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A Cajun Connection

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Summary: Response to challenge 648. Xander finds out that he's got an older brother.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredRebelgirlFR1512,2674397,8988 Oct 078 Oct 07No
A Cajun Connection

I own nothing, Buffy belongs to Joss, and the X-Men, I think are Stan Lee's, definitely Marvel at any rate. I drive a bus, so I own my PCV license, until the Old Bill and the DVLA take it away.

Spoilers for season 6 Buffy, who knows where with the X-Men, I'm sorta working from the comics, mid-90's.

Chapter 1

A week after Xander ripped his life apart by leaving Anya at the alter, he walked into his parents house, and found his mother sitting at the kitchen table. This in and of itself wasn't all that strange. The fact that she was sober, and not hungover was.

Marie LeBeau Harris looked up as Xander walked in. "Wha's wrong Cher? Ya look down."

Xander just shrugged as he sat down at the table. "Buffy and Willow aren't really talking to me yet over the way I treated Anya last week, and Tara keeps giving me this look of major disapproval, which for her is really harsh." He sighed deeply, and slumped deeper into his chair. "I still love her, but someone lied to me, and showed me a false future, and I didn't want to hurt her. And it really hurt what Dad said," he tailed off there, looking miserable.

"Oh, Cher," Marie said, hugging Xander. "C'mon, lemme show ya somet'ing," she said standing up and pulling Xander with her into the living room. Once in there, she pulled out all of her old photographs from when she was a girl.

"Dis is ya fam'ly from N'Awlin's, de French Quarter," Marie said. "No matter what Tony say, be proud t'be Cajun. I know y'had problems learning French at school. Dat my fault. I taught ya Cajun French, which be diff'rent, confused ya, didn't it?"

"Yeah," answered Xander softly, "I kept getting told off in class for answering wrong, called stupid-"

"Ya ain't stupid, Cher," said Marie softly."Ya speak a language which be nearly dead, dat ain't stupid. Tony didn't wan' me ta teach ya a'tall, say we don' live in Lou'siana, no need ta learn it, imbecile," she added harshly.

Xander looked up at her then, mildly shocked to hear her talk like that about his dad, although he'd thought it himself before.

"Mom, who's this?" Xander had found an old picture of a baby, being held by his mother, who was years younger than she'd been when she'd had him.

"Dat were ya brot'er, he - died when he were 6 mont' old, his mutation were too much f'r his body t' handle," Marie said sadly.

Xander looked sharply at his mother, "Who tol' ya dat?" The strong emotions of the moment reviving his childhood accent.

"Ya father," replied Marie confused.

"Den he prob'ly lied ta ya," Xander said bitterly. "Dad hates mutants, b'longs ta anti-mutant hate groups."

"What? Half my fam'ly be mutant!" cried Marie in shock. "I'm a mutant, a telepath! Mebbe dat why he kep' me drunk f'r so long! Dat piece o' shit!"

"I didn' know dat ya were a mutant mama, I t'ink I am too," added Xander softly. "I keep it hidden from him, but also from my frien's, dis town, it too strange."

"Cher, I know wha' dis town be abou'. Too many vampires. Dey call ya Le Blanc Chevalier, oh dat struck a chord, non?" Marie added at Xander's look of shock. N'Awlin's got a lotta weird shit dere, cher. I don' invite no one in. Tony, he jus' rude."

Xander started to snigger, "tell me wha' ya 'member 'bout me brot'er," he asked.

Marie sighed, "were a long time ago, cher, bu' he were a good bebe, like ya were. Freaked Tony ou' when his eye's changed, red on black dey wen' at four mont'-"

"Wai', the white area be black, an' de iris be red, non?" interrupted Xander urgently.

"Mais yeah," answered Marie, confused about why Xander was asking.

"Come, I show ya why," said Xander, pulling her over to Tony's PC. "Me an' Willow, we were crashin' it once a mont' since we were 15 or so," he said as he booted it up and found one of Tony's anti-mutant sites.

Marie hit the roof when she saw the rhetoric that it was spewing out. "Wai', dat's no' wha' I wanna show ya. Look, look at his eyes mama." Xander pointed at a picture of one of the X-Men that was on the site. He had black and red eyes. And a resemblance to both Xander and Marie.

Marie went white, "I'm gonna kill dat son o' a bitch!" she snarled. "He lied ta me, an' abandoned ma chil', ya brot'er, an' dese idiots, dey call dem 'public enemy number 1', me, I know who public enemy number 1 is, an' it ain't de X-Men!"


The next day when Xander went to the Magic Box after work, all of his girls were there except for Anya, but he reasoned she was off doing a job for D'Hoffryn.

"Willow, you got a minute?" he asked the redheaded witch.

"What do you want, Xander? I'm pretty busy at the moment," she said, trying to blow him off.

"It's not for me, it's for my mom," replied Xander, not at all put off by her attitude. "Tony's been lying to her for over 20 years, and he's still involved in the anti-mutant groups. An' I foun' ou' las' nigh' dat mama's a mutan' too.| Xander was starting to get agitated at this point, so his accent started changing as well.

This was when Buffy and Tara started paying attention to what Xander was saying as well. They'd never heard him sound Cajun before, and Dawn was nearly swooning at the accent.

"Wait, your dads still involved with the Friends of Humanity?" asked Willow sharply.

"Yeah," answered Xander shortly, "an' he 'bandoned m' brot'er when he were 6 mont' old, cos he be mutan' too. So mama goin' nuts at th' momen'."

"Are you a mutant as well?" asked Tara softly.

"Dunno," shrugged Xander, "wouldn' be surprised, mos' o' the LeBeau's are. Angry 'nough f'r manifestation at th' monen' as well."

"That's so cool!" squealed Dawn.

"No' so loud, chere," said Xander, shaking his head to try and clear his ears, "so, Willow, ya crash Tony's computer, an search f'r my brot'er, non?"

"Course I will," Willow said with a steely look in her green eyes. "I thought we'd cured him of that years ago, obviously stopping it made him start up again."

"Bon, better get back 'fore mama clean his clock," he shrugged then, "he deserve it, bu' I don' wan' her t' go ta jail. To many LeBeau's in and ou' o' jail already," he said. And on that note, Xander left, leaving a rather bemused bunch of girls behind.


It took nearly 3 weeks for Willow to gather the results that Xander and Marie wanted, and even then it took Dawn's help. It seemed that Xander wasn't the only one Scooby member related to one of the X-Men. Buffy and Dawn were as well. On their father's side. Of course, Hank was denying all knowledge, and was nearly as rabidly anti-mutant as Tony Harris was - Buffy was undecided on what to do about this new development, so Dawn had taken to discussing it with Spike.

"She just keeps going on and on about protecting me all of the time," Dawn complained. "I mean, hello! If she taught me how to fight, I might not get kidnapped as much. And then she goes on about how we don't know them from Adam. Wasn't Adam a demon cyborg? I think we'd know the difference-"

"Nibblet, she's just worried. You're just getting all your hopes up, and they don't even know about you," Spike tried to reason with Dawn, who shifted nervously in her seat, and focused more intensely on 'Passions'. "Dawn, they don't know about you? Right?"

"Well, IkindawrotetothemexplainingwhoIwas," Dawn blurted out in a rush, wanting to get the shouting out of the way with.

Spike just sighed, "Yer sisters gonna go nuts. She was very specific about you not contacting them."

"But, but their the X-Men! Their hero's, just like Buffy is! Their not gonna hurt me, or Xander or Willow or Tara!" cried Dawn.

"But wot about me, or Anya?" asked Spike calmly. "Anya's a demon again, and I'm a vampire, luv, chip or no chip, they ain't gonna trust me."

"I won't let them hurt you!" declared Dawn stubbornly, and to Spikes astonishment, her eyes started to glow slightly.

"Er, Dawn, I think you should cam down, luv. Yer eyes are glowing," he said warily.

"Yeah, right. Spike, why is it suddenly all red in here?" asked Dawn sounding scared.

"It's not, your eyes are red. Calm down platelet. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths," Spike said soothingly. Dawn tried to do this, but she started to hyperventilate instead, and when she opened her eyes, she saw the crypt wall blow out.

