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Summary: A girl walks into a bar, it’s the Roadhouse and it’s just a different setting for the same story for John. He has a thing for blonds and all she asks for is one night.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John WinchesterChosenfireFR1511,069092,3866 Oct 076 Oct 07Yes
Title: Salvation
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
FFA Pairing: Buffy Summers/John Winchester
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, SPN preseries
Summary: A girl walks into a bar, it’s the Roadhouse and it’s just a different setting for the same story for John. He has a thing for blonds and all she asks for is one night.

A/N: I could have used this for any number of my WIPs several of which involve Buffy being John’s daughter but I wanted to give writing the two as a couple a try, cause while I definitely pair Buffy with Dean and have paired her with Sam I have yet to write something of her with John in the romantic sense. So enjoy and let me know what you think.

He noticed her the moment she walked into the bar; hell he wasn’t the only one. It was rare to see someone so young and bright walking into a place like this, she practically glowed with life and happiness and every Hunter went on alert.

In there line of work it just wasn’t natural, and girls like her didn’t stumble into places like this everyday.

It wasn’t like Ellen didn’t care for the place; the Roadhouse was a palace as far as dives went. It was clean and John hadn’t seen a cockroach in ages. Ellen wouldn’t let her place be classified as run down, but it was still a bar that catered to a rougher audience and she stuck out.

While everyone else noticed this, John was watching the way she moved, her steps measured and purposeful, her strides filled with confidence. With her shiny, blond hair and sun kissed golden skin she could have fooled a lot of people, but John knew a Hunter when he saw one.

Her eyes locked with his, and a smile touched her lips as she made her way to the stool by him, sliding into it easily and raising two fingers to Ellen who tossed him a suspicious look, giving the girl predator an uncommon smile.

Fuck, this must be one of Ellen’s girls. One of the flipping nieces she was always bragging about. This one bore a slight resemblance to Jo and he could see Ellen in the way her eyes challenged him to say the first word. He hadn't noticed it before, he had been a little preoccupied to look for resemblance to his favorite bar owner.

He grimaced and his voice came out gruff “I’m John Winchester.”

Her smile was bright, almost blinding and she nodded “I know, I’m Buffy Summers.” Her hand slipped into his and it was skinny, her knuckles bony in his calloused grip, but there was no mistaking the strength.

So, this was the girl that could break a man’s neck with a single punch. He had heard the tales but had found them hard to swallow, some slip of girl who could wipe the floor with every Hunter in the room and walk away with no more than a scratch. Yeah, it had fun to laugh at over a drink but now that he saw her again it wasn’t so funny anymore.

Ellen set down two drinks, one in front of John and the other in front of Buffy, telling Buffy firmly “You know better than to play with fire baby girl.”

Buffy mock pouted and there was no denying her relation to Jo as mischief danced in her eyes, “But Aunt El, it’s so much fun.” Ellen shot her a hard look turning her eyes briefly on John before walking away.

He remembered the way she had warned him about ever bringing his boy to the bar after she had heard about Dean’s reputation. Jo had listened to the stories and Ellen hadn’t liked the way Jo had devoured every word wanting more. John swallowed the lump in his throat and informed Buffy firmly “Better listen to your Aunt girl, you don’t want to play with anyone here especially me.”

He meet her eyes and they had lost their playfulness and she seemed to grow up right before his eyes “But what if I do,” she leaned closer to her and her breath was hot “you left kind of fast last time John, it could really hurt a girl’s feelings.”

He swallowed, closing his eyes and his body tensed at her nearness remembering the day two years ago. Sam had just left and she had been far too young for him and more than a little tipsy. He hadn’t been any better and if she hadn’t been there the pack of vamps who had been following him would have gotten him.

They hadn’t, he was just sober enough to watch with admiration as she had taken them all out with a sharpened piece of wood and far too much strength in too luscious of a body.

The night hadn’t ended there, and he had gotten dressed as the sun was rising, he hadn’t been able to resist pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, because really she was just too damn good for a broken man like him. If it had been another time and he had been twenty years younger he would have never have left her side because John Winchester knew when he saw a damn good thing.

He couldn’t stop himself, he turned to her and their lips brushed and their lips brushed in a kiss that was too soft and tender for the person he was and their brief encounter. He was lost in the sweet sensation that was her and he knew that if he allowed himself to he could lose all the pain and the ache that weighed heavy on his bones.

But he couldn’t, guilt twisted his gut and no matter how many years had passes the blond hair that slid like silk through his fingers made him remember.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered as he drew away.

She blinked slowly coming out of a daze and the smile that touched her lips was sad “I know but I’m not asking for forever John, just one more night.” Her eyes pleaded with his and once again she was looking younger than the tales he had heard, he couldn’t resist the promise in her eyes, the promise of something that resembled happiness.

He nodded and her hand slipped in his as they stood, his eyes locked with Ellen’s as they slipped to the back and hers were cold and he knew she wouldn’t forgive him this time, family was crossing a line he had once treaded.

One night wouldn’t be enough but it had to be because he could see himself finding peace in her arms and he knew he couldn’t, he still had a job to do and he doubted peace would be the outcome. Revenge was a driving force and he would let himself hide from the poison for a bit.

The End

You have reached the end of "Salvation". This story is complete.

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