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My Lawyer Is Evil

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Summary: Buffy is accused of Murder...again, she is about to meet her new lawyer. Fic for all.

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Movies > Legally BlondeSerenityFR71184032,4757 Oct 077 Oct 07Yes
My Lawyer Is Evil

Disclaimer: I own nothing…get it, nothing!

A/N: I love Buffy and Legally Blonde, but this just worked. Post S7, and LB 2. Enjoy.


Buffy sat down at the table, she had been appointed a lawyer, and was now waiting for her to arrive.

Of course, it had been some rigid cop who had caught her near a body, a body of one of her old classmates. One she hadn’t talked to since high school and certainly not after the collapse of Sunnydale. Stupid Nancy from English class.

Buffy jerked her head towards the door as she heard swing open, Buffy’s eyes immediately turned wide with shock, “Huh, this is new. I mean, I knew lawyers were evil, but this so…weird.”

Elle Woods stood in front of her, she wore a Pepto-Bismal pink skirt suit, and had tiny white lace gloves on. Elle apparently hadn’t heard Buffy’s comment and stuck her hand out, “Elle Woods, I’ll be your lawyer.”

Buffy went with it, “So, um, what are you?”

Elle smiled and sighed with delight, “I’m a Delta Nu!”

Buffy groaned, This can’t get any worse. It just can’t my lawyer is evil! Far more evil that Wolfram and Hart. Please, anybody, help?!

The End

You have reached the end of "My Lawyer Is Evil". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking