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Trace of Faith

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Summary: FFA challenge response

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Television > Without a TraceDuchessFR131551071,4068 Oct 078 Oct 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any part or parcel of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, other people do. Please don’t sue? This is all in fun and no harm done.

FFA pairing challenge response.

He found her in Cleveland Ohio, of all places.

Once let inside the impressive school, he follows his guide to a large expanse of grass behind the last of the buildings and sees her at last. A class in self defense is underway and he is surprised to see she’s the one leading it.

Sight of her takes his breath away, her fluid grace, her speed. Seeing what she’s accomplished, he understands why she never went back and he has no intention of trying to force her. He smiles with pride to think of what would happen to anyone that tried.

When the students are dismissed, they scatter across the grounds, talking animatedly amongst themselves. A few notice him standing there and wonder, he can see it in their faces, but they keep going in spite of their curiosity.

She turns to face him and he gasps, his face not changing expression one bit.

== * ==

Faith spotted him and stopped short in surprise. A second look lets her see the proud smile on his face and her instinctual wariness dissipates enough that she walks toward him. “Hi Jack.”

He shakes his head in wonder, “My God, you grew up beautiful.”

“Oh man, have you been looking for me all this time?” She asks, incredulous.
“Did you really miss me that much or did Mommy Dearest put you up to it?”

He looks reluctant, “What do you want me to say, Sh-?”

“The name is FAITH, Jack, get used to it!” Her tone is sharp and her face a tight mask.

Jerking as if slapped, “All right, Faith. Your mother did ask me to look for you, at first, but she gave you up for dead years ago. I never stopped looking because… because I wanted my little girl back.”

“Well I’m not a little girl anymore, Jack.” She looks slightly sad.

Tears spring to his eyes, “I can see that.” He coughs and clears his throat, bringing his emotions under control once more. “Would it be asking too much for you to let me be a part of your life now?”

Changing the subject, Faith asks him, “Didn’t you ever want to do the DNA test, see if you’re my real Dad once and for all, get rid of the last doubts that good old Mom might have been lying to you?

Jack shakes his head, “I don’t need it. My heart has always told me that you’re mine and your resemblance to your grandmother now just cinches it for me. I’m going to keep on thinking of you as my oldest daughter … If you don’t mind?”

She’ll smile and shake her head, “I don’t mind, but you need to be really sure, because my life is NOT for the faint of heart. You don’t have any heart problems, do you, Jack?”

He’ll grin, “Nope, you’re stuck with me. So when can we get together? Your sisters are really anxious to meet you.”

Faith’s eyebrows go up in surprise, “I have sisters?” At her father’s nod, she grins, “Wicked!”


Other disclaimer: I do not own any part of Without A Trace either. Again, please don’t sue? I didn’t harm Jack and have now put him back where he belongs. He won’t even remember he was gone. Really! ;)

The End

You have reached the end of "Trace of Faith". This story is complete.

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