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This story is No. 1 in the series "Granted". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Mini-Jack makes an unwise wish in front of Halfrek, leading to a new life with a new family.

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Stargate > General > Characters: mini-JackColdhandsFR1523,64246511,3358 Oct 072 Jan 08No

A Doctor and a Yeti

See first chapter for disclaimer.

Ha! an update! Oh, uhm, for those of you who read reviews other people left and were really confused about what Halfrek did, you're going to be more confused before I explain because I changed what I had in mind for that. I had a bunch of pieces of an idea and when I put them together it didn't fit, so I had to change it BUT I didn't have to re-write anything in the previous chapter or anything like that, just disregard what I wrote when responding to the reviews.

Jack crawled out from under the table and stood. Xander had promised a DNA test, sooner rather than later, and a second test – Jack thought dubiously – by magic. He honestly didn’t know whether he believed Xander was now his biological father. It was a very strange thought, but he’d seen – hell, he’d experienced – stranger things. He didn’t feel any different. Wandering over to the large rectangular mirror opposite the door, he noted he also didn’t look any different. Maybe that would change later, if his DNA really had been messed with. That wasn’t too hard to believe; the demon part he was having more trouble with.

“What is this place?” he asked, looking away from the reflection.

“This,” Xander gestured vaguely, “Is SM Academy, less widely known as the Neo-Watcher’s Council Regional Training Facility and Headquarters. I like the first one better, less of a mouthful.”

Jack’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he thought about it, “You know SM makes it sound like-.”

Xander was already nodding, “in hindsight it was a bad choice. Stands for Sunnydale Memorial, but if we just came out and said it anyone in-the-know would, uh, know what we do here.”

Jack decided to hold off asking what or who Sunnydale was and focus on finding out more information on his surroundings. Xander appeared open to answering questions; either he was goading Jack into a false sense of security, or he really wasn’t worried about giving out what sounded like confidential information. The latter was more likely than the former. Which made him wonder what methods this organization might have for keeping people quiet.

A loud crash outside the room cut off his trail of thought. It was followed by a young teenage girl nearly flying in through the doorway. Once inside, she broke to a stop so sudden Jack wondered if she’d left tread marks.

“Xander, a yeti got past the wards!” she gasped out.

“How? Didn’t Willow just reinforce them?” Xander strode purposefully out the room as he spoke, the girl following. Jack trailed behind wondering what in the world was happening now.

The area outside was in a state of chaos. A massive fur-covered form filled nearly the entirety of what might have previously been a regal-looking entrance hall. Several teenaged girls following the shouted orders of an older woman in a suit took up the rest of the space. Jack immediately saw why he hadn’t heard the commotion before – the thing was moving. Slowly but surely it was making its way down the hall. It must have just gotten to this point, with the slow rate of progress it was making, hindered by those girls batting at it with…clubs?

They jumped high in the air to deliver resounding strikes on its head and shoulders, their clubs – and yes they were clubs - big and heavy blocks of wood. Others beat at its legs from places around it on the hard tile floor. It took a moment for Jack to realize Xander was speaking again, he’d gotten so caught up watching the scene before him.

“Those wards are supposed to prevent anything of ill-intent getting inside the grounds,” Xander said, a considering look in his eye.

The girl wrung her hands compulsively, as though she itched to be doing something other than standing and talking. Jack guessed she would be helping take on that…thing if she hadn’t gone to get Xander. He could sympathize. There had been times at the SGC when he had been injured or otherwise ordered not to go and help fight. It was always hard to watch your friends go headfirst into danger and not be able to join them. But that didn't explain why the ones fighting were teenage girls. The picture in front of him just did not make sense.

“Mackenzie already ordered us not to do kill-strikes because of that,” the girl told Xander. He nodded but did not seem to be paying close attention. Instead he was squinting up at the thing’s – the girl had called it a Yeti – head.

“Nothing of ill-intent can get through the wards,” he muttered, and then straightened. He turned to Jack momentarily, “I want you to stay back, okay?”

At Jack’s reluctant nod he turned back to the girl, pointing to the Yeti’s head, “I have an idea what’s wrong, can you get me up there?”

She smiled in relief, and Jack could hear the anticipation in her voice, “Absolutely.”

From his vantage he saw Xander’s eye widen briefly, and then the girl had her arms around his waist and was lifting him up off the ground. Now Jack had seen some impossible things, but nothing quite compared to watching a girl who couldn’t weigh more than 100 lbs tops throw a man over twice her bulk some twenty feet to land on the shoulders of a Yeti. Well, that might explain why the girls were the ones fighting, if they were all like that. Jack was too stunned to consider it further. The thing roared and tried to dislodge him, but Xander was holding on tight, and then it did dislodge him, sending him head-over-heels to crash on the floor.

