp she fought, was legal and all

He was terrorizing a young girl, having a ball

When Faith came in the alley, he laughed and turned round

Ten seconds later, he was dust on the ground

The girl that she saved, explained vampire rights

Something Faith never heard of, in those Sunnydale fights

All over the world, the good monsters could play

But if they were bad, they were executed some way


Since that night, she could tell them apart

Bad ones were usually dumb, the good ones pretty smart

She settled into a life, that didn’t need a past

Making money as a bodyguard, happened pretty fast

Staying freelance, let her set her own pace

If she had to leave town, she could with no trace


There has been a change, in the evil she fought

More magic users, more wizards being caught

They are hunting heroes, those that fight for good

More of them are coming, she now understood


Two nights ago, one who was bold

Said that their leader, had a message to be told

An offer to join them, to help serve their cause

To lead a revolt, against castle walls

She was too tired, to listen to his talk

She finished him off, and then took a walk


Last night she was approached, by a man dressed in black

He looked familiar, as she got ready to attack

He held up his hands, to hold off her first blow

He said “I just want to talk, and then I will go”

“We have heard of your past, even across the sea”

“We would like you to join us, just listen to me”


His accent was British, a little like Wes

He was wearing a cape, over what looked like a dress

“We too believe in taking, what is ours by right”

“There are those that oppose us, and put up a fight”

“We need a warrior, who can help with our cause”

“One that will succeed, without question or pause”

“Not one person here, can appreciate your worth”

“With us you can take, your rightful place on this earth”

“A leader of men, and women too”

“Minions that will pledge, their very lives just for you”


Faith let him talk, studying his face

She knew him somehow, but where could not place

When he had finished, she was going to reply

She decided to play along, and started to lie

He stopped her response, by shaking his head

“Do not answer now, think it over instead”

“When you have decided, send a message to me”

He handed her an address, in England she could see

He turned on the spot, and with a loud pop

He disappeared, her shock would not stop

She looked at the address, written in an odd shape

Flipping it over, on the back was “Severus Snape”


They did not know, that she had reformed

She fought for the right, after having been warned

The Powers That Be, had shown her the way

After she traded bodies, with Buffy that day

If she kept to her path, through her last breath

She would be plagued, and die a horrible death


Since then she changed, to the just she’d convert

Trying to make amends, for the people she hurt

She found her own town, and people to protect

From all of the evil, that no one would suspect

Why would these people, want her with her skill

She had to find out, and her destiny fulfill


It was getting late, she should just go home

Along the way, down the alleys she’d roam

Making a last sweep, checking for trouble

Tour the old buildings, wander through the rubble


In the light of day, with a sky of blue

She wanders into the kitchen, thinking what she should do

She grabs some coffee, turns on the TV

On some commercial, dark hair she does see

She turns up the volume, she just has to know

Animators Inc., in St. Louis she must go


She picks up the phone, schedules a flight

Packing a bag, she’ll be there tonight

There is no one to tell, where she’s off to

There’s no one who cares, to say goodbye to

Out the door she goes, she’s on her way

To track down the woman, she saw today

She owes this to Buffy, she’ll do it for her sake

She now has a name, she’ll find Anita Blake


Arriving in St. Louis, her bag in her hand

She moves to a cab, parked last at the stand

Off to a hotel, she heads in the cab

Thinking of the blonde Slayer, her heart gives a stab

When they first met, they didn’t get along

In Buffy’s memories she sees, that she came on to strong

Loud and boisterous, she burst onto the scene

Taking over Buffy’s life, or so it did seem

With this new vision, Faith rethinks her past

Seeing her wrongs, the stones that she cast

She knows now she’ll do better, accept her new fate

Let go of the bitterness, get over her hate


She shakes her head, to get rid of this thought

And settles into the new girl, these changes have wrought

The cab pulls up, to the hotel where she’ll stay

She gets out and pays, then sends it away

Checks into a room, with a nice view

She grabs the phone book, the listings to go through

Finding Animators Inc., she gives them a call

To make an appointment, there’s no reason to stall


The secretary informs her, Anita’s not there

She’s out in the field, at a legal affair

Faith asks to see her, on the next day

Then goes to a graveyard, she passed on her way


The sun had just set, as she reached the gate

Of the old cemetery, where she’ll lie in wait

Through the nights darkness, when evil might rise

Down the next hill, a group of people she spies

Standing in a circle, around a grave

A group of humans, looking so brave


At the foot of the grave, standing alone

There’s Anita Blake, facing the headstone

She calls forth the body, from the earth where it lies

The ground begins to ripple, as the corpse starts to rise

The zombie stands up, hearing his name

Staring at Anita, his face slack and plain

There is nothing in those eyes, the look is so bland

Until Anita feeds it blood, from off of her hand



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