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Universe In Her Eyes

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Summary: *Spoilers for LXG movie and S7 Finale*, The path back to the Council is full of more danger than Willow ever imagined . . .

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Comics > League of Extraordinary GentlemenEenaAngelFR18714,4912226,47720 Jul 0317 Aug 03No

So That's How He Does It!

***Spoilers for LXG movie***
***Spoilers for S7 Finale***

Notes: For LXG-Dorian obviously did not die. He works for the real `M'-who isn't all that nice anyway.
For BTVS-no Willow/Kennedy relationship.
Notes2: I have no idea about the actual creation of the Council in the beginning, so I'm taking my own spin on the history and creation of the original Council.

Dedicated to Jinni, who so desperately wanted a Willow/Dorian fic. I hope this story is to your liking.

Part Six-So That’s How He Does It!

Buffy watched, rather suspiciously, as Krishna and James wandered out of Giles’s study and began making their way down the hallway. The blonde Slayer followed them, as she had been for the better part of the day. They knew it, were kind of annoyed by it, but Buffy didn’t care. She didn’t know these guys, and despite Giles being all happy to see them here, she didn’t trust them.

And she still didn’t think that they were all that extraordinary. The League had been grossly misnamed in her opinion. Sure, they were nice to look at, and their accents were to die for, but they were not, and she repeats NOT, extraordinary. They were regular old humans. If they had come up against the Slayers, they wouldn’t have lasted very long. She was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They could be highly trained, like the Initiative, but really, how much trouble with did she ever have with those guys? Even when they were trying to kill her they failed miserably.

These guys, weren’t all that different. And there were only five of them, plus the half-vampire lady that Buffy didn’t like at all. Nothing against Mina, but she was creepy as hell. And that whole thing where she gave off the same vibes as Dracula, well, that wasn’t sitting all that well with this Slayer. Or Xander for that matter. He was off in the west wing, fixing some creaky hinges while muttering something about ‘butt monkeys’ under his breath.

“Your vigilance is admirable,” Krishna finally spoke, not turning around to look at the blonde. “But don’t you feel it is a bit excessive?”

“No,” Buffy stated flatly. “I’ll let you know when it gets to be excessive.”

“Man, this is worse than the time that Tommy boy thought I liberated him of his precious century-old shotgun,” James mused thoughtfully. Krishna frowned at him, a snort of disbelief following James’s comment.

“You did take his shotgun.”

“But I gave it back,” James protested.

“After Mina threatened to eat you,” was the flat reply. Buffy felt a snicker escape her involuntarily, covering it up with a sharp glare when James winked at her playfully.

“If is not to presumptuous of me to ask,” Krishna started, obviously trying to steer the conversation away from James’s kleptomanical tendencies. “But why do you have so many bouquets lying on the floor.”

Buffy growled, shooting a murderous look at the flowers lining the walls of the entrance hall.

“They’re gifts,” she explained, folding her arms over her chest and glaring at the more recent additions. “From that Dorian jerk.”

“Dorian?” James repeated, suddenly serious. The man stopped in his tracks and shot the Slayer a very worried look.

“Dorian is sending you gifts?” he asked, nervously looking at the flowers surrounding them. Buffy arched an eyebrow at that, wondering what this guy’s problem with Dorian was. Not that it was out of the ordinary for someone to be put off by Dorian, the guy was not one for making friends at all. But he seemed to piss off each person for different reasons. It’s like he made a hobby out of it or something.

“Not me,” Buffy admitted, kicking one of the larger bouquets at her feet. “Unfortunately, the immortal stalker has set his sights on our Willow.”

“The redhead?” Krishna shook his head before shooting a look towards James. “He seems to like redheads.”

“Yeah, what’s that about?”

“Wait a minute!” Buffy snapped, looking at both men angrily. “What do you mean he likes redheads? Has he done this before to someone you know.”

“You could say that,” James shrugged. Buffy stamped her foot and spread her hands expectantly.

“Well?” she demanded. Krishna looked slightly pained for a second.

“It’s best not to talk about it,” the man muttered feebly. “It does not bring up the best of memories.”

