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Is This Reality or Am I Dreaming?

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Summary: When Daniel opened his front door at seven in the morning he never expected the man on the doorstep to change his life, but he did. Now he has to deal with his already hectic life becoming more hectic when he finds out he isn't an only child after all.

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, have no claim on either Buffy: The Vampire Slayer or Stargate SG-1. They belong to their respective creators.


The last thing Daniel Jackson expected to see on his doorstep, when he irritably yanked his door open, at seven o’’clock in the morning was man in a suit. Shielding his eyes from the early morning sun, he gave the man and his expensive, yet bland, suit, a once over. “Can I help you with something?” He dropped the hand that he had used to shield his eyes and pulled the belt on his robe tighter.

“Daniel Jackson?” The mans voice matched his suit, bland and monotone.

“Yup, that’s me.” For a brief moment Daniel thought about calling Sam or Cameron but quickly dismissed the idea when the man produced a badge.

“My name is Rory Harrison and I’m with the FBI.” He closed the case the held his badge and replaced it in an inside pocket of his suit jacket.

“FBI?” The thought to call his friends had reentered his mind but again he dismissed it. After all, he didn’t know what the man wanted and he was sure that he hadn’t done anything to catch their attention; he was hardly on Earth. “What can I do for you?”

Agent Harrison cleared his throat. “Would it be possible for us to speak inside? What I have to tell you is not something to be discussed on a doorstep.”

Daniel mentally slapped himself for not inviting him in earlier. “My manners seem to be on vacation, please come in.” He stepped out of the doorway to let the older man enter then closed the door behind him. With a glance up the stairs, he lead the man into the living room, and prayed that his wife was still asleep. He motioned towards the large, beige, couch and sat in a nearby matching chair.

“Nice house you have here.” The FBI Agent observed the many artifacts sitting around the living room. “You’re an archaeologist?”” He questioned as he brought his wondering eyes back to the man in the chair.

“I am.” Daniel answered simply and shifted, nervously, in the chair. He couldn’t help but wonder why the FBI Agent was making small talk instead of telling him the reason he was here.

“Is there much demand for an archaeologist in Colorado Springs?” The Agent inquired.

A thin smile appeared on Daniels’ lips. “Not really but I have other skills. With all due respect, why are you here? You said what you had to tell me couldn’t be discussed on my doorstep?” He hoped to guide the man back to the reason of his visit.

Before the man could answer a crash and a dog barking excitedly interrupted him. “Is there someone else here?” Agent Harrison asked.

Clearing his throat, Daniel nodded. “My wife.”

“Wife?” The FBI Agent asked with a raised eyebrow. All the reports on this man had said that he was a loner and very dedicated to his work. But from what he was hearing and seeing, those reports were wrong.

“Yes, my wife. She isn’t a morning person.” Daniel explained while trying to quash his rising frustration.

“I see.” Rory Harrison sat back on the couch and crossed one leg over the other. “I’m here unofficially. My superiors would have my badge if they found out that I have been in contact with you.”

“Daniel?” A female voice called from the top of the stairs. “Don’t you earth people ever sleep past seven in the morning?” The voice mumbled irritably as footsteps descended the stairs.

Daniel closed his eyes and sighed. Of course she’d have to wake up in a talkative mood. He gave the FBI Agent a small smile. “Did I mention that she’s seven months pregnant and very grouchy in the mornings?” He turned towards the doorway of the living room. “Vala dear, we have company.” He stressed the word company hoping she’d get the drift and go back upstairs or at least be on her very best earth behavior.

“Company?” The voice, now known to be Vala, was getting closer. “Is it another of those vaccine salesmen?” Excitement was creeping into her voice and all traces of grumpiness had disappeared.

“Just ignore her. Pregnancy makes women say and do all kinds of crazy things. The other day I caught her dressing our dog, Ramses, in a dress she bought at the local boutique.” Daniel whispered to the FBI Agent who now looked amused.

“Vaccine salesmen?” The FBI Agent asked while fighting the smile that threatened to form on his lips. Oh yes, those reports were definitely wrong.

“She means Vacuum salesmen. One stopped by last week while I was at work, did you that door to door salesmen still existed? Anyways, she’s talked about nothing else since. Seems she’s fallen in love with the Hoover 360 and wants one.” Daniel grumbled failing to mention that the sweeper was over three hundred dollars and that was the only reason she wanted it.

The FBI Agent cleared his throat again. “I see.” He really was trying to make small talk because he didn’t know how the younger man would react to the seemingly impossible news he was here to deliver. “Well, I guess it would do neither of us any good if I keep putting off the inevitable.” He glanced towards the doorway as Vala appeared. He took a minute to observe the newcomer, as she slid into a chair that sat opposite her husbands, before turning his attention back to the reason why he was here. “What I am about to tell you is going to be hard to believe but I assure you that it is the truth.” He hesitated for continuing. “Twenty-eight years ago I was fresh out of Quantico and being handed my very first assignment. It involved a man and his wife who were just being placed into the witness protection program. It was a rather unique assignment since they wouldn’t go willingly. They refused to leave their lives and their young son. So it was up to me to kill them so they could be relocated. And I did as ordered. I staged a believable accident that took both their lives and left their child an orphan. It had been decided that the boy wouldn’t go with his parents. Making children disappear without attracting attention is time consuming and almost impossible. So my superiors were in charge of placing the boy with his maternal grandfather. I was young and naive and I actually believed that they would see to the boys well-being.” He took a shuttering breath.

Daniel blinked and reached across the small end table to take Vala’s hand within his own. He gave her a small smile before turning his attention back to the FBI Agent and his story. “That’s all interesting but what does it have to do with me?”

Agent Rory Harrison tightened his lips into a straight line before continuing. “I had no details on the couple just that they were to be placed into the program. No questions were to be asked until things were settled. Part of the assignment and the reason why I was given it, was that they needed a handler to make sure they didn’t try to make contact with anybody from their former lives. I had no family or friends so I was the prime candidate, I wouldn’t be missed if I suddenly disappeared for a long stretch of time. We ended up in Boulder, here in Colorado, for a short time before being moved to a small town in California called Sunnydale. I moved in a couple of blocks away from the Harris’ and took on the role of Anthony’s elder brother. They were angry at first but as time passed they grew to understand that it was necessary for their safety and the safety of their son. Up until two years ago we were ignorant to what had really happened. The simple truth of the matter was that we were forgotten. Fifteen years prior a man named Saadi Kaveen had been arrested and convicted of weapons smuggling. This man was the reason why Anthony and Jessica was sent into the program to begin with. He had been caught and nobody informed us. It was business as usual until, like I said, two years ago. Jessica was watching the news and she saw you. She came to me and demanded that I contact Washington and see if any progress had been made on the case. Well I did and that’s when I found out that the case had been closed. It’s taken a year and a half for all loose ends to be tied up and the case to be opened and reclosed again. It’s taken that long for Anthony and Jessica Harris to adjust to becoming Melburn and Claire Jackson again. I am here as a favor to them. I am here to tell you that your parents are alive and wish to see you.” He fell silent as his story ended. Then he waited for the information to sink in and the explosion to happen.
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