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Goldilocks Meets the Big Bad Wolf

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Summary: After Becoming, Buffy heads North East, and stops by to visit her family in Stars Hollow. Jess just happens to be working that morning. Fic for all.

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Television > Gilmore GirlsSerenityFR131217,121412123,2957 Oct 077 Sep 10No

Goldilocks Meets The Big Bad Wolf

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Gilmore Girls

A/N: This is post S2, AND During Jess in Stars Hollow. Hehe, please enjoy.


Buffy stood up as the bus came to a halt, this was her last refuge. She kept her head down, and her posture relaxed as she moved through the streets. She knew exactly where her Aunt, and her cousin would be. She had heard them talk about their coffee addiction like it was a indi film marathon.

There was mention two Christmases back, about a Luke’s diner, only it was a hardware store, or something along those lines. It didn’t take long to find, it seemed that all the foot traffic was headed there.

The bell rang loudly when she pushed the door open, she winced as everyone turned to look at the stranger. Buffy looked around before spotting two familiar people near the window. She made her way purposefully towards them, ignoring the looks she was getting.

She cleared her throat and set her duffle down, “Aunt Lorelei, Rory.”

All the noise seemed to stop, Lorelei looked up, “Buffy? Oh my goodness, what are you doing here?”

“I’m, can we maybe talk about that later. Just thought I’d visit on my way up north.”

Rory bit back part of the squeal that erupted, “Buffy!”

Buffy had to steady herself as her younger cousin threw herself into her arms, “So, got any coffee to spare? I haven’t had any since the guy in Texas.”

Lorelei grinned, “Was he wearing cowboy boots, did you get me a t-shirt that says ‘Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy’?”

Buffy sat down on the extra chair, “No, but I did get an offer like that, and as soon as he asked, you popped into my head.”

Both Gilmore girls laughed, “Hey, Luke! Come here, I want you to meet my niece!”

Luke groaned and came out of the kitchen, “Your niece, I thought you were an only child?”

“Nope, I have an older sister who lived with my grandmother in California. This is her daughter, Buffy!”

Luke sighed, one more of them, “Jess! Can you get the coffee over here, just leave them the pot.”

A handsome young men came through the store room door, “Yeah, Uncle Luke, but if I don’t come back, I want you to avenge me.”

Luke rolled his eyes.

Jess set the pot down at the table and quirked an eyebrow at the blonde girl, “Who might we be?”

Buffy shook her head laughingly, “Not really interested, and just so you know, smoking will kill you.”

Jess’s jaw dropped, “How did you know I smoked?”

“I can still smell the smoke on your breath. Is it even legal for you to do that?”

Jess rolled his eyes and squared his shoulders, “Keep your nose to yourself, Goldilocks.”

Buffy quirked an eyebrow in return, “Only one guy has ever had the balls to call me that, just so you know, I kicked the shit out of him for it.”

Jess coughed and shifted his stance, “Right, anything else I can get you?”

Buffy smiled sweetly, “Yeah, learn my name, its Buffy. I’ll be here awhile, so, uh, get used to me.”

“Hot, delicious, and dangerous. I’m screwed,” Jess muttered under his breath as he backed away.

Buffy turned back to her family, “So, how’s life been?”

Rory was openmouthed, as was her mother.

The elder smiled evilly, “When did you learn to do that, and can you teach me?”

Rory just burst out laughing, and Luke who had heard the entire exchange was smiling at the counter as he wiped it down.

Buffy just stretched her arms above her head and relaxed, “Let’s just say, a lot has changed since the Christmas Debacle of 1994.”
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