"Fucking hell!" swore Spike. "Dawn, close your eyes darling, please, it's daylight outside, and your eyes are shooting laser blasts!"

"Oh shit!" said Dawn as she fainted.

"Fucking brilliant," grumbled Spike, "great ruddy hole in me 'ouse, daylight outside, and the nibblet's fainted. Where's me fucking phone?" He went digging through his coat pockets and rang Xander. "Oi, Whelp! Come and get the Nibblet. She's just blown up me gaff and fainted... I don't give a fuck if you're at work, Dawn needs you. Well fuck you too. Wanker!" Spike picked Dawn up and laid her on the sofa, and wrapped a clean bandage over her eyes, it would serve to remind her not to open her eyes, and waited for Xander to arrive.

Xander turned up 10 minutes later, saw the damage done to the crypt, and whistled, "Merde, she do a number 'ere, non?"

"Wot, you some French bastard now?" asked Spike belligerently.

"Cajun, always was, seem ta spen' mos' o' th' time angry now, accent come back," shrugged Xander. "Wha' happen?"

"We were talking, Dawn admitted she went behind Buffy's back and wrote to her cousin back east, and got upset, her eyes started glowing, then me wall disappeared when lasers shot out of her eyes," summarized Spike.

"Vampires, witches and mutants, oh my!" sniggered Xander. "Ya ready f'r de blanke' treatmen', Blondie?"

"S'pose so," Spike sounded less than enthusiastic at that thought.

Xander took the quickest route back to the Summers house, with Spike under the blanket, muttering obscenities the entire way, and Dawn unconscious on the back seat.

When they reached the Summers house, Xander's dramatic entrance shouting Buffy's name with Dawn in his arms, followed by a smoking Spike upset Buffy Willow and Tara greatly.

"I don' t'ink y'gonna be able t put off talkin' t ya cousins f'r much longer, chere," said Xander softly, after Spike had related to a shaken Buffy the events in the crypt that afternoon.


At roughly the same time in Westchester, New York, an advanced computer system called Cerebro had registered the emergence of a new mutant. Whilst this wasn't an unusual occurrence, the mutagenic signature was. This signature was 99.9% identical to one of the X-Men already in residence, and as such, it logged the occurrence, location and flagged it for immediate investigation at the earliest possible opportunity.

So when Hank McCoy found this information the following morning, and compared it to known signatures, and matched it to Scott Summers, he took this information right away to the man in question, his wife and the school headmaster.

"So what are the situations, and/or circumstances that can replicate this?" asked Scott.

"Well," answered Hank, "there's Mimic and young Everett."

"And both are accounted for," added Jean.

"So that leaves only family," added Hank, startling Scott.

"Where was this occurrence?" asked Scott, thinking about the letter that he'd received that morning from a 15 year cousin that he'd never met before.

"Er, West Coast, Southern California to be precise," answered Hank, "why?"

"I received a letter from an unknown 15 year old cousin, a Dawn Summers. Related on my father's side from what she was saying," answered Scott.

"15, oh god, that must be awful!" said Jean. "Just remember what you went through when you manifested, Scott. And she's a girl. just trust me on this. It's gonna be a lot, lot worse for her."

Up until then, Charles Xavier was content to let Hank, Scott and Jean handle everything, but now that this little snippet of information had come up, he wanted to add his opinion.

"I take it you wish to go and see your cousin then?" he said

"Yeah, I think I do," answered Scott, taking the letter out of his pocket. He looked at his wife. "Up for a trip to Sunnydale?"

"Do you even have to ask?" she smiled at him.

"Scott, I'd feel happier if you took a few more of the X-Men with you. Sunnydale is a very strange town, it also has a chapter of the Friends of Humanity there. Take Bishop, Gambit and Psylocke with you as well please," said Charles.

"Of course, Professor," replied Scott standing. "What about about Wolverine?"

"He said something about Canada, and has just left. If we need him, he'll be back in a shot," said Jean.

"Very well, we'll gather the others, and the red eye to LAX. From wha Dawn said in her letter, it's only a couple of hours from there," said Scott as he headed for the door.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Cajun Connection" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Oct 07.

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