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Moonlit hunt

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This story is No. 1 in the series "From the Mind of a Monster". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Dexter/Faith FFA: A hunt goes wrong for both Faith and Dexter.

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Television > DexterEffieFR1811,864061,8368 Oct 078 Oct 07Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own either Dexter who belongs to Jeff Lindsay and Showtime or BtVS who belongs to JW and other companies.

Tonight was the night. The moon was full and calling to me. It would have been dramatic for me to say that it was large and blood red but it wasn’t. It did call me though to hunt. It had taken me three weeks to make sure that Harry’s code was satisfied but I had my prey. Now all I had to do was wait. Then, I could play.

Faith watched, waiting. She had tracked the bastard down from Phoenix after he’d gone underground but now she had him. She smiled. The bastard wasn’t going to hurt any more kids. The monster was going down.

Edward Burton, 53 and a used car salesman back from a vacation. Edward was fond of exsanguinations and dismemberment. I personally couldn’t stand blood. Blood. I had been found by my foster father Harry in a cargo container with it 2 inches thick. Some of that was from my mother. Although I didn’t know it, until my long lost brother had come to play with me, that was the event that made me into a monster. Harry had made sure I didn’t become like Burton. No, I was Dexter the Dark Avenger.

I was also Dexter Morgan the forensic blood specialist on the Miami police force with my sister Deborah. Tonight though we had come out to play. My dark passenger, my own shadow, was in the front seat and we were ready. I slid behind the driver’s seat, out of view and waited. Burton had finally made come out. The fool moon made him hungry too.

Faith waited, she’d follow him. She wouldn’t kill him until he was about to strike. No, she’d wait for him. Trap him. She had waited for this and watched him for six days. Demons always got so cocky. She’d make the bastard suffer.

Faith slid into the shadows as he came out. In the time that it took Faith to track and find him she was sure she had been watched. At least watching him. Someone else was hunting Burton. This was her target though. She didn’t see anyone else or felt them, yet.

Faith didn’t know who was hunting Burton but it wasn’t human. Faith heard the engine roar and flew. Her own ride was around the corner. She’d catch up to him. Trail him.

Burton was driving per my instructions. “Drive and we’ll let you live longer.” We’d said. Burton had looked shocked. I was amazed how much resistance he’d put up but a quick tug until he nearly passed out had helped things out.

I grunted as he tried to escape, give himself some advantage but I had planned this too carefully. No, he wasn’t going to cooperate. Nearly strangling him, I reached for sedative. It’s much harder than it sounds, especially since he barely seemed to be overcome by the lack of air and the fact that the car was swerving. At least he’d waited until we were on the back roads.

Faith slowed down. Something was wrong. Why was he heading this way? Shit. Why was he swerving? She wondered. She pulled back far enough to not bee seen.

“Damn it!” She cursed softly. Her target had been grabbed.

She watched as the masked man tied the demon up and dumped him into the trunk. How he’d gotten into the car without her noticing…. “Who the hell are you?” She growled as the car started up again. Faith made sure to stay back a bit, more than she normally would.

I looked up and cursed. I don’t know how I had missed it. I was being followed or more accurately Burton had been followed. The bike was barely visible but I knew someone was there. Could it possibly be another dark avenger? I had no idea but I had to lose it. I’d made one quick kill before. It wasn’t going to happen again.

Faith frowned; the driver was moving more and more into the back roads. Faith knew she could get lost and wished she’d brought a map. She was going in circles. She knew that but she couldn't tell how exactly, the shrubbery looked too much alike here.

When they sped up, Faith knew she had been spotted.

I was hoping they were getting disoriented. The driver of the motorcycle was speeding up, not bothering to stay hidden. So he knew I’d seen him. Of course I did. Especially after having my own personal human shadow for a few good months. That was the frightening moment when the Dark Avenger had gone into the depths of the cave and Dexter the Couch Potato had replaced him.

When the moonlight hit the driver head on I knew who it was. She had been stalking Burton. She hadn’t spotted me or sensed me. She didn’t have a shadow like mine but she had something. Things were going perfectly well until I saw an arm come straight out of the trunk.

Faith stopped. Burton had come out in his true form. Judging what he was doing to the trunk, he was pissed. The driver skidded to a stop.

What the hell was going on? I couldn’t help but stare as the trunk was basically ripped off. What was Burton?

The dude was staring at the trunk. He hadn’t been expecting that. Faith growled. Now she had to make sure he didn’t get hurt. Amateur. She got off, pulled out the broadsword and…

I tried to scramble out of the car as the backseat slammed into the driver and passenger seats. Burton looked like a demon from hell. Red eyes, green skin and it looked like he’d hulked out of his clothing. It was barely clinging on his body. He lunged at me. The seat belt wasn’t unbuckling. This had happened only once but I was underwater and the person behind the belt had been my sister.