“And if Mina hears us talking about it, she’ll kill us,” James added helpfully. Krishna looked incredulously at his companion and gave him a deft punch on the shoulder. Buffy watched their exchange for a few minutes, her mind racing with the facts she had just learned. Her mind drifted to Mina . . .and her red hair.

“Oh, well that makes things more interesting,” Buffy shook her head. “How’d she get him off her case?”

“Oh, he got bored of her eventually,” James offered, ignoring the dark looks Krishna was giving him for his sharing of information. “And he just left her alone after that.”

“Well, that’s a good sign,” Buffy smiled, relief flooding her immediately. “How long did that take?”

“Well, I met Mina four years ago . . .” James trailed off, mentally counting while Krishna hung his head in exasperation.

“Eighty years.”

Buffy felt herself deflate.



“I’m sorry honey, but is there anyway to turn that darn system off? Those chirps are starting to get on my nerves.”

Dawn snorted, wincing when another volley of chirps assaulted her ears. She exchanged a look with Willow, and the witch just shrugged her shoulders before turning back to offer Marcus and Alan an apologetic smile.

“Unfortunately, the alarm has to stay on,” the redhead informed him. “We’re having a bit of a problem with security as of late.”

“And by that she means, Dorian, I’m-A-Creepy-Immortal-Stalker, Grey,” Dawn elaborated, shooting both men a brilliant smile. “Jerk has been popping in and out of this place right under our noses. Buffy got fed up and alarmed the whole damn house.”

“And this succeeded in keeping Mr. Grey out?” Alan questioned, frowning distastefully as the chirps seemed to pick in volume for one second. Willow sighed and sunk deeper into her seat.

“Unfortunately no,” the redhead admitted ruefully. “He somehow manages to keep getting around us. It’s starting to creep me out. Does he have some sort of super sneaking power? Because that would explain a whole lot.”

“Well, he’s a slippery bastard,” Marcus agreed, a charming smile curving his lips. Willow bit her lip to keep from laughing when Dawn let out a low, dreamy sigh at that. Looks like Marcus was going to be a favourite with the girls during his stay.

“But he has no particular superpower where that is concerned,” Alan finished for his friend. “He is just really good at it. What amazes me is that with every entry alarmed, he’s still getting inside the premises. I would think with even the passageways covered he would run out of-”

“Whoa, back the train up,” Willow held her hand up, sitting up straighter and looking Alan right in the eye.

“Did you just say passageways? What passageways?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Alan looked confused, exchanging a look with Marcus. “I thought for sure that Mr. Giles would have told you when you were alarming the entry-ways-”

“I would have told them what?”

Willow looked up as Giles re-entered his library, an open book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. He offered the other occupants of the room a distracted smile in greeting before settling in behind his desk. Dawn jumped up from her seat, moving to stand next to Giles and giving the man a hard jab in the shoulder when she was within reach.

“What’s all this about hidden passageways?” the teenager demanded. “And why were we not informed?”

“What are you going on about?” Giles asked, rubbing his shoulder and giving the younger girl a dark look. “There are no hidden passageways at this estate. The whole idea is preposterous.”

“No its not,” Alan protested, a confused frown on his face. “Mr. Giles, I’m referring to the passageways the Council installed in your home-”

“The Council installed no passageways in my home,” Giles protested. “What gave you that idea?”

“Man, I don’t think he knows about it,” Marcus informed his friend secretively. Alan nodded, as if in agreement, before turning back to face Giles.

“I’m afraid I have some bad news for you all,” Alan started off. “I assumed that you would know, but I guess I was mistaken.”

“About what?” Giles demanded, closing his book and leaning forward.

“Well, it’s just that the Watchers’ Council, when it had been in existence, had a policy,” Alan explained. “I thought that with you rebuilding it, you would know about this one, even though it was kept quite a secret. The Council had passageways connecting the headquarters to the homes of the more prominent members of their organization. They claimed that it was for security. The idea was that in the event of an attack, either at the home or the headquarters, Watchers would be able to evacuate to safety via the tunnels.”

“That’s what the head honchos say anyway,” Marcus interjected. “Mina always told us that it was more for spying on the higher ups of the Council. I guess that explains why you didn’t know about them.”

