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Reason Number Two

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Summary: Buffy is in the hospital, and her doctor just happens to be Cox, and he tries to teach his interns a lesson using Buffy. Fic for all

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Television > ScrubsSerenityFR1328220146,2987 Oct 0715 Oct 07Yes

The Plan

Reason Number Two

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Scrubs.

A/N: Post S7 and anytime when J.D. is not an intern.


Dr. Cox looked at his interns, “Now children, there are only two reasons why a patient cooperates. Either they’re hiding something, or they’re really good patients. The second reason is why I enjoy working here, because when I find one of them, it makes my day, just a little bit better, because I can usually get them to do just about anything. Watch and learn.”

Buffy was lying back on the pillows, she had been hit by a car, and was being kept overnight for observation, she could hear the footsteps long before they stopped in front of her curtained off bed. When it was whipped open and that gorgeously annoying man stepped up to her bed trailing about 15 kiddies, she suppressed the laughter.

“How are you feeling today Miss Summers?”

Buffy smiled politely, “Like I was hit by car, how are you Perry?”

Cox smiled in return, “The nurses talking about me again?”

Buffy grinned, “No, some guy came in here and kept talking about you, it was a bit stalker-ish if you ask me. Said his name was Nancy.”

Perry snorted, “He would. Now, as you can see, I’m teaching these kids today, and in the interest of showing them the normal female body, I’d like your help. I’d do it myself, but I am lacking certain parts of anatomy.”

Buffy was still smiling, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you.”

Dr. Cox sighed, “You’re right, I would.”

“As much as I like to be the perfect, cooperating patient, I think this little lesson, would have worked better if you had slipped me some pain killers.”

One of the guys at the back of the group spoke hesitantly, “Dr. Cox, does this mean she’s lying?”

Cox sighed, patted her hand and turned back to his group, “No. It just means her hair color has no correlation with her IQ.”

“Onward kiddies! Oh, and Buffy, if Nancy stops by, tell him I want to meet him at 3:30 on the south yard, and not to leave until I show up.”

Buffy laughed, “Only if you let me watch with you, think he knows that’s when the sprinklers turn on?”

Perry smiled brightly, “I hope to god he doesn’t.”

Buffy watched her, new, favorite doctor walk away, a skip in his step.
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