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So help you God

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Summary: Lindsey FFA: Sam consults a lawyer

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Supernatural > Lindsey-CenteredEffieFR1321,199081,8937 Oct 078 Nov 07No

Chapter 2

John Winchester sighed. He finally had found a place to rest after a few hours on the road. He hated Nebraska. John had plans that involved sleeping and not waking up until the sun rose.

At least he did when the knocking on his door finally stopped. Frustrated and cranky, John picked up a gun on his way to the door. “Yes?” He growled at the well-dressed good-looking man.

“Mr. Winchester,” The man greeted, ignoring John’s obvious grip of his gun behind the door. “You’re sons sent me after you. You’re a hard man to track.” He reached into his coat; John pulled the gun into view. The man didn’t flinch. He revealed a business card and handed it to him.

John snatched it, glancing at it quickly. “You’re a lawyer?”

The man nodded. “Lindsey McDonald.” He handed his briefcase toward John. “My current case involves your sons. If you’re interested or interested for more information, just call my number. “ He turned to leave, smiling when John demanded he stop.

“What do my boys have to do with a case?” He growled.

Lindsey turned to him. “Your sons are filing a class action lawsuit against the demon that killed your wife for damages, harassment, and we’ll see what we can do to get it for murder. The least we hope for is wrongful death.”

“What?” John couldn’t quite believe him. He glared at the man. “What are you talking about?” He growled. “This is a demon. You can’t sue a demon!”

Lindsey shook his head. “On the contrary, Mr. Winchester. Your son knew exactly where to look.” He smirked. “Our services are not strictly limited to legal services.”

John was about to protest when his phone rang. “I believe that is your son. Talk to them, Mr. Winchester. We’ll talk later if you’re interested.”

He didn’t stop, Lindsey could almost see Winchester snapping his phone open in confusion. He knew this would be an interesting case.


“Dad?” Dean asked unsure if his father had actually answered. McDonald had said to call at this time so they had.

“What the hell are you two boys doing? “

“Nice to hear from you too, Dad.” Dean sighed. “And don’t ask me, ask Sammy. He’s the one that cooked up the whole idea.”

“Then get Sam on the line!”

Dean winced, his dad was either pissed or worried. Possibly both, knowing him. “Sammy, Dad wants you.”

Sam winced. He wasn’t looking forward. He reluctantly took the phone. “Hi dad. What? No, I knew what I was doing.” He paused pulling the phone a bit away from his ear. “Look, I really think this is the way to go—“

Dean shook his head. Really shouldn’t have made that last comment. He looked at the time, knowing how long they took arguing, he could probably snag dinner before they needed him. Snagging the keys and some cash, and figuring they’d probably have yelled themselves by the time he came back, he decided to get some grub.

“Dean, where you going? Dean!”


“I'm NOT bringing him into this!” Sam protested as Dean closed the door.

Dean shook his head. He was so not looking forward to the trial.


John slammed the door open. McDonald was standing on the other side. “What have you gotten my boys into?”

“A cease and desist order.” He grinned. “Oh, and a restraining order. Unless you rather not be mentioned?”

John let him in.

Lindsey smiled. John wondered if this was a bad idea and if he should just shoot the guy. As much as John wanted his revenge, he wasn't letting his boys go against the demon in the court of law alone. God willing, they'd escape alive. Or win.

The End?

You have reached the end of "So help you God" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Nov 07.

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