My life did not flash before my eyes and I didn’t get an epiphany. All I saw was the clawed hand rushing toward me. It fell, severed, about half a foot from my face. I got the seat belt off and got the hell out of the car.

“Remember me, wise ass?” Faith yelled. Burton was screaming. His severed arm still moving in the car.

“YOU!” He screamed as he snarled his way out of the now wrecked car. “Slayer! I’ll kill you.” He turned toward the white masked man. “Then I’ll get you!”

I jumped back. I didn’t have the much in the way of weapons other than a gun and my pocketknife. Those wouldn’t do me any good seeing as he had ripped straight out of the car. I looked at Slayer. A bit dramatic but whom was I to complain. She’d saved my life. As much as I enjoyed killing people, I didn’t want to lose own life.

Faith snarled. He was fighting all right. She almost wished she had brought back up. Almost. Fight. Kill. Survive. Faith didn’t have much on her mind.

She felt the anger in her veins flow. She remembered all the kids, dead. Madelene Lynn the last victim. Nearly dead but the little girl would live. Unfortunately she’d live without use of her legs. At least she had her legs still on her. Faith thought. Spinal damage had ruined them.

Faith fought harder.

I tried leaving. It wasn’t easy. I had become stuck between the car and their fighting. I couldn’t go through the car and their fighting was fast. Too fast. Who ever won would deal with me. I was frustrated. Is this how normal human beings felt like when they saw things spiral out of control too fast? I had to do something. I couldn’t just stand there and wait for one of them to win and then possibly kill me.

I didn’t think the brunette would kill me but I knew Burton would. I looked in the car. My toys were still there. Work fast, Dexter. The deadly dance has just turned deadlier. The brunette lost her sword. Don’t become Dexter the Dunce. That was the least of my worries. I would rather be Dexter the Dunce than Dead Dexter.

Think. Tape, knives, and….

Faith moved back. Burton had backhanded her. Claws leaving bright red marks across her arm. Crap. Faith was ready to defend herself. Burton had picked up the sword.

Perfect. Faith thought.

“What’s wrong, Slayer?” He goaded.

“Don’t get too cocky on me.” She grinned. Senses heightened; she ducked in time to avoid the sword.

“I’ll kill you quickly.” He said grinning. “Don’t worry. I won’t even let you see the next kid I kill. You’ll see them after I’m done with them.” He laughed.

Faith kept her face calm. Fist clenched, she was about to strike when gunshots resonated. Faith hadn’t forgotten about the masked man. What was the idiot thinking shooting him? She thought.

Sure Burton’s type of demon had a lot of human weaknesses but it wouldn’t take more than a few shots to kill him. Maybe a few clips would do but three shots? Not likely. Still, Burton stumbled. Sword dropped as he clawed at his throat. What?

I had abandoned my white silk mask. I was angry. I wasn’t helpless. I had studied him enough. He’d fallen to the sedative. Three shots from my tranquilizer gun had done more than enough. I had had enough.

I pulled on the fishing line. He was chocking. I smiled. This was a real inhuman monster. It didn’t matter if he was stronger. I was a monster in my own right.

Faith stilled for a moment.

“Get the god-damned sword!” The man snarled. Mask-less. She shivered at something in his eyes.

“Can you hold him?” She yelled as she grabbed the sword. Burton still struggled feebly.

“I don’t know how much longer. Sedative’s not lasting.” He yelled.

Faith nodded. “I got him.”

She beheaded him. I had done it often enough on my victims but it wasn’t easy. She made it look easy by cutting straight through his vertebra, neck and my fishing line. I nearly fell but caught myself in time to avoid being crushed by the body.

She looked at me.

He was tense, ready to fight if he needed to. There was something about him that she didn’t like. “Who are you?” She asked.

He straightened, hand on his hip. There was a weapon there most likely. “Dexter. You?”

She smiled. “Faith. Just Faith.”

“Like Cher?”

“Maybe. Mind telling me what your doing playing with monster?”

He smiled. “Playing. I was going to kill him.”

She froze. “Why?”

“Do you know what he did?” He wasn’t releasing anything.


“That’s why.” Faith nodded. There wasn’t really much more to ask. It wasn’t her business. She dealt with monsters of the non-human variety. It looked he dealt with the opposite.

“Need a ride back?” She asked looking at the totaled car.

I was surprised but didn’t let it show. My hunt hadn’t gone well and I was tired. “Sure,” I responded easily. I looked at the body. “What about him?” I asked.

“It’ll be gone in the morning.” She assured me. I believed her.

The End

You have reached the end of "Moonlit hunt". This story is complete.

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