“My word!” Giles exclaimed softly. “I can’t believe it.”

“Neither can I!” Dawn fumed. “We’ve been putting up with this insane chirping for days now and for what? Nothing! The bastard’s been getting by us through these damn tunnel thingies, calmly slipping in and out while we‘ve been going crazy trying to track him down! He’s probably laughing at us as we speak! Ooh! I’m so mad I could . . . I could-do something really bad!”

Willow added nothing to the younger girl’s tirade. Instead, she sank lower into her seat as her face paled significantly. Worried green eyes found Giles’s and she gripped the arms of her chair tightly.

“If he knows about it, then the rest do too,” the redhead stated faintly. Giles straightened, alarm and fear washing over his features. He cast a suspicious look around his library, shakily getting up from behind his desk and heading for the door.

“I’ll assemble the others,” he told them shortly. “We have to find these passages and fast. Lord knows who else might be putting them to use in the future.”

“No wonder Her Majesty’s Boogers have been so damn cocky about all this,” Dawn muttered as Giles’s departure. “They know more crap about the Council than we ever did.”

Willow nodded faintly in agreement. Marcus offered her a sympathetic smile before rising to his feet and declaring that he was going to Mina and tell her what Giles had just told them. Alan followed him, going to assemble the other League members. Willow barely acknowledged their departure, bringing her knees up to her chin and wrapping her arms defensively around herself. Green eyes travelled over the expanse of the room, paranoid thoughts filtering in and out of her head. He could be watching her right now and they would never know.

This courting thing was really getting out of hand.


His eyes searched the length of his bookcase, titles being read and dismissed rather quickly. He had one particular book in mind. Not for himself, but for his lovely redhead. Watching her these past few weeks had alerted him to her fondness for books. So he was sending her one as his latest gift. And knowing how old and rare it was, the Watcher wouldn’t even let his Slayer rip it up or throw it out. If anyone was a sucker for a classic text, it was Rupert Giles.

Dorian grinned to himself, remembering a time when that hadn’t quite been the case. In fact, little over thirty years ago, things had been quite the opposite. Dorian still recalled the angry young man that Rupert had been. He had known the boy during his “Ripper” phase and it had been quite entertaining. Especially considering the reaction that it got out of the Council. Imagine, a future member of their prestigious organization was turning out to be the black sheep of the Giles family. Too bad that he grew out of his rebellion. Old Rupert might not be so worn out by now if he had actually told his family, and the Council, to take their job and shove all those years ago. But alas, he chose responsibility over freedom.

Oh well. At least Ethan had the common sense to get out while he could.

He stopped suddenly as he found what he had been searching for. Pulling the heavy text off his shelf, Dorian moved towards his couch, hands running lovingly over the book in his hand. Such a priceless thing. It had been in his collection for many decades now. M would definitely not be happy to learn the Dorian had departed with it. And he certainly wouldn’t be happy to discover where Dorian had sent it. But he had little concern for that. After all, courting is a serious affair.

And Dorian Grey always took his courting very seriously.

He placed the book on the table, resolving to have it delivered tomorrow. He briefly played with the idea of delivering it himself, but quickly axed the idea. He had a meeting with M tomorrow, something to do with the League no doubt. He might not have a chance to sneak out of the office the whole day. Anything League related always gets M’s panties all twisted up in a knot, especially when they disobeyed. And much to Dorian’s delight, the League almost always disobeyed M. It certainly made his job more entertaining when they did.

Of course there is that whole nasty matter with Mina. She might try to stop M just out of spite, towards both M and Dorian himself. That woman sure knew how to hold a grudge. Dorian was mildly concerned at the thought of having to face Mina once again. The last time hadn’t ended all that well for him.

Oh well, what happens, happens. Besides, it’s not like she could actually do anything to him, permanently that is. One of the perks of being immortal.

Dorian chuckled softly to himself before heading towards his bed. It was late and he had quite the week ahead of him. Best to get some rest now before things really heated up.

After all, Her Majesty’s Government had a war to prepare for.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Universe In Her Eyes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Aug 03.

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