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The More Things Change The More They Stay the Same

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Summary: The world is in chaos and President Ryan sends two people he trusts to investigate Project Bluebook. Is SG-1 ready for the Slayer and is she ready for them? *Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered
Literature > Action > Author: Tom Clancy
kimbclarFR13614,372718340,7978 Oct 0726 Nov 07No

Unbreakable Chains

A/N: Sorry it's been so long since I updated this fic. RL has been a mess lately and the holiday wasn't very conducive to writing, more like a Turkey induced coma. I hope you enjoy.

The introductions were made and everyone was still staring at her like she had something particularly gruesome on her face. It didn’t sit well with her. Glancing next to her, she could tell from the frown on Giles’ face, it didn’t sit particularly well with him either. Giving him a slight nod, she indicated he should begin to once again tell the tale of the slayer.

A stray thought popped in her head that maybe he should write report on this and just hand it out prior to meetings so he could avoid the talk. However, she thought better of it, because she was positive her watcher loved the explanation portion of the program. If she were to be entirely truthful, she liked the explanation portion as well; the sound of Giles’ voice had always soothed her, no matter the subject.

Looking to General Hammond, Rupert Giles began to speak. “I assume, General, that you have made your staff at least aware of the supernatural aspects of our world.”

“That’s correct Dr. Giles. Although, despite the President’s assurances, we are still somewhat skeptical.”

“Ah, yes, well that is only natural. However, I think you have also been assured by President Ryan that what I am about to tell you is the truth.”

“Yes, he made it seem like the U.S. government has long been aware of vampires and demons.”

“That is correct. The organization I work for, The Watcher’s Council has had a long-standing relationship with the U.S. Government. For the most part, our operations have been conducted on U.S. soil without interference. However, I am aware of at least one military operation during World War II that involved the capture of several vampires who were being transported by the Germans. There are also rumors of a small contingent within the Army that conducts operations against, ehmm; the term they use is Hostile Sub-Terrestrials. That being said one of the primary treaties between the U.S. and British governments cedes authority in this area to The Watcher’s Council and it’s primary operative, The Slayer.”

Jack O’Neill was still trying to wrap his brain around the idea that the things that go bump in the night were real. It seemed even more fantastical to him that the U.S. Government was aware of this, but that the SGC was not. He also found it strange he’d never heard anything about the Army’s involvement in the supernatural. He didn’t like to admit it but members of the Special Forces, no matter the branch, gossiped among themselves. There were quite a few classified operations he was aware of, that he hadn’t been cleared for. Despite the fact he didn’t want to believe the supernatural was real, he was forced to realize it was. What concerned him the most was the fact a civilian group was in charge of the fight. If the legends regarding vampires were even close to true, wouldn’t the military be more equipped to handle the situation?

“Dr Giles?”

“Yes, Colonel O’Neill.”

“From your tone of voice it seems that you don’t approve of the U.S. military’s involvement with, Hostile Sub-Terrestrials.”

“No, I don’t. However, I’ve been unable to directly confirm the existence of such a group. But, the rumors are very strong. You can rest assured if the facts were available a complaint would be lodged with the President. A very precarious balance exists in the fight between good and evil. If the scales are tipped to far…”

“What would happen? We’d win.”

“No, we most certainly would not. When the balance is not maintained, when it is tipped to far one way or the other, there is chaos. Ultimately, an apocalypse.”

Everyone in the room was silent, taking in Giles’ last words. The implications were staggering. But were they accurate.

“I can’t believe that the involvement of the military could lead to the end of the world.”

“Long ago an unspoken agreement was reached. Rules established, which may seem archaic. However, they are very necessary. It is only with very great difficulty that mystical forces are harnessed. It is my belief, and others I work with share it, that if an attempt was made to harness such forces on a grand scale, the result would be catostrophic. As a result the war we wage is underground, a series of skirmeshes rather than grand battles. Evil won't ever truly be erradicated, it's within us, around us. Perhaps that is not the answer you want but it that is the way this particular war is fought, and will likely continue to be fought.”

General Hammond nodded and added a stern glare in the direction of his second in command.

“The basic Christian belief is that the world began as a paradise, a garden. That is far from the truth. This world didn’t begin as paradise. Pure demons called the Old Ones walked this world. Over time man came and the world became inhospitable to pure demons. As the last pure demon was forced from this world it mixed its blood with that of a man, creating the first vampire. Other lesser demons also remained behind or gained access to this dimension through tears in our reality. You would think of them as portals. Man lived in fear of the evil that stalked the night. Finally, a council of elders was called. Men who were learned in lore and magic. Long they debated on how to fight the evil. Finally, a decision was reached and a young girl was brought before the council. She was chained to the earth in the midst of a sacred circle.”