“Proving yet again, I am an idiot,” Xander proclaimed, and held out something in his palm Jack couldn’t make out, “But not as big an idiot as I used to be.”

The Yeti staggered, then sagged to the floor, the girls that had been clubbing it backing off though still holding their weapons at the ready. The woman in the suit ambled over tiredly. Tremors ran through her hands as she approached. Jack guessed the adrenaline was wearing off.

“What is it?” She asked, looking at the thing in Xander’s hand.

“I dunno, but I think it’s what was driving this poor guy nut-so,” Xander answered, handing it over. The woman smacked her forehead.

“An electronic tag! Why didn’t I think of that!? I knew there was something I was missing, woodland Yetis are peaceful. Someone must have mistaken him for a bear or some such, idiot!” She exclaimed, examining the object more closely.

“Aw, Mackenzie, don’t be too hard on yourself, you still got a lot to learn,” Xander consoled; he began to head back to the doorway where he’d left Jack.

“I didn’t mean me, I meant whoever did this was an idiot,” Mackenzie shot back.

“Oh, uhm, never mind then,” Xander said. He scurried over to Jack, grinning.

“Why don’t we go have that DNA test now, huh? That and make sure I don’t have any internal bleeding,” he suggested, guiding Jack further down the hall, away from the mangled entrance area, “Mackenzie can sort things out from here.”

“Why not have the magic test first?” Jack said, bemused. He was actually starting to believe that Xander hadn’t been joking, when he said his organization dealt with demons. And what were those girls? Unnaturally strong, stronger than Goa’uld. Even Teal’C couldn’t throw someone like that.

“Oh, you never want to mix magic and science, not unless you know exactly what you’re doing,” Xander commented. Well, that was certainly something to keep in mind; he wondered where Xander had acquired that tidbit of information.

Mom and Dad were talking with Aunt Willow about Adam again. They were worried because they’d never faced anything like him before, part demon, and part machine. They didn’t know what to do. Wait, oh, no. Dad peeked out of the kitchen to stare into his eyes, “Jack, you’re supposed to be in bed.”

“Jack? Jack, are okay?”

He shook himself out of…he didn’t know what that had been. Xander was watching him worriedly, his hand on Jack’s shoulder. Jack stepped out of his touch, suddenly very uncomfortable. “I’m fine.”

“You sure, you kinda zoned out on me,” Xander asked again.

Jack hesitated, and then said, “I’m sure.”

He could only wonder why he’d had the urge to tell Xander, whom he knew he had only barely known for an hour at most, exactly what had happened. But now he was being brought into what was quite obviously an infirmary from the many beds arranged against the wall and the shelves heavily laden with bottles and boxes whose labels were as familiar to him as breathing, and he had no more time to wonder.

A tall, dark-haired man in a white doctor’s uniform approached them as they came further into the room. The other occupants were – surprise, surprise – teenage girls. These were a little older than the ones from the entrance hall, and much calmer. They busied themselves with various tasks scattered around the room. All the beds were empty, so Jack supposed they didn’t have much to do at the moment.

“Xander, nice to see you but what are you doing down here?” The doctor asked, frowning.

“Ah, always business with you, huh? Jack, this is Doctor Shaifer,” Xander introduced, then went on, “I need a DNA test, Halfrek said she magicked Jack to make him my and Buffy’s son, I want to make sure.”

“If there’s magic involved I suggest you speak with Willow, now if you’ll excuse me,” the doctor wandered away to a counter covered with pill bottles and began carefully shelving them. One of the girls came over as Xander sighed.

“I could rip his arm off, if you want?” She offered. Xander waved it off. What kind of suggestion was that?

“But if he’s missing an arm, how is he going to be able to stitch me up when a demon gnaws through my leg and I’m spurting blood all over the place?” He said. Jack winced at the imagery. “Nah, I need a DNA test to see if Jack here is my son.”

“I heard. Yeah, I can do that. Just come over this way.”

The girl, who turned out to be a nurse named Hollie had them both open their mouths so she could swab the inside of their cheeks. Jack almost missed Janet and her needles. It only took a few minutes and they were heading off again. He noted Doctor Shaifer had finished what he had been doing at the counter in half that time. Xander seemed to sense his thoughts.

“Shaifer is a really great doctor, doesn’t blink an eye at the weird and keeps a cool head under pressure. He's just not a people-person, and he doesn't like magic,” Xander explained. Jack nodded non-commitally. Janet was a great doctor, but she was nice too.

“Where are we going now?” He asked, following Xander up a flight of stairs.

“We’re off to see the wizard, or rather, witch.”

Read and Review. I love your input.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wishes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jan 08.

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