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Goldilocks Meets the Big Bad Wolf

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Summary: After Becoming, Buffy heads North East, and stops by to visit her family in Stars Hollow. Jess just happens to be working that morning. Fic for all.

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By Day Emily Gilmore, By Night...

By Day Emily Gilmore, By Night…

Disclaimer: I don’t own, although any characters you don’t recognize I do, especially the jackass in this story…I’ve been saving him up for a special day.

A/N: After many reviews begging to see what happened at the christmas debacle, I decided to sit down and right it out. Hope it satisfies. This is about two years before Buffy becomes the Slayer…1994.


“Lorelei,” Emily Gilmore exclaimed, not happy that her Christmas party was not going by absolutely perfect.

“Yeah Mom,” the woman in cowboy shorts and an inappropriate tee shirt asked innocently.

“I can’t believe you, are you determined to disgrace your father and me? Go look at Buffy! She’s behaving perfectly and she’s much younger than you,” Emily pointed to a small blonde girl wearing a green velour dress.

A small brunette girl walked over and tugged on Lorelei’s hand, “Mom, can I go play with Buffy?”

Lorelei bit her cheek and made a sick face at her mother, “Yeah, in fact, why don’t you show her your new book.”

The girl ran off to bug her cousin, but before she could, Buffy was pulled from her seat by the DuGrey’s eighteen year old son. It didn’t matter that the California girl was only fifteen, at least not to him, and not exactly willing. Joshua was just that type of guy, want-take-have.

He pulled her onto the dance floor to most everyone’s applause and danced with her to the slow violin music. Only his version of dancing meant subtly grinding something rather unwanted into her stomach. Buffy wasn’t ignorant, she was the head cheerleader, popular with both the girls and the guys. She’d had older boyfriends, Tyler, and recently and kind of currently Jeffery, they had gotten her to do stuff, but she didn’t know the jerk in front of her.

He leaned down and spoke, warm air tickling her ear unpleasantly, “I want to show you something outside.”


“The pond, they iced it over for tonight,” his hand was edging lower and lower, luckily other couples were dancing as well keeping the scene from becoming center stage.

“I don’t know, it’s cold outside,” Buffy tried to move away from him but his arm was locked tightly around her waist.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm,” he started to pull her across the room towards the doors.

Standing at the buffet watching the scene unfold, Lorelei tapped her bedazzled, purple and lime green, cowboy boots on the wood floors.

Turning to her daughter, the woman smiled, “Rory, Sweetie, why don’t you go distract your grandmother for me.”

Rory bounced off with as much dignity as her 13 years could lend her. Her mother scoured the room quickly searching for her older sister Joyce and her sleep-around husband Hank. Bingo! Near the alcohol of course, good job with the parenting big sis! DuGrey and Buffy moved closer to where Lorelei was stationed, Buffy was too busy trying to escape to notice her aunt and DuGrey was too busy trying to get laid to bother with anyone around him.

When his back was to her, Lorelei spun and just about shouted at him, “Hey jerk, keep your grubby hands off my niece,” that said she slammed a banana cream pie into the bastards face.

Suffice to say everyone was looking at the trio now, but Lorelei wasn’t done, she always had to push it. She grabbed the handiest thing, a spoon full of whipped cream, pulled the front of his pants out and dumped the white cream into them.

Smirking, Lorelei asked sweetly, “Have an accident?”

The boy scowled and fled the room, leaving a hysterical Lorelei and a pissed off Emily to face off. Not giving her mother a chance, Lorelei grabbed another pie, “I’ll do it did you see what he was doing? Say anything and I’ll do it.”

Buffy loved her Aunt Lorelei, Great-grandmum Trix always told her stories about the crazy brunette, but apparently the stories held nothing to the real thing. Emily opened her mouth an inch and was met with a key lime pie. Silence resounded, it was a moment where pins would be heard dropping and crickets would chirp. Emily wiped the green froth from her face and Lorelei reached out and swiped her finger across her mother’s cheek before sucking on the digit.

“Not as good as last years,” was all she could say.

Buffy couldn’t help it, after the night she was having she cracked up, her aunt following seconds later.

Emily practically growled, “Up to your room Lorelei, both of you!”

Lorelei just laughed harder, “Uh-oh, we’re in trouble, Buffy.”

Pinching one of each of the giggling girl’s ears, Emily dragged her daughter and granddaughter up the stairs.

Ears smarting, Buffy and Lorelei looked at each other as they were locked in the room. Buffy sighed, and then grinned widely, “What does she double as, a freaking nun?”

A new wave of mirth swept over the pair and only doubled at the frustrated groan from just outside the room


Please review, I am thinking about continuing this story, but I’d like to know if it is worth it. So let me know.
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