Next to her watcher, Buffy stiffened. No matter how many times she heard the story of the creation of the slayer line it never failed to disturb her. In her mind she pictured a young girl, unaware of what was to come, chained to the ground. She could feel her rising fear, as if it were her own. Many of her nightmares surrounded the creation of the slayer. She often thought it was a way for the one who was the source of her power to make her understand what had been done to them was not a gift. It was a burden, a burden she and her long line of sisters learned to accept. Those that were able to accept their calling, became one with the slayer within and while they might fall in their duties it was only after long years of struggle. Those who failed to accept the slayer within barely lasted a year.

Those around her did not seem to be taking the story any better than she had the first time. She, however, knew what was coming next. It was more disturbing than they were perhaps prepared to hear. But, they would hear it nonetheless, because her watcher’s voice had continued despite her own inner musings.

“Once the girl was secured, the elders called the essence of a demon and forced it into her. The idea was to give the girl all the strengths, but none of the weaknesses, of the demons she was to face. It worked. She was imbued with great strength and speed. The First Slayer, who legends name Sineya, was released. She fought with great skill and destroyed her enemies. Ultimately, she fell in battle. However, this did not end the slayer line. As one falls, another rises. Into every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer.”

Samantha Carter shuddered at the story she was being told. She had no problem with women in combat, but young girls. The mere thought of sending children into a fight to the death was wrong. As question after question ran through her head, she turned to Rupert Giles to voice them, only to find Daniel there before her.

“How old was Sineya?”

“Hmm, there is nothing written about her age. However, it is supposed that she was around 13 or perhaps 14. This is only supposition though, based on the fact that since the lives of slayers began to be recorded no girl younger than 13 or older than 18 has been called.”

“That young.”

“Well, Dr. Jackson, you must remember in those times a girl of that age would be considered an adult.”

Again, silence settled over the room as the senior officers of the SGC digested the facts so far presented to them.

Another question came to Major Carter, “Why exactly are we being briefed on this? What do The Slayer or vampires and demons have to do with the Stargate Program?”

Giles’ turned to Buffy to see if she wished to answer the questions posed. She nodded her agreement and began to speak.

“Major Carter, the reason you’ve been briefed on The Slayer is because of the reaction I had to the Stargate.”

“I don’t understand.”

It was then that Buffy realized something; they hadn’t been looking at her strangely because they knew she was the slayer. They’d been in shock because the supernatural was real.

“General Hammond, did you tell them who I am?”

Jack O’Neill was more than a little frustrated. He felt that the conversation had been going in circles, without the real question being asked or answered. He’d been relieved when Carter had voiced his primary concern. What in the hell did all this have to do with them?

“We all know who you are. You’re the First Daughter. Although, how you got involved in all this is beyond me.”

Buffy, laughed. It was laughter tinged with hysteria.

“I’m sorry Miss Durling. I thought it would be better if you and your watcher explained. It seems I was mistaken.”

Her laughter died and haunted look entered her eyes. Across the table she caught Jack O’Neill’s gaze and held it. She could see the realization as it dawned on him, quickly followed by the horror.

“How old were you?”


“And now?”


“Thirteen damn years.”

Their exchange was interrupted by the proud voice of her watcher, “Buffy is the longest lived slayer in the history of the council.”

Realization now spread to the remainder of those in the room who were unaware of her calling. The varying degrees of shock and surprise clearly displayed on their faces.

“I know it’s a lot to take in. One thing Giles hasn’t mentioned is the slayers ability to sense danger. From the moment I came in sight of the mountain my Spidey-senses, as I like to call them, went off. Slayers have a variety of gifts besides the standard strength and speed. Most of us can also sense threats, whether demonic or apparently alien in nature. I also have a natural ability to use most weapons, low and high tech. Then, of course, there are the prophetic dreams. Not fun.”

Dr. Frasier listened to her explanation and tried to connect it to the obvious differences in her blood chemistry.

“You said you sensed something here. Is that what happened when the gate activated? Were your senses overloaded?”

“Yes, exactly. Once I was able to stand and then touch the gate I realized what it was. At the most basic, primal level, my senses indicated the gate was danger. Giles was able to make the connection to the slayer.”

Everyone in the room now focused their attention on Rupert Giles.

“Ahem, yes. When Buffy informed me the Stargate was also known as the Chappa’ai I made the connection. A scroll in the council archives recounts the tale of a slayer in ancient Egypt, who fought and defeated a demon masquerading as the god Ra. She led an army, which vanquished the demon through a portal referred to as the Chappa’ai. After Ra was defeated the device which created the portal was buried and covered, with a warning never again to open the portal, lest all the demons of hell would be unleashed upon this world.”


Buffy stifled a snicker at the inadvertent slip of Jack O’Neill. Perhaps he wasn’t so bad after all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The More Things Change The More They Stay the Same" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Nov 07.

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